Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to School!

My sweet little 4 year old started preschool this week! She was jumping out of her shoes with excitement on her first day and she LOVED it! She wanted us to leave right away and even made quick friends with another girl who was a little nervous. I think I was probably just as equally excited for this new milestone because it means 3 days a week with 2 1/2 hours of one on one time with me and the little man! I think to myself, this will be great, I'm going to get so much done!

On day 1 I thought I might take some listing photos and get a little "work" done while big sis was at school... Just one problem, when big sis is gone, someone else gets a little lonely and this is the extent of my listing photos that got taken that morning...

Oh boy I sure do love him though! We have been getting some good errands ran during that time instead and its very easy to meet people off Facebook and Craigslist during that time as well.

eBay was not great this week, only a couple of sales, one of which included a fabulous mid-century modern trivet that I almost kept for myself.

It's by Towle and was made of sterling silver. It was a little tarnished and there was only one other one like it up on eBay so I threw it up there and it sold within 2 days for my asking price of $39.99!
I picked it up at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago that was all by donation. I also picked up a crib, mattress and bedding for our condo for the baby and asked if they would take $50 for the crib and everything in my arms. They agreed. The crib setup itself is worth probably $100 and they threw in everything else for free which included this, a couple of mugs, some pampered chef goodies and a whole armful of items for the upcoming consignment sale. Since this sold for $40 I only need to make about $10 on all the other stuff to "pay for" the crib which will be very easily done! That was a great sale!
Other than that I only sold a pair of shoes and a pair of pants on eBay the rest of the week, bleh. I did however do pretty well on Facebook/Craigslist. Sold the baby's walker which I paid $15 off FB for it a few months back, he used it for a while and I resold it for $20! Gotta love when you can make a profit after having used an item.
I also sold this today:

I picked up this adorable child's rocking chair at a local thrift a month or so ago for $4. It is vintage and needed some love so I sanded it down, painted it, distressed it and added the cute detail at the top. I sold it to a very nice lady today for $30. She is throwing her adorable daughter a shabby chic themed 1st birthday and she wanted this for the photo shoot. I did spend quite a bit on supplies for this, but I have also been making signs out of re purposed wood and plan on selling them so while I made a small profit on this, the signs will be 100% profit!


  1. LOVE the "when I grow up I want to be" sign. I am totally stealing that next year!!

    1. Go for it Kari! Gotta love Pintrest!! :)

    2. I've been looking through a box of baby gear manuals and receipts. I can't believe that we (my hubby and I) paid so much for some of these baby items!!! I'm selling the baby gear now for so cheap, and I can't believe we used to pay so much for stuff from Babies R US and Target. I've been doing ebay/yard sales for a year now and barely ever pay retail price for anything!! I always enjoy reading through these blogs to see what others are buying/selling. :) Wow, what I have learned in the past year! Heather

    3. Heather - I know how you feel! When my daughter was born I had to have everything brand new I didn't want any hand-me-downs or anything (What was I thinking?!) When I had my son we didn't find out what we were having so I bought EVERYTHING 2nd hand and for so cheap, now I have a hard time even walking into Babies R Us! :)