Friday, August 31, 2012

A Good Week!

Finally a decent sales week! Maybe, just maybe, things are picking up again!
I recently started selling on Etsy again. I had a shop a few years ago for my knitted projects and handmade candles. It didn't do very well and once I had kids I lost the passion for it so my shop went bye bye. I have a few vintage listings up there now and have made 3 sales so far. The listings are cheaper, longer and final fees are cheaper so I figure its win win for my vintage-y things!
For instance the sweet vintage Playskool puzzle I scored for $2 sold this week for $20 plus shipping on Etsy!

I love vintage - its all so cute and sweet. I found this old stationary set at Value Village this week and its already on its way to Brazil! It didn't sell for much at $5 but with the cheap listing fees and final value fees I still made a decent profit!
eBay sales did ok this week too :)
I scored a whole baggie full of Polly Pocket boys a few weeks back for $2. I left all the bags of girls behind as they just don't make the same kind of profit. These guys sold yesterday for $28.50 and are on their way to Australia for an extra $6. No FVF on shipping since I offered free shipping too, whoop.

Remember my last post I said it was time to start listing for Halloween. Now that the back to school rush is kind of over, parents are shopping for Halloween now! I bought this Gymboree costume last year 3 days after Halloween at my local kids consignment store for $1. It sold the day after I listed it for $14.99 with free shipping. Since its a small costume it folded up easily and shipped for only $1.81!

I also sold a Build a Bear Elephant for $9.99 with free shipping via an auction. Ugh. I was really hoping for a couple bucks more on it but since I bought it for $1.00 with clothes and I sold the clothes already for $15 I figure anything I could get for it was good. It was a heavier plush though so it ended up costing $6 to ship. I still am in the profit zone so I cant complain too much.

I am heading out for our last week of summer vacation today. My daughter starts preschool on the 10th so we are spending all next week over in Leavenworth hanging with family, playing at the river, and even going camping next weekend. It's been an awesome summer this year, lots of wonderful memories made! 

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  1. I had that U.S. puzzle when I was young. Doubt it survived all of our moves. Funny to see my former toys are now "vintage" and I am not even 50. :/