Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gaining Wisdom

Or losing it?

I finally bit the bullet and had to have my wisdom teeth removed. "Why didn't you do this when you were like 18?" Is what the oral surgeon asks me right as he's giving me the gas and I can't think of a good reason other than I just plain didn't want to do it!

I went for all four of them and was awake and shaking with fear and pain the whole time. I was seriously ill for 2-3 days and my husband was a rockstar helping me and taking on full time mom duties while I was laying on the couch completely out of it from pain meds! I am just about a week out from surgery now and finally feeling a lot better although my jaw still is all bruised and hurts I can chew small bites and usually only have to take pain meds at night after a full day of use on my jaw. It has been frustrating and miserable and I HATE having work done on my mouth so its been a rough week.

I had big plans for the week too, painting furniture and frames in prep for my new Antique Store booth (that is going to finally be opening on May 1st!) and lots of eBay items to list and photography work to finish up. I haven't been able to get much done and I hate feeling this way so hopefully after this weekend I'll be back to 100% and have a couple of solid work weeks ahead of me!

Sales have been steady and so so, quite a few international items lately I've noticed and lots of plush which is good and easy to ship! I have put myself on a buying freeze the rest of the month just because I need to prep for my booth and clean out all the stuff before I add more stuff.

My goal the next 2 days is to get all my unlisted online inventory listed and to gather all my vintage items into one area of the house so I can begin to tag them! I can't wait to start this new venture even if it isn't a huge money maker its going to be nice having all this stuff I've been storing out of the garage! I will be sure to do a post with lots of photos when it opens at the beginning of next month as well. I've been doing a lot of repurposing projects in hopes that they will be good money makers to cover the rent and then all the vintage items will be icing on the cake!

Anyways, here are some fun plush items that have sold in the last couple of weeks!

 Disney Store Finding Nemo beanie plush - Paid $1 and made a $7 profit after fees and shipping!

Lotso Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3 (Which is currently on for the 2nd time today, my son is obsessed so I'm surprised he didn't adopt Lotso when I brought him home. Instead he called him Mean Bear and wouldn't have anything to do with him!) He sold internationally the other day so I'm hoping he makes it safely - I paid $1.09 for him and made a $14 profit after fees and a higher than expected international shipping price.

Characters from Spirit are still and always will be on my BOLO list! This is Rain, Spirit's girlfriend and she sold for $40 after I paid just $1.09 for her about a month ago, $25 profit after fees and shipping, wahoo!

Another thanks to the show Thrift Hunters. I have started keeping my eyes out for funky men's shirts again thanks to them, read my last post if you have no idea what I'm referring to! I was a little worried about this one because it wasn't the big boy size just a large but it was a funky print, Hawaiian style and made in USA so all of those combined made for a great sale!

I paid $5.45 for this shirt at a "Thrift Boutique" aka a we charge more store. I priced it high and accepted an offer of $40 a week later netting me a nice profit of $26 after fees and shipping! What man doesn't want a shirt covered in Sushi?! haha!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thrift Hunters

Have you guys watched this show on Spike TV yet? It is a new series on right after Auction Hunters and it features 2 dudes who do what we do, yard sales, thrift stores and antique shops then they bring it all home and sell it for a profit! I like seeing what they find and sell things for and I've even taken a few pointers from the show! It's on Saturday nights I have no clue what time probably 9:30 but I always DVR and watch it when I get time!

You can watch episodes on the Spike website HERE!

One of the good pointers I've taken is the episode where they get advice about craft kits. I've always known they do well but never knew why. It's because the mom & pop craft shops are all slowly disappearing and the big box stores aren't carrying some of the kits now so some of them go for insane-o money online! BOLO for Dimensions Gold kits and kits that are made and printed in the USA.

Taking these tips I stopped by the craft area on one of my VV runs a couple weeks ago. There was another lady seriously hoarding the kits with her phone in hand and staring rudely at me so I figured she'd take them all and I got lost. Well I randomly walked by the area again on my way to check out and noticed she left a couple behind. I grabbed one, looked it up and gladly paid the $3.99 asking price!

This isn't the gold brand but Dimensions none the less. Paid $3.99 - sold within 10 minutes of me listing it for $39.65! Profit of $27 after fees and shipping. So strange this sale - I listed it at $39.99 with Best Offer and got the offer 10 min later for $39.65 --- why?! I'd have probably accepted anything over $30 but why not just do the BIN for the .30 more? Maybe they had exactly $39.65 in their Paypal account? I thought maybe the person had made a mistake and I would get an email saying they had but then they paid so I shipped!

I've since bought a few other kits but none have sold yet so its definitely going to have to be one of those things I need to be picky about because I don't want to end up being a hoarder of craft kits!

Thanks to the show I've also gotten back into men's Hawaiian shirts. I don't know why because none have sold yet but here's hoping... Clothes are easy to list, cheap to ship and generally make a good profit but can be boring to sell and usually I end up with way more returns so we'll see how this goes.

March was my best month of the year so far but sales have completely tanked in the last week, maybe because of spring break? I'm hoping they will pick up again soon. We go on spring break this next week and are taking a trip to Idaho to visit my pops. I love this trip every year because where he lives has about a million tiny little thrift shops and my dad loves to thrift with me so I usually can find some interesting things! Hopefully the kids behave well, my hubs has to stay home to work and take care of our aging golden retriever, Max. There is a pool at the hotel so I'll tell them to be good at the stores or no swimming! Fingers crossed....

This is my first baby Max, I am not sure I've ever posted a pic of him before on here! He's almost 10 but still acts like a crazy little puppy!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I finally hit 800 feedbacks on my profile, YAY! I am really hoping I can reach 1000 by the end of 2014 and can finally get my new color star. I love purple but red would be a nice change of pace! Funny, the way the mind of an online seller works right?! Is it just me or does hardly anyone leave feedback anymore? I feel like 2 out of every 10 sales actually comes back and leaves feedback. Granted I'd rather have little to none then neutral or negative so I'll take what I can get in the positive department and be happy about it!

Sales have been pretty steady, nothing super exciting to report but a few things heading to new homes which makes me happy. I have really not been shopping much at all and my shelves and drawers are getting a little sparse. I actually feel really good about that though as I'm sure the piles will accumulate again over the summer!

My "be picky sell quicky" plan is still in effect when I do shop too, which is good and bad. Good because I'm not bringing home anything that isn't going to make me a decent profit, but bad because I'm not finding much these days that's worthwhile. I get really sick of  going to  thrift stores this time of year; mostly because their prices are getting semi-ridiculous. A mug at the GW or VV used to cost between .49 and .99, now I'm lucky if I can pick one up for $2 and most of the time they are priced at $3.99 and $4.99! For a Starbucks mug that will only sell for $15 its just not worth it to me to pay those prices so I am ready to start hitting some garage sales in a big way.

Like I said above, I really don't have anything exciting to even show you guys in the sales department so here are a few pics of some of my recent items just because I can't do a blog post with no photos!

Carter's Tan Musical Monkey - Paid $1 at GW - Sold within 2 weeks for $38.95, after shipping and fees I cleared $27! There is a brown version of this monkey that is more common and doesn't sell for as much, I guess I got lucky and found the tan one so BOLO for this little sweetie!

 I picked these up before Christmas at a little thrift store in Lake Chelan for $3, they are A1 silver plated spoons and said, "Walt Disney Productions" on the back sides. I thought they could really be something and since I didn't have phone service at the store I took a chance. They sat for a long time at a high price and I finally accepted a BO of $15 only clearing $6 after fees and shipping. Not bad for a gamble but I'll probably leave them if I find them again.

Vintage Care Bear Lot - Picked up at a charity thrift for $1 each which is way more than I'd usually pay but I got all nostalgic because I had these as a kiddo. They actually sold overnight once I finally listed them for $25 but only $8 after shipping and fees... See paid too much for a thrift store!

Another Carter's lovey - I bought her the same week as the musical monkey and she sold over the weekend for $29. This is what I like; she sold within a month and made me a profit of over $20; just need to find more stuff like this to keep the money rolling!

Here's hoping sales pick up for all of us this week! I would love to hear that cha ching sound today sometime; nothing picks me up on a rainy day better than the sound of making money!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward!

Did anyone forget to turn their clocks forward an hour yesterday? We got most of them except the one in the car so I got a bit confused but at least it wasn't a Monday or something and I got my daughter to school on time this morning!

We live in the great Pacific Northwest, which I love, most of the time, except I have Seasonal Affective Disorder so by February I REALLY start to dread the dreary days. Luckily, even though its been pretty rainy we occasionally get a break and its now warm enough to at least go run around in the grass for a bit. Spring is here, and I'm excited for the next month or so. I want to get out in the garage to start painting furniture again and of course, more garage sales! I went to one this weekend that was inside, it was a fundraiser for my daughter's elementary school. We spent about $17 and got a few good things for resale, a game, a basket to use in my newborn photography, some clothes for Scooter here and a Little Tikes slide!

Sales the last couple of weeks have been pretty great. I have sold off all of the Little Einsteins toys I bought from Craigslist for a really great profit, looks like everything has been delivered according to tracking as well! I'll still keep the money in Paypal for another week just to make sure that I don't get any returns though. I'm still doing well with the quick flips and spring cleaning. This morning I was putting dishes away and noticed some crumbs in a drawer which spurred a 2 hour kitchen cleanout complete with purging of all the things that haven't been used in over 2 years. It feels sooooo good to get rid of some of the clutter around our little house!

Looks like around the blogosphere that sales have been pretty consistent with everyone so here's hoping we ALL have a great spring! I have another consignment sale this weekend (2 of 3 spring sales) and I'm hoping to make around $100-150, not much but I'm selling everything really cheap in hopes that I don't have to pick anything up afterward! I want to get all new items for my last sale in May from early season garage sales!

Remember my church sales finds from last week? A few things I bought that day have already sold! Whoop! I'll leave you with those sales for now, have a great week!

Keen Gypsum Athletic Shoes with Box - Paid $3 at the church sale - sold within 2 days for $59.95.
Makes a nice $35 profit after fees and shipping!

New with Tags Laurel Burch Cat Print Canvas tote bag - Paid $6 at Value Village, sold the next morning with a best offer of $28 and already got a rave review on my feedback profile!
This next item wasn't from last weekend's finds, but its another example of my non-main character BOLO list! He's from Lilo & Stitch but was not a main character. Therefore less sold originally, which means harder to find now and that equals more money!
Jumba Plush Beanbag Toy from Disney Store - Paid less than $1 at a charity thrift store - Sold in its 2nd month to a doctor in Manhattan for $43! $30 profit after fees and shipping, he's small too, less than 8" tall!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Thrift Haul

Its been sunny the past 3-4 days around here in the Seattle area - hallelujah! This means warmer weather, spring flowers starting to bud and yes, the early season garage sales! Today was the first day we've set out this season and it was only to one sale at a church about 10 miles from here! But I LOVE a good church sale and it turned out to be very good so I'm happy the little dude and I ventured out there today!

This was almost the first thing I saw when I walked through the door, I beelined to it and had a nice fellow watch it for me while I shopped so no one would steal it!

I've actually been looking at antique shops for one of these vintage baby scales for over a year now but I've never been able to bite the $75+ bullet to buy one. Voila! $20! I will be using this as a prop for my newborn photography sessions and luckily I have two coming up soon so I'm really excited to clean it up and get it ready to shoot! I also picked up a few books, a Brittany Build A Bear (again, I know I said never again, BUT she was only 10 cents and she sings!) and an almost brand new pair of Keen hiking boots for only $3!

After we finished up at the sale I decided since we were close that I'd drive a little farther to a little town nearby and stop into their antique shop to talk to the owner about a booth space. Sadly it didn't work out because the store is going to be closing in a few months but I was able to pick up a vintage Gremlin plush for a few bucks, we'll see how he does, he's in pretty ratty condition but who can resist Gizmo?! I've reached a stand still on the booth front. Everywhere close by has zero space availability with long wait lists and the one store I did find that has space is very strict on what they allow, has super high rent plus commission and is a long drive from here.

Well I wasn't done yet, on the drive back home we hit up Value Village too! I had a $3 off $10 purchase coupon and we found some GREAT stuff! Here's a few shots of the rest of what I got today!

Lotso plush, books, brand new ink cartridges, Beauty & the Beast Polly Pockets, and a brand new with tags Laurel Burch canvas bag!

These are the Keen hiking boots, I'll probably list them for around $75 with best offer. They are lightly used but still really nice and have the box and for only $3 I'm good with anything over $50!

This was the find of the day: Mason and I decided that Sissy would love it for her doll clothes so for $8.99 we put it in the cart, I didn't even notice until I got home that it was American Girl!

Its pretty big and heavy but check out the completed listings on this bad boy: HERE. This is the problem though, I know that the second Naomi sees it she is going to love it and want to keep it and since she just got an AG doll for Christmas I might just let her. That payday sounds soooo nice though!

How were your finds this week? Are there many garage sales in your area or is it still full on winter where you are? We are going to Leavenworth for the weekend and its buried in snow so I doubt there will be any sales unless we get lucky and find an estate sale or indoor sale, fingers crossed! First thing next week, back to listing and more spring cleaning!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Craigslist Sales

So a week ago I posted about my awesome Little Einstein score on Craigslist. (I've since sold another set of figures as well from that lot, still waiting on the big boy to sell though.) Well this week I want to talk about selling on Craigslist! Ebay and Etsy have been pretty good this month but I am in major purge mode right now since I know that garage sale season is coming up really quick I want to be sure I have lots of room to store all those fabulous treasures when I find them!

I have been listing all of my old inventory online and have also been going through closets, kids rooms and the garage too! I have had a couple of awesome sales on Craigslist the last week so since eBay has been meh and not too exciting I'll show you what I've sold locally!

I purchased these two Pottery Barn Bar Stools from a lady off my Facebook shopping group; I knew that I could flip them and flip them I did! Originally she had them for $50 ($25 each) and I thought about snagging them then but I waited and a couple of weeks later she dropped the price to $25 for BOTH and I jumped on it. I listed them the same day I bought them because less time in the garage the better - we don't have an abundance of space out there.

Well I started the listing at $200 since I looked them up and they still sell these exact stools at Pottery Barn for get this - $269 EACH! Crazy! But there they sat so I lowered them to $160 for both and a week later they sold to a lady who was buying them for her 2nd home. Hubs was a little upset about it but I let her take them for $140, I was happy with that since I only invested $25 but he thinks I should've stuck firm at $160 since they are totally worth it. They are gone out of my garage and I am happy with my $115 profit. Plus the lady got a great deal, good karma right?!

This is the reason that, as a mom, I buy 2nd hand. I purchased my Ergo carrier when Mason was just a wee little sprout a couple of years ago from a nice fellow mom off Craigslist for $75. This was a good deal because they retail for about $129 and in my area this was the carrier to have. I was excited to try it out because I knew when Naomi was born that I didn't like the Baby Bjorn, it hurt my back and I liked this one because you could wear baby on the front or on your back up to 45 lbs. I used the HECK out of this carrier for the last 2 1/2 years, almost daily for a long while when he was between about 4-12 months old. In fact, I was still using it up until a few months ago when he decided that he absolutely would not ride in it anymore! I loved this carrier. Here is a picture of us using it at the Grand Canyon!

Sadly since Pickles has decided that he won't be riding in it anymore I decided it was time to pass it on to another mom who could love it as much as I. I listed it yesterday afternoon while Mason was napping and within an hour I had set up a meeting with another mama who is in her 2nd trimester. Smart mom preparing ahead and buying second hand! This is the best part of the story - I sold it hours after listing it for $80! I bought it for $75, used and loved it for 2 solid years and sold if for a profit.

This is why I'm an addict people!!

I have bought and sold Ergo carriers in the past on Craigslist as well. I sold one that was a really popular pattern along with a waist extender and an infant insert with it for $120 - I had bought it at a yard sale for $25 and sold it just a day or so later! I also bought a less desirable color Ergo for $5 once at a yard sale and sold that one within a week for $65. In no uncertain terms - if you see an Ergo Carrier or any of the accessories that go along with them at a garage sale for a good price, buy it, you won't be sorry! They do well on eBay too but with fees and shipping I usually have a higher profit just by selling locally.

...And finally, do you remember the My Artsy Husband post from a while back?

My hubs made these awesome lamps out of salvaged vintage plumbing pieces. He turned nothing into something by simply adding a lamp kit a neat light bulb. Well they sat on craigslist for a loooong time and I was going to add them to my antique store booth (when that happens, I'm in the process...) and price them high. I had tons of emails and intrest but never anything serious, mostly it was: Hey I'll give you $25 for the parts or I want to buy them for a wholesale price of $50 - no and no.

I knew the right buyer would come along and voila, there she was! My husband met up with her this afternoon. She was super excited for the lamps and gave us $200 for them! Now hubs is validated that what he made is actually really cool and hopefully it will motivate him to make some more and maybe we can find some cool parts this summer when out at estate sales! What a fun hobby and a great profit; I told him he should sign them, maybe someday far down the road they will be on Antiques Roadshow... haha!

I've also sold 2 bikes and other random things this week, its been a busy week with lots of meet ups and I love it!
I hope you've enjoyed my stories this week and maybe I've inspired you to clean out your garage or start creating as well!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Little Einsteins!!

Occasionally during nap time if I have nothing going on I will cruise around on Craigslist to see if there are any listings for great eBay items that I can flip for good cash. Most of the time they are fellow sellers who know what they have and are trying to avoid having to sell the items online by selling for full profit to someone local. BUT sometimes the stars align and I find something REALLY good!

Last year you may remember my awesome Stitch backpack find that I flipped $5 for $65 - if you missed the post you can read about it HERE.

So a couple of weeks ago I met a lady who had an entire collection (yes collection) of Little Einsteins toys for sale on CL for the low price of $30!  I wish I'd taken a pic of all the toys together but it was a very large bag that included the much coveted PAT PAT ROCKET complete with figures, a Transform and Go Rocket, some plush, books and a bunch of bath toys! I currently have the rocket listed for $109.95 on eBay and hoping it sells quickly, that would be a nice pay day, although I have had a few quick flips that have already made me my original investment back!

So what else was in the lot?

June and Rocket plush beanie toys - sold for $17 with free shipping the second day after being listed!

A set of figures and a rocket bath toy for $25 with free shipping - sold within 2 hours of listing!

Transform and Go Rocket with Leo figure sold for $37 the day after listing.

I've got a couple of singing dolls, the bath toys, Pat Pat Rocket and a set of cake topper figures also listed currently, I really hope it all sells so keep your fingers crossed for me! I have found LE stuff before but never of this magnitude! Although I'm a little worried about the condition of the figures, they were very well played with but everything still works!

My "Be Picky, Sell Quicky" rule is still running strong. I have had a few other good sales and I finally went through my storage area and pulled out all items I've had longer than a year. Some are being donated, gifted on the Buy Nothing group and all my vintage items are going to the booth space I've decided to open. Now I just need to find a local antique mall and display pieces so I can get this thing started, after cleaning out my space I have realized I have a TON of great vintage that would be perfect in a booth space and I'm really excited about this new prospect!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Some Sales

Thankfully January hasn't been as rough for me as some of my fellow online sellers. I have been on a picky kick when out shopping which means I haven't bought much unless its something I know I can sell for a good sized profit and something relatively small so I don't take up too much space with it on the off chance it hangs around a couple months. This seems to be working well for me as I've had some pretty decent sales and on things that I've bought just this month.

Since I don't have much else to post about I'll leave ya with some of my recent sales. I also recently bought some new backdrops for my photography shoots so I've been using some in my product shots and I actually think the photos may be helping my sales along since they aren't on just a plain white or black background.

Starbucks Valentine Mug - I've been storing this for a while and listed it this month. Glad I did it sold within a week for $18 - After all my investment, shipping and fees it was only a profit of just over $7. This is an example of why I am being more picky. I bought it in June, stored it for months and sold it quick but is it really worth all the effort for only $7?

These Circo boots from Target are always on my radar. My daughter actually wore this same style when she was little and let me tell you, ADORABLE! They are very desirable online even though they are from Target. I picked these up on the 7th of Jan at Goodwill for just over $3. They sold within 2 days for $22.95. After fees and shipping I cleared a profit of $11.10. Plus I didn't have to store them for months, bonus.

Same with these cute glitter TOMS. I originally purchased them from my Facebook group thinking I'd give them to my friends daughter but her feet are too big already for them so up on eBay they went! Bought on the 13th, sold on the 19th for $29.95. Profit after investment and fees was just under $14 and again, no storage!

Oneida Flatware set brand new in the box - this was a bit of a bigger investment for me since I don't usually spend more than $10 on items at a thrift store, they cost $16.41 but sold for $49.99 within 8 days for a profit of $16. I had to ship medium flat rate because of the weight but still, no storage time and pretty decent profit after fees.

I reiterate my Disney Store plush love. Always grab random character plush, especially from Disney Store. When I saw this little guy in a bin at the thrift I had no idea who he was but I saw the Disney Store tag and he was only $.29 so I grabbed him. After a little research I found out he was Morph from Treasure Planet, never seen it but bigger versions of this guy can go for $50! Mine sold this morning for $16.95 and he's small so he's heading out First Class. I purchased him on the 15th, he sold this morning and I cleared a profit of $12.78. (Although I wouldn't have had problems storing him for a long time because he's super small!)

I have to give a shout out to fellow blogger Kari over at She Thrifts She Scores on this one! I'd have never guessed to be on the lookout for this game but man I'm glad I was! Bought it on 1-14 for $4, sold 4 days later for $49.95, an awesome $24.42 after fees and shipping! This is one I wouldn't have wanted to store for very long either as it had lots of pieces and the box took up some space! Thanks Kari!

So I'm going to try and keep on this be picky, sell quicky motto and see how it goes for a couple months! I have decided I need to slow down and appreciate the small stuff right now, my kids are at a great age and I am loving just taking time every day to be with them and not stress about having to list. If I can still make the same amount and buy less, its all good!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Paying it Forward

I know that 90% of my blog is all about sales and making money but I wanted to talk for a bit about something else that I participate in. Have you seen the movie Pay it Forward? I'm sure you have but if for some reason you haven't I highly recommend you rent it and watch it, amazing movie! Its about a little boy who starts a phenomenon called Paying it Forward. When someone helps you or does a good deed for you, you turn around and do something good for 5 people. I try to live by this motto and help out my community where I can. I believe in good karma and lets face it we all need karma on our side!

I occasionally buy coffee for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive through and donate to charities that are important to me but I recently became a part of a new kind of group on Facebook called the Buy Nothing Project. This is a trend spreading nationwide and its all about gifting and not exchanging money. Its not just about getting rid of stuff either (although that has been nice!) its about creating a better community, meeting neighbors and giving & receiving. My group is in Kirkland, WA and I have come across some of the nicest people from it!

I'm not picking up things for resale, I'm only picking up things that we genuinely will use in our home and I'm gifting things we no longer use to people that will get use out of those items, its awesome! I've been slowly going through things that we don't use anymore and posting items here and there that people have come to pick up from me and in return I've received some wonderful gifts as well!

In fact, we were gifted this wonderful balance bike for our son from a fellow mom that we'd never met before yesterday. These bikes are not cheap brand new and I wasn't sure if he'd actually like it if we bought him one so when we went to pick this up yesterday I was shocked at the quality and the condition of this bike and Mason LOVES it! I intend to bake her some cookies here in the next couple of days as a thank you for this awesome toy that my kids are going to get lots of use out of the coming year!

There are several Buy Nothing Project groups in my area, I heard about it on another group that does exchange money and joined, but to find other groups all you have to do is search for "Buy Nothing + your town/city" there are probably 20+ neighborhood BN groups in the Seattle area and I know that there are groups popping up all over the country. If you are on Facebook, see if you can find a group in your area and do some gifting!

How else do you Pay it Forward in your community?!
P.S. I just have to mention something else I'm super excited about - We are officially diaper free in our house again! Mason has been potty training the last 3 weeks, I'm shocked at how fast he trained and is almost completely accident free. We did the potty training in a day method but with our own variation so it worked for our schedule. I was worried this was just going to be a first attempt and that we'd have to wait a little longer since he's a stubborn little guy but he caught on right away and is good to go! So long to high diaper prices and hunting for the best diaper deals every week! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Be On the Lookout...

for Skylanders!

I know another blogger friend out there already posted to watch out for Skylanders but I wanted to just say that they were right!

I first found out all about these guys from my friend's 5 year old son who is super into them and showed me all about the game and the different guys. These are from a video game, the figures are placed on a little light up stand and each figure is a character in the game. They aren't super cheap to buy and some of them are super rare as well.

I was out at the thrift a month or so ago and found 4 grab bags full of them. They are most recognizable by their bright green bottoms and I knew right away to grab all they had. I had 34 figures in total. I tried to go through each of them and look them up to see if I had any rare ones but most were pretty common so I decided to auction them as one big lot with a BIN price.

I thought with an auction I would attract more buyers plus I wasn't exactly sure how much they would go for. I started it out at $99 or $149 BIN. Lots of views but no action so after 2 days I lowered the BIN price to $139 and it sold via BIN the next day!

I think I invested about $12 in total into it and after fees & shipping I came out with an awesome $99 for Christmas gifts! Definitely watch out for those little green bottoms! They also have orange and blue bottom ones as well.