Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hello Holidays!

And just like that Thanksgiving is next week! I can't believe it is here already and Christmas is just around the corner! In keeping up with tradition, Christmas continues to overshadow Thanksgiving, ultimately trying to take over the holiday all together by luring people to actually go out on shop for Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving day. No Thank You. I will be comfortably sitting at my family's homes gorging myself on too much turkey and pie to even think about heading to the big stores that evening. While I have gotten a bit of a head start on shopping, it can certainly wait until a day that is not designated for spending time with family, watching football and EATING all the food!

There's my two cents on that I guess! Now, holiday sales for me, that is another thing all together! I started early as well and listed a few Hallmark Ornaments that I grabbed cheap at the beginning of the Christmas craze and listed them right away!

I bought the Owl and the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown ornaments together in a grab bag at Value Village for $2.99. Charlie Brown sold the day after Halloween for $19.95 with FS and the Owl sold a couple days later for $9.95 with FS. About $17 profit after all the fees and shipping! Not too shabby!

I paid a little more than I like for Belle and the Beast at $5 but I had a gut feeling it was a good one and that it was! They sold within a little more than a week for $39.95! A great flip!

I am hoping my Dark Knight ornament that is currently listed will sell as well, fingers crossed as always! I have a few $100 items up on the internets right now that I'm really hoping someone will just have to have and it will help a lot with the Christmas budget next month!

In other good news, my first month in my bigger space at the Antique store is going swimmingly! I have already made rent for the month and beyond so we'll see if that $400/month goal will happen over the next 10 days, I'll keep you posted after I get home from gorging myself over Thanksgiving Break! Mixed in with all the selling mayhem I have also signed myself up for 2 full days of Holiday Mini sessions with my photography business! 30 families spread over 2 days and each family gets a 20 min session with 15 images all promised to be edited and delivered by the first week of December -- I have officially lost my mind. But it will be buying me a brand new shiny camera come January! The new year is going to bring a lot of new things for both businesses and I CANT WAIT!

Happy Thanksgiving All I hope it is filled with much pumpkin pie, turkey and happy family! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Buy Vintage, Save the World

Hello! Just wanted to check in and show off my new space at the antique mall! My new space is located right next to my previous space but this one is about 3 times the size and just at the bottom of the stairs into the basement! My booth is the first space you come to at the bottom of the stairs so I am really trying to make it pop so it is eye catching and inviting. I want people to want to look through my items!

I moved 1/2 way in on Halloween and even sold a piece of furniture on Sunday so I am already almost 1/2 way to making rent for November. (Please God let this have been the right move for me!) I spent 3 hours at the shop first thing Monday morning moving in my furniture and rearranging so it looks fabulous!

Here are some photos of my space!

 Used my old spring from my crib when I was a baby as my new vintage linen display!

 Vintage Rocking Horse from the 50s that was a re-pop of a horse from the 1800s, a great piece!

 Found this chalkboard design on Pintrest, I'm hoping it will help people choose to buy instead of just browse!

 I even added a Christmas Corner! Who doesn't love vintage Christmas items!

This chair will house some homemade scarves starting next week!

What do you all think?!

I'm going to be heading back to the shop again this week to add a few more things before the weekend and will take some more photos! Are you interested in seeing more items that come into the shop and online? I started my very own Facebook page for my resale business today! I'll be featuring my booth space hopefully weekly with new additions, my refinishing projects and also fun thrift store stories and adventures, much like this blog but more often hopefully! I want to generate traffic to the store but also have a place to feature more items that I find!

If you are on Facebook, please go "Like" me and follow my page!! CLICK HERE!

Happy Hunting!