Thursday, December 15, 2011

Plum District: Hot Deal on Target & Gift Certificates

I haven't posted about any daily deals in a while but this one is pretty good so I thought I would throw it out there! $25 buys you a $25 Target Gift Card AND a $50 gift certificate!

If you aren't a member of Plum District yet, go HERE and sign up for your free account, you get a $5 sign up credit!

After you sign up go HERE and grab up this great deal! Enter the code: fabulous at check out and get an extra 10% off your purchase making the deal only $22.50 if you already have an account or $17.50 if you have that $5 sign up credit too!

You can buy multiples of this deal as well and the extra 10% off should apply to all the deals you buy. The certificate code is available right away but you have to wait up to 3 weeks for your Target card to come in the mail. And they don't expire so you have plenty of time to use them!

Its not a super amazing can't live without it deal because the certificates go on sale all the time for super cheap but if you shop at Target a lot then you might as well save a little on the money you'd already be spending.

They also have a referral program, if you refer a friend and they buy something you get a $5 credit on your account, if you have 3 friends buy this particular deal then your's will be free!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels: Kid Friendly Christmas Treats!

Who doesn't love a good chocolate dipped pretzel?! Here are the instructions to a fun and frugal gift idea for neighbors, teachers, friends and pretty much anyone else! Best part? Its easy, minimally messy and the kiddos can help you!

What you need:

- Pretzels - any kind, I got a big 1 lb bag for $2

- Almond Bark - 1 package chocolate flavored, one package vanilla flavored (These were a little over $2.50 each at Walmart)

- Christmas sprinkles - I have had these for years and can't remember how much they cost!

- Microwavable Bowl + Small bowl for sprinkles

- Foil or Wax Paper

- Treat Bags & Ribbon

Start by breaking off about 3 squares of Almond Bark and microwaving for a minute. Take out, stir and then microwave in increments of 15 seconds until its completely melted. You can also use a double boiler on the stove but if you are working with your kids, microwaving is best because they aren't by the stove. I don't recommend doing more than a few squares at a time or you'll find the almond bark starts to harden and isn't dippable anymore.

Naomi had fun dipping!

Take a pretzel, dip it in chocolate.... or vanilla.... or 1/2 and 1/2 would be cool too!

Immediately dunk in a bowl of sprinkles to give them some Christmas cheer!

Lay out on wax paper or foil to harden. These dry so fast, probably only about 15 min total before they are ready for bagging! Much better than melting chocolate chips, they seem to take forever to harden up, this whole process of doing chocolate and vanilla took only about 40 min from start to finish. Perfect for a kid craft because they don't lose intrest!

Scoop up some chocolate, then vanilla, then chocolate and so on to make sure you get even amounts in each bag. Nothing worse than getting a bag full of vanilla with only 3 chocolate!

Tie the bag with some fancy dancy ribbon and pair with a cute Christmas ornament or add to your gift baskets this year and everyone will be in Chocolate Pretzel Heaven! My daughter had so much fun giving a bag of these to her teacher at preschool yesterday along with a card that she helped to write out!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moody Sisters Organic Skincare Review + Special Offer!

I got a special treat in the mail the other day! Whitney, of the Moody Sisters on Etsy, sent me a couple of samples of their Fabule$$ organic skincare products to try out and review for the blog. She sent me a bottle of their Refreshing Daily Toner and some Almond Lotion Whip!

First off, a little about their products; the two sisters from here in Washington State decided to develop a skincare line of their own because of their different "moody" skin types. Their products have been designed for difficult skin types and are 100% green and vegan which means free of chemicals, preservatives and animal by-products! Safe for you and the environment - I love it! You can also email them with your specific skin needs and they will create custom products specifically for your skin type!

Since I had my baby back in July and have been breastfeeding the past few months I am looking to put as few bad things in my body and on my body as I can so that I can have the purest, healthiest nutrition for my baby. I have also been all out of whack as far as hormones go so I have been breaking out a lot more and I loved using the toner because not only was it refreshing, but it made my skin feel less oily and much more clean when I used the toner after washing my face.

And the lotion whip is awesome! It smells delicious, I love anything Almond, but it left my skin feeling very soft for a long time. Plus, I feel good about letting my daughter put some on too because its chemical free! She is in that, gotta do everything mom does phase, including make up and everything else I put on! I think when I make an order I want to try out their deodorant and diaper rash cream!!

So the Moody Sisters have a special for all of you, my Fabule$$ readers, since we are all about saving money around here, if you make an order within the next week (12-13 to 12-20-2011) you can enter the code FREESHIP in the comments section at checkout to receive free shipping on your order!

Now please know that since the Moody Sisters products are created fresh within a week of your order then you may or may not receive your order by Christmas. I recommend ordering ASAP as their last shipping day before Christmas is a week from today, 12-20-2011! Remember if you have any special requests, contact them on Etsy before placing your order so they can set up a custom listing for you or answer any questions you have.

Oh and when you are fresh out of your products, you can mail the clean bottles and jars back to the Moody Sisters and receive 10% off your re-order! There we go tying in the Green Living - Trash Diet theme again, isn't it great?!

Make sure you also "Like" them on Facebook so you can stay up to date on specials and giveaways!

*Disclosure* Moody Sisters provided me the two samples photographed above for my review; no other compensation was received and all opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: 5 Months Old Today!

Can't believe my little man is already 5 months old and almost sitting up all on his own! He loves to eat his toes and he can roll from his tummy to his back but not the other way yet. He hates rice cereal and is smiling most of the time! Love you Mason!