Friday, April 27, 2012

This Week's Sales!

I had another great week this week sales-wise, mostly on Facebook and Craigslist!

Remember my awesome Sunday finds from my last post? Well I have already sold a couple of items from the pile!

The pack of Easy-Ups went the next day for $7 (paid $2) and I have several other items from the stack listed as well!

The Superyard that we picked up at the end of the day for free at the end of this guy's driveway sold on Craigslist two days later for $50! That's what I call a nice profit! It would've made a nice outdoor containment unit for the summer but Mason doesn't particularly like being in the one we already have so I took that $50 and re-invested it in some diapers and wipes!

 I also sold a couple of kids swim suits, a puzzle, some toys and a few other things on the Facebook group and Craigslist this week. Made a profit of almost $70 from that side this week!

I only had 3 sales on ebay but they were good sales so I am happy!

Custard and Pupcake FINALLY left my home this week! I paid $2 for the mug that I later discovered a small crack in and had to cancel the sale, then sold a second time and had to open an unpaid item case and now it's finally gone to its new home! Hopefully it makes it there safely and I can be done with this mug! It sold via Buy It  Now for $72.99 with free shipping - not too shabby for a $2 investment!

 Isn't this lunch box funny?! Beef Cakes... Anyway, Saved by The Bell is still on TV today in reruns and is still popular I guess! I paid $3 for this lunchbox back in February and it sold this week for $20 + Shipping!

Now is the time to list graduation items! I actually got this little Eeyore for free, he's from the Disney Store originally and he sold for $9.99 with free shipping!

How did you do this week??

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Garaging Finds!

Happy Monday Everyone! (Hahaha Yeah Right?!)

I am actually having a great Monday morning, baby let me sleep last night and we are taking advantage of the sunny warm day and heading to the zoo! I won a membership last spring and have used it a total of 1 time so I need to go and use it again just to make it worthwhile!

We decided to try and find a few good sales yesterday morning so we packed up the kiddos and headed out thinking that we probably wouldn't find anything good on a Sunday but might as well give it a shot, by Sunday people are ready to see everything gone and prices get dropped by at least 1/2! We had 4 sales on our list, two "Estate Sales" and two regular sales that advertised baby clothes.

By the end of the day we had a CARLOAD of great junk and only spent about $31 in the process!

In the above pic we have a pile of baby/kid clothes, some for Mason, some for the fall consignment sale, all together paid about $1.50 for about 15 items (cant tell the depth of the pile from the pic!) I also got a pair of Stride Rite shoes for Mason to grow into for $1, which is great because these shoes are $45 brand new!

I got a pack of Easy Ups for $2, unopened and I'll probably list them up on the Facebook selling group for $5 or $6 since they are pink and Mason is far from potty training! (Plus they are pink!) We got some Pottery Barn Kids flash cards and a Classic Pooh piggy bank for $3, both will probably end up on ebay. And the wood box is an antique letter organizer ($12) that is really neat and I'm going to research more; we are going to keep it.

Everything else in the photo was FREE! Yep free! Theres a cool boys lamp, a plush Grinch (saving til Christmas time to get more), a Bavaria gravy boat and serving dish, a GeoSafari education toy thing (not sure which one I have yet, maybe $12 up to $75; lady just handed it to me and said I could have it!) and a big 8 panel superyard. The superyard is already listed up on Craigslist for $50, we'll see if anyone bites. We actually picked this up off the side of the road after we were done with the sales, the guy just didn't want it anymore and its in perfect condition!

These two items came from the mother of all garage sales and I wish we'd of shown up 10 minutes earlier and with a truck. We got there the same time as two other ladies and they snatched up every other item I was looking at because they had a truck and I didn't. :( I'm not sure why this lady was selling all of her antiques for so cheap but man, I was kicking myself! There was a table that had been in her family since the 20's or 30's and she sold it for $20. TWENTY DOLLARS! This table was worth at least $300 or $400 gah!! Lucky ladies that picked it up... I was still happy with what I got though. An antique window with all the glass still there and no cracks and a beautiful shabby-chic type frame. $5 each. That windo would be about $40 or $50 if I picked it up at an antique store so I'm happy. Both are going to our new condo for wall decoration which we had none of yet.

All in all - GREAT yard sale weekend. I went to one on Saturday too and picked up a couple of Starbucks mugs for $.10 each and hit up one of my fav thrift stores as well as a consignment sale. Needless to say, I have a bunch of "junk" to go through this week and try to turn my $31 into $100!

Did you find anything good this past weekend?? Leave a comment!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Target: Easter Candy Clearance!

I was at Target this morning in Redmond and found that they still had a ton of Easter candy and items on clearance. All of the bagged candy was 70% off and the smaller items, baskets and egg dye kits were 90% off.

I was able to do the following deal using a coupon from this past Sunday's Smart Source insert!

4 Bags of Hershey's Easter candy - $.95 each (Great price even without a coupon!)
- used (2) $1.00 off 2 10oz or Larger coupons
Final Price:  $1.80 for all 4 bags!

I plan on saving this candy and using it in a couple of recipes I found on Pintrest!

Oh and I got some egg dye kits for next year's Easter egg day for only $.20 each!

*I found this deal at the Redmond store in WA state, not guaranteed that your own store will have the same stock or items on clearance. There was a LOT left at Redmond though! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabule$$ Sales!

I've had a few fun sales this week that I wanted to share with you guys, maybe a few items that you weren't looking out for before you can start looking out for now!

Scrabble Games! I picked up a vintage Scrabble game from 1971 at the local St. Vincents a couple of weeks ago for $.99. Actually, Hubby picked it up first and said that all credit would go to him if it sold for big money! :) When I got it home and opened it up (the store had used packing tape to keep the box shut - good bye perfect condition box!) there was a complete set of tiles and the board was in good condition but only two of the little wood rack things. I looked up just the tiles and from the completeds it looked like I'd do better just to list the tiles alone, so I did. These sold within a week for $12.99 + $3 shipping! This was also exponentially easier to ship than a board game as well. I'm going to hold onto the board and racks and maybe if I find more games I can sell those sometime down the road.

This was probably my favorite sale of the week. Last weekend I was surfing around on Craigslist and found a listing for these Wiggles beanies, all new in the original packaging, $20 for all. I didn't even offer her less, picked them up on Saturday and they sold last night for $75 + $11 shipping! After all the fees that come along with being an eBay seller I tripled my initial $20 investment; that's what I call a nice flip! Wiggles items are a hot commodity online, the show was popular back a few years ago but is still on the air and you can't find the toys for it anymore. So what happens when little Billy is a Wiggles fan and you want to make him happy? You turn to eBay where I'll gladly help you out! :)

You will find that this is the case with several shows from a few years ago: Little Einsteins, Blue's Clues, etc.

This sale hasn't come full circle just yet but I am supposed to meet up with the buyer today sometime (I hope!) I bought it for $15 at Goodwill a couple of days ago and flipped it for $45 on my local Facebook selling group. Check out your local area for Facebook shopping groups, its like Craigslist but on FB. The group I sell on is mostly other moms looking for a good deal and I feel comfortable having them come to my home because its an invitation only group. I always always always meet craigslist buyers at a public place; unless its something I can't haul. $45 for this jacket is a slammin' deal, they retail for over $120 brand new. I almost didn't get this jacket too, there was a woman in the aisle in front of me, she picked it up looked it over and I'm guessing she put it back because of the $15 price tag. I came along right behind her and scooped it up!

I also sold yet another pair of kids Keen sandals this week! That makes 8 pairs sold in 2 months for a total of $145!

A Mug update:

Oh little mug, you are going to make me crazy! I sold Custard & Pupcake overnight a couple of weeks ago for $120 - wowzah! Had to wait a few days to get paid, got paid, started to package to ship... found a crack down one side.... NOOOOOOOO!!!! Unfortunately, the buyer no longer wanted the mug since he was planning to put it in his shop. He was at least very understanding and I was so mad at myself for missing the crack in the first place. Ugh. So I decided to go the auction route this time. By the end of the auction I had 31 watchers, there is a high demand for this little mug! The final price was $73.87 - still a wowzah to me for a mug with a crack in it! Sadly, buyer still hasn't paid or emailed me at all so I am guessing that an unpaid item case is in my future tomorrow. I really want this little guy to be sold and gone already! It's cute but hey, that's $70 in my pocket to find more treasures with!  I'll let you all know how this one goes next week sometime!

Have a wonderful weekend, when the baby wakes up we are going to venture down the road to a garage sale, the weather is nice so I'm hoping I might get to hit up a few today and tomorrow; fingers crossed, maybe I'll find some more Wiggles!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Consignment Sale Re-Cap!

I promised you all that I would do a re-cap of how my spring consignment sales went these past couple of weeks! I am pretty happy with the results and don't have a whole lot of items left over!

Just Between Friends Sale - $236
I took 190 items to the sale and sold 83 of those items! I took mostly clothes to this sale, the things that weren't clothes did really well. I would have done even better if my clothes were in larger sizes; I had several of Mason's clothes from last summer when he was really small and some of Naomi's leftovers as well. Infant clothes just don't sell as well as 2T & higher. Of my 2T & 3T items I would say about 90% of those sold!

Jack & Jill Sale - $173.95
I only had 2 days to re-tag all my leftovers from JBF for this sale! I also managed to go through the kids things and pull out a few more items as well as a thrift store trip where I picked up some extra clothing items to re-sell as well! I took 125 items to this sale and sold 52. Everything that wasn't clothing sold and I am happy that I brought home less than 100 items!

So grand total in checks - $409.95!

This is WAY better than I would have gotten by doing a yard sale or by taking a few items a week to my local consignment store! The clothing items I do have left are going to be taken in to my favorite consignment store as they will have 6 weeks to sell; I'll only get 50% of those sales instead of 65%. Whatever doesn't sell after the 6 weeks is donated to charity. The way I see it is that if it didn't sell at either sale or in 6 weeks on a rack at a store, I probably wouldn't be able to do much better!

So there you have it! Now onto garage sale season where I can start collecting items for very cheap for the fall sale! I'm going to try and find more toys this summer, toys always do really well at those sales!