Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just a little note to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This has truely been a wonderful year for us with many wonderful memories and times together.

I myself am holding both of my babies a lot tighter this Christmas and I feel so incredibly blessed to have them in my life. I tear up every time I think about what the families of those 20 little children are having to go through this year, and will continue to have to go through the rest of their lives, it breaks my heart. Make sure to tell everyone you love that you love them even if you feel you can't or don't know how, its so important.

I'm taking a selling break for the rest of the year and will start listing again in 2013! I was so happy to unload some old inventory the last 2 months; things that have been sitting around forever! I sold approximately 10+ mugs; lots of plush & toys and I even went through and auctioned off a bunch of items that didn't seem to want to sell and it worked out great! Hope your Christmas rush was beneficial as well!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Crazies!

What is it about Christmas that makes parents go out of their minds and pay insane amounts of money for toys for their kids? Not that I'm complaining or anything I guess I just don't get it!

A few weeks ago we took my oldest to the Disney Store so she could look around and see if there was anything she wanted to ask Santa for this year. She had just seen the new movie Brave the night before so naturally she gravitated toward those toys and had 3 things that she's been talking about asking Santa for ever since, one of which was an archery set just like Merida's.

Well how would I know that we should have bought it that day and snuck it home because after Thanksgiving those archery sets were hard to come by! They were sold out online and in the stores and of course, on ebay they were going for twice as much as they were worth! Me being the natural cheapskate I am, did not panic and spend more than I should have on a cheap plastic bow and arrow, nor did I cheap out and buy the $6 competition on Amazon. I was patient and calm and kept checking the site to see if they would come back into stock.

Lucky for me, last night we went to the Disney Store again and the clerk told us they were still sold out but that they may or may not be coming in the next day. Well I hoped on the interwebs last night and voila, the archery set was back in stock on the site for the $19.50 price! I bought it and used the free shipping code the store clerk gave me and its on the way, NOT for double the price!

Here's a 2nd scenario for you; one that paid for that archery set + more!

I bought the above used Woody & Jessie dolls about a month ago for $12 off my Facebook group. Had to jump on it too because there were 3 other buyers behind me! I waited til last week to list them because now is the time for Character toys; Christmas!

I checked the completeds on Woody & Jessie together and they were pretty great so I decided to auction them starting at $19.99 knowing the cheap price would attract more watchers. I immediately started getting bids and by day 3 there were over 20 watchers and the bid was at $26!

Side note: These are the Disney Store brand Woody & Jessie. In the store right now you can purchase these dolls for $20 each. At Toys R Us and other stores the Toy Story dolls cost twice that and they say and do a little more but they are pretty similar overall.

Well, I was shocked when the auction ended yesterday at SIXTY-SIX DOLLARS! I was offering free Priority shipping which wasn't too much at $7.49. I can't believe these guys sold for more than they are worth at the store brand new and these ones are used! This is why Christmas is such a great time for toys (and mugs apparently, I have sold a bunch of mugs lately too) so I'm glad I held onto these instead of listing them right away. They paid for all of my daughter's gifts from Santa this year, literally too because I paid with Paypal on the Disney site, so I'm very happy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sometimes two really great and desireable companies will come together on a project to create a product for a limited time and it helps both of their businesses - remember the Target & Missoni sensation last year? When that happens its not only great for those businesses, its great for resellers in the long run. Finding these items used can be money in the bank!

Check out this great & in my opinion kinda ugly surf jacket that was made as a collaboration from Hurley & Pendleton a while back!

I found this little gem at the tiny thrift store in my hometown a while back for $7.00. I love that little thrift shop because not a lot of people go there, its very small so I can get through everything pretty quickly when I go and its very reasonably priced. Plus it supports locals in my community that need help with food.

I knew right away that I had something good because it had a Hurley label and a Pendleton label on it! Both of those brands are well known to be good resellers online so I grabbed it. Its pretty heavy duty too. Pendleton wool is the best of its kind and this jacket was very well made & in perfect condition.

I brougt it home and listed it up on eBay the next day for $75.00. I think I could have held onto it and listed it this month and maybe got $100 but I was looking for a quick sale at the time and I even lowered the price to $69.99 the next day in hopes that someone might snatch it. They did and off it went to, I believe, Kentucky! Some skater guy is going to be happy and warm this winter and I was very pleased with my very quick $63!

Moral of this story: Always be on the look out for collaboration projects by big brands or designers!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well Hello There! Long time no blog... we've been home for just over a week now and I have had a hard time adjusting back to normal life. Mainly because we've had some busy days and I just really didn't want to come home to the cold wind and rain of Seattle from the beautiful island weather we had on Kaua'i every day so I have had little motivation to get stuff done! I haven't even gone thrifting since we've been home, crazy!

Here are a couple of pics of our family from Kaua'i!

The infamous self portraits haha - this was taken in the spot on Anini Beach that my husband and I said "I Do" six years ago. It was wonderful to return back to the beach with our two children and show them the place we got married!

Here's a pretty good one of all of us at the Spouting Horn blow hole lookout. We did SO much on this trip! I was really hoping to do a lot of relaxing and not so much of the driving but we did everything from waterfalls to long drives to body surfing, lots of snorkeling, sand castles and of course shopping! Sadly I did not set foot in a single thrift store :( I was a little sad about that but no one else on the trip is much of a fan of thrifting and I didn't have any time on my own so alas, I missed out! BUT I did purchase a couple of Hawaii Starbucks mugs to hold onto for a while. You can only get the Hawaii mugs in Hawaii or on eBay and some of the older ones can go for a lot so we bought some to use and hold onto for a couple of years to see if our $10 mugs can turn into much more. Plus they were super cute and my morning coffee has been a little brighter lately!
Well now that vacation is over its time to get down to business! I didn't have any sales while we were gone, in fact I ended most of my listings so I have my work cut out for me the next couple of weeks trying to get all this stuff listed. Now is the time for your Christmas items!!!
Here is a BOLO to watch out for:

This is a vintage "knee-hugger elf" that I picked up at a my "Perfect Storm" yard sale this summer. I remember these from my Grandma's house when I was little. I picked up two of these cuties for a quarter each and re-sold them on Etsy for $9 and $6 plus shipping within days. Some of these in big lots can go for hundreds on eBay, just depends on what ones you find.

But a word to the wise - do NOT use "Elf on the Shelf" terminology in your listings as these are not the trademarked elves. I had a very nice cease and desist email waiting for me on the morning of my birthday letting me know that was not ok so I quickly changed my listings and they still had no problem selling.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and a fabulous first week of November! We leave Saturday to soak up the rays in Kauai, do you think there's a Goodwill on the island?! I am such an addict!
And in the spirit of the Thrifty-ness of my blog; here's this years Halloween breakdown!

Miss Dorothy Gail from Kansas
Dress = Value Village for $2.99
Toto Candy Basket = Value Village same day $3.99
Ruby Slippers = Full Price at Target, Ouch $17.99!
They may be getting returned though because almost all the glitter is already off the toes and they've only been worn 1 day, not cool.

Hey we found Nemo!
Disney Store Nemo Costume = Craigslist find for $10!

Of course I'll be hanging on to these costumes after today and saving them for next season to re-sell. Nemo alone should bring in about $60 profit and if I sell the dress and basket together I should get between $15-25.

Friday, October 26, 2012


This has been my best sales month to date in my history of selling on eBay! I am so grateful for the items I have found this past couple of months that helped this happen. Some things were items I'd found this summer out garaging also but never took the time to list, earlier this month I put myself on a thrifting fast until I got some of the stuff listed and it worked! The majority of my sales have netted me at least $20 profit after fees and a lot have been substantially more, we are going to have a very nice vacation next week!

So. Onto the point of my title! I was surfing Craigslist last week and came across a listing for an adult sized Beast costume from the Disney Store for $35. I checked the completeds for it and was shocked to find out that the one I was pursuing had been selling for between $100-$175! I emailed the lady and offered her $25 for the costume and asked if she'd be in my area anytime soon (because she lived more than 20 miles away from me) and that I'd be a for sure sale.

She luckily accepted my offer and told me she was going to be at a restaurant 10 min from my house for lunch yesterday so I loaded up my kiddos and met her there to buy the costume and got my husband to model it for me last night. It fit him perfectly and I almost decided to go a whole new route for our Halloween but the money was calling to me and the fact that I didn't want to have to store the gigantic costume for a year til next season!

Since it is SO close to Halloween I listed it on a 1 day auction starting at $120 with a BIN option for $159.99 and offered free Priority shipping or the option for Express shipping which would have cost $43 because this thing is gigantic and heavy!

I got an email this morning from a very nice fellow asking if I would accept his offer of the $120 and get it out in the mail today to give it one extra day to arrive in time for next week. I went back in forth in my head about whether or not I should hold out for more but he was very nice and going to use it for his daughter's 1st Halloween and I gave in and accepted! It was too large for a flat rate box, believe me I TRIED to stuff it in there but in the end it cost about $20 to ship Priority mail in a diaper box!

It's going to a good home and after my investment, shipping and all the fees (oh the FEES!) I'm netting about a $60 profit. I could have saved it for next year but I also would have risked this costume not being as popular next season and getting even less for it! I'm happy with my one last Halloween sale and my fingers are crossed that the costume will arrive in time for this guy to have a great, memorable 1st Halloween with his little girl.

My husband is going to KILL me for this pic but I had to :) Love you Hunny!

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Etsy is not only a great place to shop for handmade treasures, its also a treasure trove of good ideas and vintage heaven!

I used to sell candles and knitted things a few years ago but the market is so saturated with those types of things I stopped making and selling them. In the last couple of months I started listing some of my vintage items here and there. Supplies do really well as well as kitschy little things but one thing I've noticed is that your photos are everything. Eye catching photos will sell your items for you on there.

The reason I like selling on there is not only because it's substantially cheaper, but the listings last for 6 months! I can list for $.20 and that gives me 6 months, or I can "renew" whenever I want for another $.20 which bumps my listing up in the browsing categories. This is great for items that I have not invested a lot in and that might not sell for that much compared to eBay where I want to get the top dollar out of my items because the fees are so ridiculous. When I make a sale on Etsy I don't have to take 1/3rd of my profits out for fees which is very nice!

Here are a couple of things I've sold lately!

A cute metal brooch I found in a box of free stuff at a garage sale earlier this summer. It took about 6 weeks to sell but sell it did. $4 + $1 shipping, not a huge sale but for something I pulled out of the free box it was great! And because the fees are so minimal I only had to pay about $1 between the listing fee, selling fee and Paypal fee. If this had sold on eBay - I probably would've only made $1.

This is also proof that the photos are everything on Etsy. I'm pretty sure this would have never sold if I'd have used my normal solid white backdrop, or it would've taken longer to sell. The cool rustic look to the photo really helped my item pop.

These Playskool letters sold within 3 days of listing them on Etsy. I picked them up at Value Village for $3, loved them instantly because the box was still there and they are great quality. Its very true, things back then were made to last, the letters for the fridge today are cheap plastic that have such weak magnets they don't hold anything up. They sold for $18 + $5 shipping and are headed to CA!

I really want to start my own booth at an antique shop. I think I could be good at it but I haven't bit the bullet yet because I can't find an affordable place to rent out that's close by and also has good traffic for continual sales. My fear is that I would invest a bunch in booth space and inventory but then not sell anything and loose more money than I'm making! I have a small collection of things that will go in my booth someday, I just don't have a place to store big items or transport them! For now, Etsy will work for those smaller things...

Friday, October 12, 2012

I've Got the Spirit, Yes I Do!

Well I don't want to jinx anything by posting about a couple of my best flips ever. I don't consider a transaction complete until feedback has been received and I haven't gotten those feedbacks yet but I'm just so excited over them I couldn't resist posting about them!

Side Note - when I post about these awesome flips I do it so that other resellers like myself know to be on the lookout for them at the thrifts and yard sales, not soley to brag or anything like that, I want to help you guys out! Both of these things almost didn't get purchased because I didn't know that they were valuable!

These are Spirit - The Stallion of the Cimmeron playsets. I got a kid-free shopping day back a month ago or so and was at Goodwill browsing around the toys when I saw these. I actually almost didn't buy them because I am cheap and at $2.99 each for a "gamble" (couldn't find anything about them on eBay on my iPhone at the store) I just wasn't sure so at one point I even took them out of my little rolly cart and put them back. The more I thought about it the more I was sure they'd be worth a few bucks at least and I could always bring them back within 7 days.
Well, I am incredibly glad I picked up those playsets. They sold a couple of weeks ago as a Best Offer for $185 + shipping! SHOCK! I actually listed them separately because one set was missing 2 pieces, they sold to the same buyer in Canada via Best Offer and I combined the shipping. Now lets just pray they aren't held up in Customs and get to my buyer safe and sound!
By the way, in doing my research aobut Spirit - If you ever find a Breyer Spirit horse new in the box - you have struck gold!

Meet Balto. He is a character from the 1995 cartoon movie, Balto. I recognized him right away sitting on the table at a local church rummage sale last weekend. My daughter LOVED him right away too so we brought him home along with a whole other large pile of items destined for next week's consignment sale for only $4 and much to my surprise, Balto, is a plush stitched with gold haha!

He sold within less than a week for my full asking price of $149.99 and this one is heading to OK so he went via free Priority Mail shipping this morning! (Has anyone else noticed a serious increase in International sales lately? Over 3/4 of my sales have been international this month!)

My daughter, bless her heart, got seriously attached to Balto in this past week so it's been a hard day for her but that is how things work in this house, she knew when we brought him home that he was destined for eBay and that she could play with him til he sold but I think she thought it would take a little longer than a week, so did I! Luckily I have calmed her tears with a trip to Value Village and found her a new Rex dino from Toy Story today. She's such a good kid putting up with her mom selling everything!

These are 2 of my best re-sale flips to date and I've been doing this for several years now. I am so grateful and blessed that I have found this niche/hobby. I have been saving all of my eBay sales money for the last couple of months and I am so happy to say that we have saved enough to pay for Christmas already this year as well as really enjoy ourselves in Hawaii next month. Who knew that toys and stuffed animals would fund my Christmas budget this year?! I would have never believed it a couple of years ago!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Yay for Costumes!

I have got to get out tomorrow to a few places and find some more costumes, they are HOT right now! Every single one I had listed has sold and within a matter of days and for pretty good money!

This is a Disney Store Bullseye costume, I found one of these last season and didn't buy it at the time because I didn't know just how hot Disney Store costumes were and by the time I went back for him he was gone. Luckily I was able to find another one this season and he sold within 3 days for $64.99! Always look out for the less-popular characters from Disney movies, they tend to be more rare and sell for more cash. For example, if only I could find a Boo costume from Monsters, Inc. Big Bucks!! 

Also don't be afraid to pick up bits and pieces of costumes you find, people are often looking to complete a costume they've pieced together as well. I bought this Lilo top over the summer for $.99 and it sold last week for $12.99!

Keeping my fingers crossed that our thrifting adventures find us some more costumes tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{Consignment Sale Love}

Please enjoy this super nerdy photo of me being excited to volunteer at my favorite consignment sale this past weekend!

This was the BEST sale I have participated in so far in my last 3 years of sales! I usually do 2 sales each season and still have stuff left over, I sold almost ALL of my inventory at this sale so now I have an excuse to hit up those last garage sales of the season the next few weeks so I can find things to put in the 2nd sale I'm signed up for in October!

I started collecting fall/winter clothes and toys earlier this spring after the spring sales. The nice thing about this is that at garage sales and thrift stores off season clothes are usually priced cheaper because its off season. I spent anywhere between .25-$2 per item and tried to find things in mostly sizes 2T-7 in girls and boys that would be good for fall which means long sleeves, coats, fleece, holdiay dresses, costumes, fleece, jammies and sweats. I also grabbed toys I could find for under $2 that were in working condition.

All that collecting led me to lots of tagging and organizing and general panic when I realized I only had 2 days before drop off to get everything done. I ended up with 136 items, they didn't take 7 at inspection because of a couple stains I had missed and 2 of my toys decided to stop working that day. (boo!) This is my favorite sale because of the fact that they are strict with what they accept, only the best! They are also the most organized sale I participate in, I don't have to put my items out on the floor they have volunteers for it which is very helpful because I usually have my kidlets with me!

If you are local in Washington, I highly recommend the Jack & Jill Sale. Check out their website and come shop the spring sale in early 2013!

I shopped the consignor presale with a friend that night and spent $42 on a bunch of cute new clothes for DD and 2 pairs of shoes for DS, a few toys, a DVD and even a pair of shoes for myself that didn't end up fitting so I sold them on FB yesterday for $10! I was so excited that night after the sales went up and I had already sold over $150 worth of inventory!

This sale ended up fabulously. I decided to volunteer this time to earn 70% instead of 65% and I picked the clean up crew shift which was lots of work and lots of fun. I think I will probably do this shift every time!

Final Tally:
$83 invested in consignor fees, hangers, & inventory
103 items out of 129 sold!
$535.50 in total sales!
I will get a check for 70% of that so probably around $375

If I can make an extra $100 at the October sale I will have had my best season to date!

Have you participated in any sales this year? How'd you do or have they happened yet? Any questions for me about consignment sales? Leave a comment!

Monday, September 17, 2012

You Gotta Friend In Me!

Remember that yard sale on my very own street that I was so excited about a few weeks back? If not you can re-live my "best yard sale of the season" post HERE!
Well I finally got my Toy Story original toy, Mr. Mike, listed last week! I listed him high at $109.99 with free shipping OBO. I immediately started getting offers in and they were low, like $50-$70 but I countered at $90 on a couple of them and one person took the bait! He sold for $90 + $20 shipping to Italy! Granted it ended up costing me $28.87 to ship it there because I didn't weigh it beforehand but I'm still very happy with my flip! If he'd have never been opened he'd have been worth about $200+... Now lets hope it gets there in one piece!
Toy Story toys are always a "Be on the Lookout" items. I have sold several items from Jessie dolls, Zurg, Potato Heads, Bullseye, etc and they ALWAYS give me a great profit! Mr. Mike is a definite BOLO and the other characters that are not as common in the movies are great because they tend to be more rare and worth substantially more!

I also sold these cuties last night for $9.99 with free shipping! They were in a grab bag of things at the thrift store that I paid $3 for. I have sold everything else in the bag already for a profit so these were all profit for me! Funny thing with these is that I got an email after they had sold from someone who wanted me to sell them to her for 1/2 price because her daughter liked them. I responded very nicely that they had sold already that evening for my full asking price. Some people are so strange!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to School!

My sweet little 4 year old started preschool this week! She was jumping out of her shoes with excitement on her first day and she LOVED it! She wanted us to leave right away and even made quick friends with another girl who was a little nervous. I think I was probably just as equally excited for this new milestone because it means 3 days a week with 2 1/2 hours of one on one time with me and the little man! I think to myself, this will be great, I'm going to get so much done!

On day 1 I thought I might take some listing photos and get a little "work" done while big sis was at school... Just one problem, when big sis is gone, someone else gets a little lonely and this is the extent of my listing photos that got taken that morning...

Oh boy I sure do love him though! We have been getting some good errands ran during that time instead and its very easy to meet people off Facebook and Craigslist during that time as well.

eBay was not great this week, only a couple of sales, one of which included a fabulous mid-century modern trivet that I almost kept for myself.

It's by Towle and was made of sterling silver. It was a little tarnished and there was only one other one like it up on eBay so I threw it up there and it sold within 2 days for my asking price of $39.99!
I picked it up at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago that was all by donation. I also picked up a crib, mattress and bedding for our condo for the baby and asked if they would take $50 for the crib and everything in my arms. They agreed. The crib setup itself is worth probably $100 and they threw in everything else for free which included this, a couple of mugs, some pampered chef goodies and a whole armful of items for the upcoming consignment sale. Since this sold for $40 I only need to make about $10 on all the other stuff to "pay for" the crib which will be very easily done! That was a great sale!
Other than that I only sold a pair of shoes and a pair of pants on eBay the rest of the week, bleh. I did however do pretty well on Facebook/Craigslist. Sold the baby's walker which I paid $15 off FB for it a few months back, he used it for a while and I resold it for $20! Gotta love when you can make a profit after having used an item.
I also sold this today:

I picked up this adorable child's rocking chair at a local thrift a month or so ago for $4. It is vintage and needed some love so I sanded it down, painted it, distressed it and added the cute detail at the top. I sold it to a very nice lady today for $30. She is throwing her adorable daughter a shabby chic themed 1st birthday and she wanted this for the photo shoot. I did spend quite a bit on supplies for this, but I have also been making signs out of re purposed wood and plan on selling them so while I made a small profit on this, the signs will be 100% profit!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Backpack, Backpack

If you have little ones you'll understand why the title of this post is driving me insane right now all I keep singing in my head is "Backpack, Backpack" (Dora the Explorer, oi!) Hopefully it doesn't drive you nuts the rest of the day as it has now done me.

I sold 2 backpacks this week and not the typical back to school kind but the kind that is A) good for daycare & preschool & B) made me lots of money!

If you sell on eBay you probably know by now that Little Einsteins are GOLD, anything LE mostly! This was a Pat Pat Rocket backpack by the Disney Store that I grabbed at my local consignment store for $4. It sold this week for $20.99 - not an insane-o great profit but still nice!

Remember back in July my "Craigslist Rocks" post? (See it HERE) Well Mr. Disneyland Stitch sold yesterday for $64.99 with free shipping! Not as high as my original $75 hopes but I was super happy to see him sell and it shipped very cheap so I made a decent profit after my initial $5 investment + fees! What's funny is that I got an email a few hours after he sold from a different buyer that said she was hoping he didn't actually sell because she was very interested in him. Well sorry, I guess you should have pulled that trigger a little sooner because he's bought and paid for!

Thats all for now, I have to go check on my 4 year old who has been "playing" in the bathroom for the entire time I've been writing this post. Not sure I want to know what she's doing in there but I hear a lot of banging and faucet on/offing. Again, Oi! Have a great day!

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Good Week!

Finally a decent sales week! Maybe, just maybe, things are picking up again!
I recently started selling on Etsy again. I had a shop a few years ago for my knitted projects and handmade candles. It didn't do very well and once I had kids I lost the passion for it so my shop went bye bye. I have a few vintage listings up there now and have made 3 sales so far. The listings are cheaper, longer and final fees are cheaper so I figure its win win for my vintage-y things!
For instance the sweet vintage Playskool puzzle I scored for $2 sold this week for $20 plus shipping on Etsy!

I love vintage - its all so cute and sweet. I found this old stationary set at Value Village this week and its already on its way to Brazil! It didn't sell for much at $5 but with the cheap listing fees and final value fees I still made a decent profit!
eBay sales did ok this week too :)
I scored a whole baggie full of Polly Pocket boys a few weeks back for $2. I left all the bags of girls behind as they just don't make the same kind of profit. These guys sold yesterday for $28.50 and are on their way to Australia for an extra $6. No FVF on shipping since I offered free shipping too, whoop.

Remember my last post I said it was time to start listing for Halloween. Now that the back to school rush is kind of over, parents are shopping for Halloween now! I bought this Gymboree costume last year 3 days after Halloween at my local kids consignment store for $1. It sold the day after I listed it for $14.99 with free shipping. Since its a small costume it folded up easily and shipped for only $1.81!

I also sold a Build a Bear Elephant for $9.99 with free shipping via an auction. Ugh. I was really hoping for a couple bucks more on it but since I bought it for $1.00 with clothes and I sold the clothes already for $15 I figure anything I could get for it was good. It was a heavier plush though so it ended up costing $6 to ship. I still am in the profit zone so I cant complain too much.

I am heading out for our last week of summer vacation today. My daughter starts preschool on the 10th so we are spending all next week over in Leavenworth hanging with family, playing at the river, and even going camping next weekend. It's been an awesome summer this year, lots of wonderful memories made! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Super Why?!

Most of you already know that Super Why toys are BOLO's (Be on the Lookout) but I thought I'd share my recent find so you know what they look like!

Super Why is a show on PBS Kids in the mornings that is very cute and teaches kids basic reading skills and word recognition. For a while my daughter was obsessed with this show and it was actually teaching her words so I was happy with her watching it!

I found these four little guys at the bottom of a 25 cent box at a garage sale a couple of weeks back and I got excited because I knew what they were right away! Super Why Flyers do really well on eBay and they really are little guys, about 3 inches long each and they roll around on a little wheel. Nothing special about these toys unless your kid is obsessed with the show in which case they are gold.

So for my $1 investment I turned around and sold them for $47.99 with free shipping this week! That's my kind of flip and I was super grateful for the sale because other than these I have pretty much had zero sales for a while now, I guess everyone is focused on getting back to school this week and not so much on buying random toys & vintage things on eBay. I have several big items that I keep waiting to hear my cha ching sound on but sadly I'm not counting on it being this week.

So for now I am going to focus on prepping for the first of 2 consignment sales I'm participating in this fall. I've been collecting clothes and toys at garage sales all summer & currently have no dining room space as there are bins &hangers everywhere! I also am going to try and get all my Halloween costumes listed on eBay by the weekend, now is the time for those!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We are Home!!

10 days, 9 nights, 8 roadside relics, 7 cheeseburgers (ugh), 6 States, 5(00) in gas, 4 days on a houseboat, 3 National Monuments, 2 National Parks, 1 Extraterrestrial Hwy, 0 speeding tickets - We are finally home!

Well we are home from our 10 day road trip to and from Lake Powell in northern Arizona. It was an amazing trip, we saw a lot, relaxed a lot and played a lot but I am so happy to be home and back on our daily routine. It's always hard to travel with little ones but the baby was a little extra difficult this trip because he wouldn't sleep in his playpen so he slept with us for 9 nights straight and now we are trying to get him back to sleeping all night in his crib all over again.

Here are a few places we saw:
Shoshone Falls - The Niagra of the West - Twin Falls, ID

The Grand Canyon - Simply Amazing, Left me Speechless!

Rainbow Bridge - HOT outside, 100+ and a 1/2 mile hike in with no water, but beautiful!

My cousin's houseboat on Lake Powell for 4 days, so relaxing and FUN!

Zion National Park - Beautiful!

Vegas! Naomi loved sleeping in a "Castle" and pretending to be a princess!

Crazy roadside stops like this place in the middle of nowhere, the closest town to Area 51!
It was the funnest road trip I've ever taken. Lots of time in the car but both kids did great and we made an effort to stop at all the kitschy roadside relics we could find. I highly recommend downloading the Roadside America app on your smartphone if you are taking a road trip anytime soon. It pinpointed for us interesting places to stop along our route, many places like the Littl A'Le'Inn we would have never even known about! (Not Sponsored!)

We didn't thrift or Antique at all along the way because we had a pretty tight schedule but I did make a few sales while we were gone. Nothing really worth blogging about though, just a couple of little toys and some books, not a big profit.

I'm starting to get all my listings that I've been saving up, I have a lot of toys and mugs stockpiled so I better get to it now that we are home. (I am itching to get to a thrift store though so maybe we'll have to make a lunchtime run to Value Village to satisfy my craving!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Favorite Find!

Morning All!

You all know my love of FREE and today I have a "Favorite Finds" post over at Jamie's blog, Owl Really talking about a table that my husband and I picked up off the side of the road and transformed into a beautiful dining room table.

Its a fun story, go check it out!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Finds

Well it's been a few days since Saturday's yard sale adventures but I've been busy with photo shoots involving a couple of cute newborns and the most adorable little 1 year old girl earlier today! I also have another newborn shoot this week and we are heading out for our big road trip vacation to Lake Powell in UT on Friday!

I'm not doing any active listings this week because I don't want to sell much if anything while I'm gone so I don't risk losing my "Top Rated" status, so at least I have a lot of cute baby photos to edit and I also plan on taking as many listing photos as I can. The nice thing about Auctiva is that I can get a few listings all ready and then postpone the start date of them to a couple of days before we get home and then they can go live.

I didn't find a whole lot this past weekend but I am excited about a couple of things, here are a couple of pics of what I picked up between 3 yard sales.

I got a cute Cars backpack for $1, a Chuggington Die Cast train for $1, the Super Why Flyers for $1 and 22 Magic Tree House books for $5. I also picked up a whole box full of Thomas the Train tracks and accessories for $5, sorry there's no pic of that stuff.

I'm pretty excited about the Why Flyers - check out the completeds for these little guys HERE. For $.25 each I will take $25-$45 any day!

The Magic Tree House books may sell for a good profit if I hurry and get them listed for as soon as I get home from vacation although I think that it may be more "Back to School" time than "Summer Reading" time right now though.

Some friends of our family was having a yard sale on Friday and Saturday, I didn't make it to the sale on Friday but they said they were really busy and that what was left was really picked over by the time I got there on Saturday. They ended up giving me all of the stuff in the above pic for free because they were going to send it to the S.A. anyway. I love the cute vintage Christmas cookie container and there are 15 Hallmark Keepsake ornaments from 1990-1994 there. Theres a couple worth $3-$6 but most of them haven't sold in a while. I'm going to save these until November and list them as a lot at auction and see how they do. You never know with those Hallmark ornaments, some can go for a lot of money so since I got them for free I figure anything is good!

That's about it for me, I had some good sales last week but nothing to really write home about.

Snoopy and Woodstock sold for $18.99 + $14.00 shipping to Japan, I paid $.25 for it at a yard sale.
I LOVE selling mugs!!

Hope you all have a great week! Happy Selling!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye July!

I cannot believe that today is the last day of July! Summer seems to be going by so quick this year and I'm sad we only have a month to go. It's been so nice actually having decent weather this year too. Last year summer only lasted about 2 weeks in total weather-wise but this year so far has been wonderful!

Sales this last week of July weren't too shabby, they were consisant and only had 2 or 3 days without a sale. I also had a couple of small sales on Facebook, everything helps!

Finally one of my Stitch plush sold! Too bad it wasn't the backpack. I did get a low offer on the backpack but I'm holding out for more, after 30 days we'll see if we lower it. This guy cost me $2 at a yard sale and he sold for $11 (eh...) plus $18 shipping to Australia!

 I accepted a lower offer of $29.99 on this Toyko Starbucks mug and the buyer was from Austria so he paid for the extra shipping too. Hope it makes it there safely, I always get nervous shipping breakables overseas.

I've had this Tommy Bahama shirt for a while but never got around to listing it. Glad I finally did as it sold for $24! Note about Tommy Bahama, watch for fakes, TB is faked a lot. The quality in the sewing on these shirts is wonderful (hence the high retail prices) and you'll notice with genuine TB shirts that the design matches up with the button line. Other knockoffs will have mismatched seams on the front so if you see a Tommy Bahama at the Goodwill, hold it up, if the flower or leaves in the design are not matched up on the button line, put it back!

I bought little miss Hello Kitty on an impulse for $2 because she was "Tan" - if she'd have been the Build a Bear version she'd have fetched me $40, but $14.99 isn't too shabby for a small plush!

And finally, back to school shopping is in full swing right now! If you have any backpacks or new with tag kids fall clothes, get them listed this week! Make sure you add "Back to School" in your description too, it will help! I bought this Jansport on Thursday for $6 and sold it on Sunday for $23!

Unless I make any more sales tonight (not likely since I never sell more than one thing a day it seems!) that's it for July. Not a bad month profit-wise but I'm hoping for a stellar fall this year!

I want so badly to get some more things listed but we are leaving on a vacation/road trip next week for 12 days so I'm going to resist, with the exception of maybe the Little Einsteins backpack I found yesterday since its a backpack! August is a busy month for us and we are going to soak up every bit of summer we can get!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Perfect Storm...

You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is going to be really really good and then it proceeds to keep you from sleeping all night because you keep thinking about it? Well that was me last night and I was up super early this morning too.

Remember the free mugs that I picked up from my neighbors a couple of days ago? Well, I realized on Wednesday that she & a few other nice ladies were gearing up for another sale this weekend and had started setting up tables and putting things out. I actually thought it started yesterday and stopped by to shop but they told me they weren't open til Friday but that I could go through the free pile if I wanted. They had added more so I picked up a couple of things and then made a mental note to be up bright and early the next morning to check out the stuff they were selling. I mean if the free pile was this good, what were they wanting money for?!

We drove by on our way home from dinner last night and I saw a bunch of vintage items & Christmas items, etc. I got excited. I actually spent a long while researching what sells well in vintage Christmas items on eBay last night so I wouldn't pass up anything by mistake! I woke up before everyone else this morning, calmly had my 1st cup of coffee and was jumping out of my skin by 8 to get down the street! I left my husband with the sleeping kids and practically ran out the door as soon as he was up!

It was everything I'd hoped for and MORE!

Lets start with what I spent money on:

I saw that the cute little elves do well in large groups on eBay. I'm collecting the Dr. Seuss beginner books for a large lot and the little box is 5 pewter figures from the Americana Collection. These items cost me $1.50.

I paid $10 for this vintage "Queen Bess" pattern Silver Plate set by Oneida Community. The lady told me her mother actually collected stamps to pay for this back when she bought it. I don't know how old it is but its in really good condition and there is a lot of pieces. I'm hoping for $100, maybe more, I'll keep you posted if it sells.

This is Mr. Mike from the original Toy Story movie. He was stuck in a box of games and had $5 written on the box. The lady told me it was from another yard sale left over so she'd take $4 for it. The seal on the box was broken, so I think that he was taken out of the box but never actually used. The only other 2 of these that I could find on eBay completed listings that had the box or were new in box, sold for $221 and $300. CHA-CHING! Seriously if I can get $200 for this guy I will be so happy! That will be my best score ever, if it sells for that much! Too bad theres a big $5 written on the box!

So $15.50 spent on a few items. Now lets look at what else I picked up from the huge FREE pile! They added a bunch more and said they got tired of going through things and just threw stuff over there and to have fun going through it that there were probably some good items in there...

I grabbed a few cool toys from the 90's. Remember that show "Dinosaurs"? Not the Mama! That's Robbie, the brother dino! The back of Snoopy's head is a rotating comic and the other items are just random and fun.

This is a shoe box full of vintage Christmas items and other kitschy things. It's going to take me a while to go through it all and see what I have. Most of it will probably get listed as craft supplies on my Etsy shop. There's also some super cool retro fabric, a couple of mugs, a cute frame and a lot of new in package craft items!

Sitting in the free pile was also this very cool wood crate full of jars. There's a few large canning jars and a ton of smaller vintage jam jars. Since I'm making jam this weekend it was perfect and really I picked up the crate because I've been looking for one.

So there you have it, I'm in yard sale heaven right now and can't wait to start getting these things listed! Especially Mr. Mike, I just need some "C" batteries to make sure he works! Sorry for another super long post, hope you all have a great weekend!