Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I am finally getting back into the swing of things now that school is in session and I'm home enough to be able to get things done! I even got some stuff listed and sold last week; which after 2 months of almost no online sales it was nice to package things again and take them to the post office!

My goal this week has been to get all the items for my upcoming fall consignment sale next week organized and tagged. I accomplished that goal today and have 1 week to go through the kids rooms and my storage areas one more time before the sale! So far I have almost 200 items going with a value of over $1,000. Granted I would only get 65% of that if 100% sold at full price but still, that would be so awesome.

Sales in the shop have been slow and steady. I have not had a month yet that I didn't make rent but I've decided I need a bigger space because my area has so much in it that I think buyers don't look much because its crowded and overwhelming. I'm working on sourcing more expensive items and things I know will be sure to sell. This week I brought in all of my fall and Halloween/Thanksgiving items and even sold a couple within the first few days. I have made rent already for September so all is well on that front!

I took time today and went through my ebay storage area, aka my sons closet! I had so much that I've just been shoving in there and waiting to list that I had forgotten about! I photographed every item I came across and now I'm going to spend the rest of the day listing listing listing! I finally feel like I have that time and motivation back so lets hope for good sales from all this awesome stuff I forgot I had!

Here's some of my sales from the last two weeks! Enjoy and happy selling!

Vintage Pendleton Blanket - Bought for $6 at Value Village - I stored without listing for a few months; finally listed it and it sold within 3 days on Etsy for $60 + Shipping to Alaska! The review said it was perfect for cold Alaska weather!

This sweet vintage hankie caught my eye at a yard sale over Labor Day weekend. I himmed and hawed over it for a while as the lady was very firm on her $5 price tag and said it was very rare. I finally caved and shelled out the $5 thinking I loved it whether I sold it or not, the graphics are just so cute! After a little research I found out it was a promotional hankie for lipstick from the 50's and was quite rare! Having never sold a handkerchief before I figured I would list it high and take a best offer. Much to my surprise it sold within a week for my full asking price of $49.95 to a buyer in CA. Proof that you should always go with your gut feelings!

Clancy Bear from Pottery Barn Kids - he sat and sat for a long time on ebay but finally sold to a buyer in FL for $35. Not a big profit but I was glad to see him head to a new home since he took up a lot of storage space!


Better get to listing, I hope I have a nice long list of sales to show you all next week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Here We Go!!

Oh how I would love to have stayed forever... I call this my Lake Powell Easy Chair! This and a paddleboard is where I lived for 3 days at the end of our journey two weeks ago and I'm already missing the relaxation I found on that trip! Even though it was a crazy trip it was still so fun with many family memories made!

We started our trip in Vegas, then drove all night to Page, AZ. From there we borrowed my cousin's RV and drove around Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Colorado for 9 days just the 4 of us! We saw lots of cactus, cliff dwellings, Tombstone, the Very Large Satellite Array, rode the train to the top of Pikes Peak and ended our trip back in Page for 3 days on a house boat in Lake Powell! I even got to go to one antique store in Mesa where My Dear Trash sells her awesome furniture! It was a whirlwind 2 week trip and we had soooo much fun!

But Here We Go! Back to Fall, Back to School, Back to Work!

I can't believe I have a 1st Grader on my hands! She and I both were very excited for school to be back in session and I'll be even more excited next week when Mason starts his first year of preschool! Two days a week with 2 free hours? Whatever will I do?? I fully plan on those being my sourcing days since there are so many thrift stores nearby his school!

In the resale world things have been dead as a doornail for the month. I did make rent and do well last month at the shop which is good but online I sold 3 things all month two of which were on Etsy on the last day of the month! I have to say, it was kind of nice to not worry about shipping and feedback and listings but man the corner of my dining room is starting to get buried and to the point where its stressing me out to look at it so I need to get to listing and moving some inventory!

Bring on the Fall Sales!! Oh and consignment sales are coming at the end of the month too, I can't wait, I drug in all my bins for this today to start organizing and I think I have more this fall than I've ever had before -- 5 BIG bins full of clothing, costumes and toys. I am hoping for a huge paycheck from all this work!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Relief Grief and Summer Adventures

Good 'ol Wall-E made it safely to Israel and I finally received positive feedback on the transaction! I was just a little freaked out about that sale going south so I'm relieved that it is over and I can move on to the next!

I also recently was looking back at my posts and realized that I forgot to post when we lost Max at the end of June. It was right after school let out, the day after to be exact and life has been very busy the past month or so mostly because I don't like sitting around at home with him not here. He bounced back when we got him on the meds but took a huge downhill turn 1/2 way through June and basically told us he was done, it was the hardest thing I have EVER had to do in my life and would not wish that pain and suffering on anyone. Its also something you can't prepare yourself for even if people tell you over and over how hard it will be to let go of your pet.

I miss his nails walking on the floor and greeting us at the door when we come home so I have purposefully been scheduling things away from home all summer to avoid missing him so much. We've gone camping twice, taken a trip to Idaho to see my dad, a road trip to Canada, rafting in Oregon, spent a couple weeks in Leavenworth and now next week we are taking off on a 2 week trip around the southwest. Most of these are things we couldn't have really done with Max so I end up missing him so much more when we get back home and I realize that he's really not here. I have a feeling once school starts and we are home again and back on schedule that it may really sink in; hopefully its not a bad winter. We all miss him terribly.

On a brighter note, we have had an amazing summer of adventures so far, hence the absence of postings as well. I can't wait for our trip to the Southwest next week and wish we weren't flying so I could turn it into a sourcing trip, maybe a couple flat rate boxes will have to find their way home if anything amazing turns up! I am also pleased to say that I met my sales goal plus some for the month of July at the shop! I said in my last post that I'd love to see a $200 month and I think I ended up with around $205 in sales so I'm a happy camper!

Taking another little haul down to the store later today which will include this chair re-do I just finished last week; I love refinishing old furniture and was so excited to refinish this old chair and trying out upholstery for the first time! I had the paint and batting already, got the chair for free and paid about $3.99 for the cute chevron fabric!

What do you all think?!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Everything's Better In Summer!

Except online selling that is...

I've decided to kind of "Give Up" for the time being! We are just too busy playing to have extra time to list items and I'm not home much right now so I would have to have my husband ship out any items I sell anyway and we are taking a big long 2 week trip down to the Southwest in August so listing for items to sell during that time would be a bad idea! I'm going to end all of my items before we leave on that trip so that I don't risk selling something and being unable to fulfill my shipping agreement.

That being said, I have had a few awesome sales lately! Most of those were on Etsy surprisingly! I usually only sell about 1 or 2 items a month on Etsy but the last 2 weeks brought 4 really great sales so I thought I'd show them to you!

OH! and for those of you wondering, Wall E made it to Israel as per the shipping tracking info but I still have yet to receive any feedback or communication from the buyer. Its past the 2 week return period now but the last Israel issue I had came 60 days after the sale so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be ok with this one!

 This is a beautiful mirrored tissue box that I picked up for $3 at a yard sale in May. Its kind of an old Hollywood design and that is pretty popular right now. It took a month but it sold for $45 plus buyer paid shipping! After fees my profit is $40! It's out for delivery today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one too that it arrives safely, shipping a mirrored box is something to make you bite your nails over so I made sure it was packaged very well before it left, hopefully no cracks!!

This is another craft kit I purchased when I got started buying them its a retro kind of pillow Crewel kit and it sold within a couple months for $15 + buyer paid shipping. After fees my profit was $12, I like selling on Etsy so much better. The customers are generally nicer and the fees are sooooo much lower to sell on there.

I pulled this cute little Dala horse out of a toy box at a yard sale for a quarter. It was a little beat up but the maker sticker was still on the bottom and in very teeny tiny print it read "Dansk Designs" and its made in Denmark! The 2 "D"s! Dansk and Denmark are 2 words that I always like to see together! Because of her semi-poor condition she took a couple months to sell but finally did for $26 + Shipping! I already have a positive review and my profits were an awesome $25 from this quarter toy box find! You never know what yard sale treasures you can find in such random places!

This one is the best flip I've had in a while! This is an Arabia of Finland Emilia dish. Usually with this pattern we see it only in black and white so I had a feeling when I picked it up that it might be something good. I dug this out of a big box of dusty junk at a pickers heaven garage sale a few weeks back. I paid $4 for a whole armful of stuff and I think it ended up working out to be about a quarter or 2 for this dish. Its on its way home to Finland, hopefully its made it safely there already actually, and the buyer paid $75 plus shipping for it! After fees and the shipping my profit was an awesome $67 - this is why I will never be able to stop "Treasure Hunting" as I call it!
I'm also happy to announce that I've already made my sales goal at the Antique Shop this month as well! I worked my shift and made rent so I'll have a nice check coming in August! I'm hoping for the rest of the month to bring in even more sales. The weather here has been amazing so its bringing people out to shop and I hope I can profit on that! The shop does a big tent sale in August to celebrate the historic house's birthday and the owner says that during that month is probably the best sales dealers see all year - lets hope that's true! I'm already starting to gather and price items for the tent.
I'm really enjoying this booth thing as much as I thought I would. Its fun to source items for my space and ebay at the same time and I'm actually hoping a bigger space opens up before fall so I have more room to bring in bigger pieces and stuff I would hate to have to ship! Here is me working my shift last week!
In the meantime, we are playing and having fun this summer and I'm not worrying about much else! We've been picking berries, camping, taking road trips and enjoying life as much as we can while the weather is good and we have no schedules to keep! Hope you all are doing the same!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

27 Hrs

I wish that there were like 3 more hours in the day. I could really go for that these days because I feel like I have just NO time to get everything done in the day; I've been up and running early in the morning and working til late in the evening almost every day and still feel like I'm under a mountain of editing! I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago and have a 6 week deadline to get almost 1400 images edited on top of all my other sessions that I've set up as well. Plus I want my kids to have summer fun and not be stuck at home while Mom is working all day every day! I guess I can't complain too much because it was a great pay check for me and my family and will allow us to do lots of fun summer activities but I've just recently decided that after this year I will no longer offer wedding photography. Its just too much work and pressure to make it perfect; I much prefer the family sessions and newborn sessions that take about a week or two to edit after and are so much fun to complete.

Needless to say I have had ZERO time for eBay or shopping. I was able to hit up a charity yard sale before the wedding last Saturday and loaded up with some good items for my booth and fall consignment sales for CHEAP but alas nothing great for eBay so here it sits with 27 measly listings and nothing much in the pile to get listed. I do have a few mugs and stuff waiting but with it being the summer slump and us traveling so much I think I'm mostly going to concentrate on getting the current inventory out & just wait to list everything else I may buy until we get home from our big vacation at the end of August. I did just go through this morning and lower some of my prices in hopes to move some items out the door this week.

We went camping over last weekend and it was nice to come home to a few sales. June was my worst month since February and I think July will be the worst of the year since I'm not going to list anything new unless I find something amazing that I'm sure will sell fast. My booth sales for last month weren't great either but I at least made rent for July so I'm not in the hole. They have finished up with the road construction right in front of the store so please let that mean that July is going to be a great month; fingers crossed, I'd love to see a $200 month!

Here are the few things that sold this week:

New with Tags Tommy Bahama T-Shirt - sold for a best offer of $30 to Hawaii - I paid $5 for this at a yard sale so after fees and shipping it was a $16 profit.

My plush stash has dwindled down to almost nothing which is nice but the last hold outs would be nice to see to new homes! I bought Flower for $1 back in March and she finally sold for $20 so only about $10 profit after fees and shipping. One less thing to store!

I shouldn't have bought this Tommy Bahama shirt. I did because it was the 2X size which usually does well. However it was linen which wrinkles very fast and it ended up having a small stain on the bottom so it took a long time and finally sold for $22 after a couple of months. I paid around $8 for it though so only about $6 after fees and shipping. With TB items I will only buy the shirts now at a very low price and only if they are 100% silk and have one of the fun pictures on the back like the Tiki Bar shirts or something like that. Those seem to be the only ones that do very well anymore.

Oh Wall-E! I bought him for $4 at a charity thrift store in April and he's sat for a couple months now. He finally sold this weekend for $30 and I was excited until I saw that it is headed to Israel. UGH! I vowed never to ship there again and thought I'd updated my settings to reflect that but I guess I hadn't saved it or something so the buyer was able to purchase it. I emailed the buyer (who has a VERY low FB rating) and told them to please cancel the sale within 12 hrs if it was purchased by mistake. This is what the scammer told me last year when I went through the Paypal fraud issue, that they never ordered the item. Well I did not hear from the buyer and since I didn't want to get a ding on my rating for canceling the sale I reluctantly shipped him off. My fingers are crossed that this is a genuine sale and doesn't come back to bite me in the rear in a month or so but only time will tell and you better believe I updated my shipping preferences so this doesn't happen again!

Well, that's all for now folks!! Have a very happy 4th of July and here's to good summer sales, if that is even possible!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

American Girl!

Well I am still not sure if it was a good buy or not, and I'll explain why in a minute but its worth blogging about I think!

A couple weeks ago I saw a post on my Facebook group for a Kit Kittredge American Girl Doll and several outfits each priced out separately for a decent amount and at the bottom of the post they said they'd sell all pieces for $150. There was the doll, a stand, her scooter and plush puppy dog, an AG bed with bedding and an additional 7 outfits included. I emailed the lady and asked if they could take an offer of $140 and I could pick it up the next day.

My daughter got Saige for Christmas and has been obsessed with outfits and accessories for her ever since and has been saving for a bed for her for the longest time. The bed was really cute and they wanted $40 just for the bed at the priced separately rate. The way I saw it was if I paid $140 for the lot I could sell the doll for around $100 and if I got $10 for each other piece it would make it a good deal especially since the bed alone was worth about $40-50 on eBay. Of course this doesn't factor in fees and shipping at all. hmmm...

I decided to go for it and purchase the whole big lot for $140. My daughter was so excited when she got home because she thought it was all for her but I explained that just the bed and bedding was hers and the rest she could play lightly with until the pieces all sold. She seemed happy with that.

Well Kit along with her nightgown, stand, scooter and dog sold within just a couple of days so it didn't work out to well in my daughter's favor but nicely in mine! I sold her for $134.95 with free shipping and it cost about $18 to ship it. So after fees it came to about $99 back from the $140 spent. I probably could have asked a little more and held out longer but I'm happy that it was a fast transaction and the new owners have already left positive feedback, whew!

One of the bummers when I got it all home was that not all of the outfits were American Girl Brand and a few of them had stains and holes. I gave a few pieces to Naomi to have for Saige and the rest got listed.

Rebecca's PJ set - Sold for $14.95

Red Cloak Sold for $14.95

Bloomers from Kit's Meet outfit - Sold for $6.95 

I have 3 more outfits currently listed and if just one of those items sells then I'll have made my original investment back, plus the others are more complete outfits not just single pieces. Not a huge amazing grandiose flip however, the way I see it is that I got Naomi's new doll bed and a couple of extra outfits for FREE! Plus if she ever gets over it and decides to part with it she'll make some easy money on it because its a SUPER cute blue daybed that is now retired from AG.

Remember this awesome American Girl storage locker that I found at Value Village a while back? It had a price tag on it for $9 but I had a 30% off entire purchase coupon so I got it for around $6. Naomi never really showed much interest in it so I took picks and put it out in the garage. I started with craigslist because this thing is BIG and heavy! Its retired and hard to find and the completeds on eBay are for about $120 when they sell, not bad until you calculate out the shipping. I'd have to buy a box for it, and to ship it would have been around $40 if it was cross country! Crazy!

So up on Craigslist and Facebook it went. I had a couple of low offers for about $40 and was about ready to take one of those until this morning! A father off craigslist emailed me and said he wanted it and could meet at noon. We met, he handed over $60 and said he wasn't sure if it was worth that much but his daughter wanted it and that was that! The way I see it is that is probably more than I would've gotten for it off of eBay after fees and shipping. So glad I held out for the extra 20 bucks!
Moral of these stories, American Girl sells, as well all already knew hopefully! Anyone find any AG at yard sales yet this year? Its always on my radar but I never seem to find it! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My 1st Month

Well I'm pleased to announce that I met my $150 sales goal for May at my booth space in the Whitehouse Antiques Shop!

The way I figured it was that with my rental fees ($60/Mo + 12% commission + 8hr shift) that I'd need at least $150 in sales every month to make doing this "Worth It". My first month, while I got a check and that's great, was kind of a wash because I had to work 2 shifts as you have to work a floater once a year and the owner likes you to work it in your first month so you are fresh from your training shift.

Anyways, here is a breakdown of items that sold last month:

1. 2 Vintage Paint by Numbers Dog Pictures - Paid $0 for them as they were out of an estate I'm helping with - sold for $10 (These were SOOO ugly I couldn't believe it when they were the first thing that sold for me!)
2. 9 Pc Vintage Children's Kitchen toys - from the estate as well, $0 investment - Sold for $12.
3. My husband's old Speak and Spell toy - I didn't test it so I had no idea if it worked, paid $0 - sold for $6.00
4. Mickey Mouse Tea Cup - Paid $.25 - sold for $3.
5. Vintage Metal Measuring Spoons - Paid $1.08 - Sold for $3
6. Vintage Triple Opening Metal Picture Frame - Paid $.50 at a yard sale - sold for $10.
7. Set of 3 Vintage Framed Owl Prints - Paid $9.95 for these over a year ago - sold for $15, glad they are gone!
8. Vintage Oven Serve Aqua Custard Dish - Paid $1 at yard sale - sold for $6.95
9. Folding Table that I got for free and refinished and Chalk Painted Turquoise - $10 in paint and supplies - sold for $20.
10. Vintage Suitcase - Paid $1 at a yard sale, it was in terrible condition, caved in and inside was peeling - sold for $6.
11. Decorative Wire Bird Cage - Got at yard sale forever ago can't remember how much I paid but less than $5 - Sold for $11.95.
12. White Sandstone Owl figurine/paperweight - Paid $2 at a Thrift store - Sold for $5.
13. Vintage Green Shoe - $0 from estate - Sold for $5.
14. Another vintage suitcase - Paid $4 for this 2 years ago and used it a lot to carry photography props, had to upgrade to a bigger case so I put this one in the shop. Sold for $16.00.
15. Vintage Rusty old Rake Head for someone to repurpose as a jewelry or wine glass hanger. Paid $0, found it under our house - sold for $14.
16. Cute wire birdcage framed picture from Hobby Lobby - Paid $5 off FB group - sold for $12.95.

Total Sales was $156.85 + $14.90 Sales Tax which I'm responsible for paying to the DOR.
After Commission ($18.82 and June's Rent $60) I got a check for $92.93 - just about enough to cover my 2 shifts at the store haha! Hoping next month I can actually turn a profit, this whole bookkeeping thing is super confusing so I am looking for deductions everywhere!

Last week I decided to rearrange a bit, here's what my space currently looks like, I've only had a few sales so far this month totaling $25, hopefully it improves!!

I think I might start a Facebook page for my business. I can post updates about new items I've taken to the shop but also new items I put on Etsy and eBay too as well as garage sale finds. Does anyone else have this currently? Do you have lots of fans or do you ever generate extra business from it or would it be just one more thing to add to my plate?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Still Here!!

Sorry for the crickets lately folks! I have been SO busy, I mean busy to the point of exhaustion so I do apologize I hope that everyone is doing well and that I haven't lost any readers due to my lack of posting!

The first month at my booth went really well considering that it was the first month. I didn't have any huge sales but lots of smalls sold and I will be getting a check on the 7th and a detailed report of what everything sold for so I'll do a post next week with a booth update and new photos!

My final consignment sale of the spring season went way better than expected; it was actually the most profitable of the 3 I did! I didn't have much invested in the sale, maybe $30 total and my check is going to be just over $250! I averaged $200 for each sale this year so over $600 for the season... stellar!

Max is still here and doing well; he seems to have good energy and still loves to lay outside and chase the shadows. I'll keep everyone posted but for now he's still with us!

I have also been very busy with my photography and end of our year of Kindergarten events so unfortunately online sales have been SLOW. Fortunately I don't think I'm missing out much as I think everyone is pretty slow right now so its been a nice break and I honestly haven't stressed much about it at all. I have sourced a few items and I actually found some time to photograph them today so I'll be getting a chance to list tonight for a bit and maybe make a few sales over the weekend! I think I may too have to bite the bullet and open a store here soon, maybe once school is out and we are officially on summer vacation I'll have some more time and can make online a priority again!

That's pretty much it for now. Remember how I said I was getting back into men's shirts? Well here are a few sales in that dept that have been a success!

RJC Made in Hawaii Cruise Ship Shirt XXL - Paid $2.97 at a little senior center thrift store. Sold 2 months later for $21.95 and after fees and shipping I made about $11 profit.

Reyn Spooner XL Trader Vics Drink Shirt - Definitely a BOLO! Paid $5.65 at Value Village and it sold within a month for $59.95!! After fees and shipping that's a profit of $41.01!
Happy Sales Y'All!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Change Your Passwords!!

On the off chance that you missed the message on the main page (as I did, my husband emailed me about it!) go change your eBay passwords right now as they got hacked!

In other notes I have almost nothing to report on! Sales online are zilch because I'm just not putting in the effort at all this month, I'm too busy with all my other projects like photography, my final consignment sale of the season next week and my little Antique store booth.

I worked my 2nd shift at the shop this week and it was pretty slow and went well. I sold a few things last weekend so I've officially made my rent for the month (Whoopty do, but at least I won't have to pay anything for June.) and now I just need to make enough more to cover the 12% commission so I can actually get a check in June and make this whole thing worthwhile! I went through the store and looked over what the other dealers have sold this month (All the sold tags go in each dealers book so I was able to look and see what they sell.) and it looks like the aesthetic of the store is more that of lifestyle than antique meaning that the vintage items aren't always what end up selling so I'm going to focus more on the design aspect rather than the old factor when I'm out sourcing for things for my booth.

Anyways, hoping for some good finds over the long weekend, fingers crossed! We are heading to Leavenworth which can produce some really good garage sales!! We also are hoping Max does ok in the car for the trip, he hates the car but loves Leavenworth so we want to get him in the river at least one more time!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer's Comin!

Well this week it feels like summer has arrived! The weather is sunny in the high 70's to low 80's and we even broke out the hose last night!

Of course they were freezing afterward but hey it was good fun while it lasted!

Max is still hanging on. The vet says he would not give us more than a couple of weeks to 90 days with him. They put him on some steroids and pain meds to help him be as comfortable as possible and he's actually bounced back quite a bit. He's still very tired and does not want to eat anything resembling dog food so I've been making him chicken breasts and giving him as many treats as we can get in him and he seems to be pretty content. The vet's office said to pick 5 things that Max loves to do and once we get to the point where he isn't able to do those things then it will be time. This is hard to think about but we decided that since all he really loves to do at this point is lay outside in the sunshine in the grass all day that once he's not able to get himself outside to do that then it will be time. Until then we will spoil the crap out of him and give him as many hugs and cuddles as we can. Its going to be hardest on my daughter I think. They are very close and once she realized what was happening and we talked to her about it there were lots of tears and ever since Max has gotten lots of get well soon cards from school every day. This will be tough...

At any rate, our lives are kind of on hold for the moment but everywhere else life goes on as normal which means I have photos to edit for clients, sales to package and ship and my booth space to worry and fret about some more!

On the booth front, I worked my first shift on Monday and it went really well. I signed up for my 2nd shift next Monday and I'll be at the store all day so if its slow maybe I can re-arrange my space a bit and make it really pop! I have so far sold a total of 6 or 7 items totaling only $45 and had one $3 item break. Its 1/2 way through the month so hopefully a piece of furniture sells or something valuable in the next week or so so that I don't have to actually pay her for June's rent. I feel like with such a small space that my stuff is over crowded so maybe I'll actually bring a few things home and wait til more sells? I don't know, we'll see how this week goes!

Online sales have tanked but only because I'm just not putting in the effort to list like I was earlier this year. Last week I went a whole 7 days with no Cha-Chings so I did get a little listing does and a couple sales over the weekend. LOTS of things going Internationally which always makes me cringe and nervous because its just so scary to put something in a box and not be able to track it or know who is going to be handling it once it leaves the country or if it will even make it to the buyer.

Anyways, enough rambling for me, I'll leave you with a few of the items that have sold for me in the last month, I'm going to go enjoy this early taste of summer and plant some flowers or something!

 As always, Lilo and Stitch are BOLO's for me. Sometimes it takes a while but they always seem to sell and for a good profit. Bought in January for just over a buck and he sold this month for $35, netting me $23 after fees and shipping. Worth the wait!

 Another random Disney Store plush. This is Rosebud from Super Buddies - I paid $.28 for her in April and she sold with a best offer of $44 netting me $33 after fees and shipping! This is why its so addicting to do this!

Starbucks high relief NYC mug that I picked up for $2 back in March. It sold within a month of listing for $35 making me $22 after fees and shipping.

 This is Little Bear - I remember when I used to babysit when I was a teenager that all the kids I sat for LOVED Little Bear. My kids never caught on to him but he's still on TV years later in reruns and that means parents are on the lookout for his items because you don't see LB in stores anymore. I snatched up this little backpack for $6 and almost returned it when I got home because it wasn't in the best condition but I'm glad I didn't because it sold within a couple of days for $50 making a profit of $30 after everything, whoop!

 These silverplated spice canisters caught my eye at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. I thought they were so neat looking so I bought them for $4. I was kind of surprised but they sold within 2 days to a buyer in England for $50 and they are on their way now so hopefully they make it safely, knock on wood! $4 turned into $36 profit after fees and almost $18 for international shipping!

Well that's it for now!