Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Super Why?!

Most of you already know that Super Why toys are BOLO's (Be on the Lookout) but I thought I'd share my recent find so you know what they look like!

Super Why is a show on PBS Kids in the mornings that is very cute and teaches kids basic reading skills and word recognition. For a while my daughter was obsessed with this show and it was actually teaching her words so I was happy with her watching it!

I found these four little guys at the bottom of a 25 cent box at a garage sale a couple of weeks back and I got excited because I knew what they were right away! Super Why Flyers do really well on eBay and they really are little guys, about 3 inches long each and they roll around on a little wheel. Nothing special about these toys unless your kid is obsessed with the show in which case they are gold.

So for my $1 investment I turned around and sold them for $47.99 with free shipping this week! That's my kind of flip and I was super grateful for the sale because other than these I have pretty much had zero sales for a while now, I guess everyone is focused on getting back to school this week and not so much on buying random toys & vintage things on eBay. I have several big items that I keep waiting to hear my cha ching sound on but sadly I'm not counting on it being this week.

So for now I am going to focus on prepping for the first of 2 consignment sales I'm participating in this fall. I've been collecting clothes and toys at garage sales all summer & currently have no dining room space as there are bins &hangers everywhere! I also am going to try and get all my Halloween costumes listed on eBay by the weekend, now is the time for those!


  1. That is a GREAT flip! Love it! Things were super slow for me and feel like they are finally starting to pick back up again, thank goodness!

  2. People use them for cake toppers. That's what I sold them as. :)

    1. That makes sense, I sold some Backyardigans bobble figures as cake toppers a while back, but they sold for way less than these!