Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We are Home!!

10 days, 9 nights, 8 roadside relics, 7 cheeseburgers (ugh), 6 States, 5(00) in gas, 4 days on a houseboat, 3 National Monuments, 2 National Parks, 1 Extraterrestrial Hwy, 0 speeding tickets - We are finally home!

Well we are home from our 10 day road trip to and from Lake Powell in northern Arizona. It was an amazing trip, we saw a lot, relaxed a lot and played a lot but I am so happy to be home and back on our daily routine. It's always hard to travel with little ones but the baby was a little extra difficult this trip because he wouldn't sleep in his playpen so he slept with us for 9 nights straight and now we are trying to get him back to sleeping all night in his crib all over again.

Here are a few places we saw:
Shoshone Falls - The Niagra of the West - Twin Falls, ID

The Grand Canyon - Simply Amazing, Left me Speechless!

Rainbow Bridge - HOT outside, 100+ and a 1/2 mile hike in with no water, but beautiful!

My cousin's houseboat on Lake Powell for 4 days, so relaxing and FUN!

Zion National Park - Beautiful!

Vegas! Naomi loved sleeping in a "Castle" and pretending to be a princess!

Crazy roadside stops like this place in the middle of nowhere, the closest town to Area 51!
It was the funnest road trip I've ever taken. Lots of time in the car but both kids did great and we made an effort to stop at all the kitschy roadside relics we could find. I highly recommend downloading the Roadside America app on your smartphone if you are taking a road trip anytime soon. It pinpointed for us interesting places to stop along our route, many places like the Littl A'Le'Inn we would have never even known about! (Not Sponsored!)

We didn't thrift or Antique at all along the way because we had a pretty tight schedule but I did make a few sales while we were gone. Nothing really worth blogging about though, just a couple of little toys and some books, not a big profit.

I'm starting to get all my listings that I've been saving up, I have a lot of toys and mugs stockpiled so I better get to it now that we are home. (I am itching to get to a thrift store though so maybe we'll have to make a lunchtime run to Value Village to satisfy my craving!)

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