Saturday, March 31, 2012

{OMG} It Sold!

I told you all I would update you if my little Custard & Pupcake mug ever sold. Well, I listed it last night at about 9pm for $119.99 with free shipping. Within 5 min I had a watcher and by an hour later I had 2 questions asking if I'd ship it to Japan. I went to bed hoping that maybe someone would buy it overnight. I don't usually mind shipping overseas but with such a fragile item and for such I high dollar amount I didn't want to have to because that's a lot of money I'd be losing out on if it either broke in transit or was lost at customs.

When I woke up this morning there were 7 watchers and an email from a gentleman in Texas asking if he could purchase it and pay me in 3 days when the EBay Bucks are released for use. I responded that I didn't mind and he bought it about 10 min later and told me that if for some reason the EBay Bucks aren't available in 3 days that he'll just pay with his bank account and that he really appreciated me being so flexible. I don't mind at all as long as buyers communicate with me if payments will be delayed and that I eventually get my money! I can wait 3 days for my hundred bucks!

I am so excited! I have been selling for about 4 years now and this is definitely one of the best flips I've done! Even with all the crazy fees & shipping I should still clear about $95 profit! Makes me wonder if I should have thrown it up there for $150 and let it ride! Oh well, best not to get greedy and be happy with what I did make. I wish all my thrifting trips turned out like yesterday though!

Only 1 garage sale today and it wasn't great. I picked up a Care Bear to try and sell and Naomi found a Stitch plush from Lilo & Stitch - her fav movie this week - got both for $1.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fabule$$ Finds Friday!


First of all I got to go to a garage sale today, hallelujah! I wasn't even planning on it either, my dad and I were driving my daughter to a play date and we randomly drove past it on the way and I happened to be 10 min early so we stopped! I am glad I did too!

Two pairs of toddler Keen sandals for $5 a pair and a Melissa & Doug Puzzle for $2! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Always, always buy Keens!" I have sold 7 pairs already this spring for between $22-$28 each pair, my goal next week is to get all 7 other pairs I have listed, that's like money sitting on my table, literally!

While my daughter was at her play date, my dad and I took the baby with us and hit the two thrifts nearby. I lucked out seriously today. I had a full stamp card which meant I got 30% off my whole purchase! Buzz Lightyear was only $2, I'll probably sell him for $10-$15. The Groovy Girls were $1 each but with the 30% off I think it was under $3 for all 4 and I'll probably sell them as a whole lot for $25. We also got 2 unicorn Build A Bears. Naomi gets to pick which one she wants to keep and the other I'll probably list up. You know the movie, Despicable Me? "It's so FLUFFY!!"

And for the finale.... I almost didn't pick up this little mug because I bought a Strawberry Shortcake in the same series a while back that isn't worth anything, maybe $6. I paid under $2 for this mug...

Oh Custard & Pupcake.... I LOVE You! Look at the completeds on this mug!! I will probably list it for $125 with free shipping, not sure yet because I want it to sell but I also want to get the most out of it with all the fees I'll have to pay on a $100 sale. I'll update you when and if it sells! There are currently no other of this mug for sale right now so I'm listing it tonight!

I hope you all have a fab weekend. We are so going to hit up a couple garage sales tomorrow too if we can find some! Oh and we are all much happier around here now that the 9 month old is contained safely in his hexagon! Thanks to a friend we didn't have to spend the $90 that these cost and were able to borrow it! He likes it most of the time!

Oh! I almost forgot! We also dropped off 125 items at the Jack & Jill consignment sale today too! I made out really well last weekend at the JBF sale and I'm hoping to do just as well this weekend. I love selling things over the weekend with little to no effort! I'm planning a post on Monday to go over just how I did with both sales.

Happy Friday! (Like I said above, I'm Giddy!)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Winners!! {JBF Sale Giveaway!}

Well I have successfully tagged just under 200 items for the sale and I am so excited to drop off this week and watch my items sell each night! I'm also super excited to shop the sale. We are in desperate need of one of those 6 sided baby containment units! Mason is crawling and as soon as I set him on the floor he's off and getting into something he shouldn't be like the fireplace or power cords; I am going a little bonkers so I need to find something to contain the madness! A playpen just won't work for this little man so I hope I can find one at the sale!

Ok enough about me, lets get to the winners of the two $25 gift certificates!! Winners have also been emailed with their winner status!

Beth - "I am so excited for the sale!! I am expecting my first boy April 4th so I'm in need of everything boy- I've got baby furniture but I'll be shopping for baby boy clothes like crazy!"


Michelle - "I am looking for toys for my little mans first birthday and swim wear and snow pants. Of course all the other goodies I run across. Love these sales!! Wish I could control myself a little better at them, I spend WAY too much. lol"

Congratulations Ladies and I hope you find everything you are looking for and more at the sale this weekend!!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway, if you were not selected as a winner I hope you will still head out to Issaquah to shop this fabule$$ sale! Have a great week!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Free Sample Friday! Purex UltraPacks

Just a quick note to wish you all a great weekend and to let you know about a fun and easy free sample to request!
Go HERE to and request your free sample of the new Purex UltraPacks. I love free detergent samples, always nice and they usually come with a good coupon!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Thrift Store Finds!

It's rainy and gross here in the Seattle area - seriously, I am in bad need of spring weather and garage sale season, I CANNOT WAIT! haha!
Anyways, the kids and I decided to head down the street to Value Village and another little community thrift right across from that. We didn't find much but there were a couple cute things!

Best find of the day:

A grab bag full of Happy Meal toys from the movie Rio for $1.99. Kind of silly but Naomi literally a couple of days ago was asking for Jewel - she had Blu already and then started asking for Jewel and I couldn't believe it when I found them! Needless to say - we are keeping these guys.

I'm not sure why but I cannot get Blogger to rotate this pic?! Weird. Anyways, this is the rest of it, plus a mischievous 8 month old that is crawling everywhere! I got 30 child size hangers for $3, these are for the JBF sale next week; I thought I had enough, but alas I did not.

I also picked up a pair of Tea Collection leggings, Gymboree Shorts and a cute boutique brand top all to resell at the sale next week and all for $1 a piece!

I also got a 2007 Starbucks travel mug for $1. I can't seem to find the design on ebay anywhere so maybe I got a rare one; doubt it but should get me at least $10 so I'm happy!

I'm cute but I get into EVERYTHING!
Pretty good, not amazing and certainly nothing that's going to make me rich but it was fun and a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Between Friends Consignment Sale & A Giveaway!

It's that time again my fellow Mommies! The Seattle-East JBF Sale is coming up in just TWO weeks! If you are new to my blog and missed the post I did about this awesome sale last fall you can check it out HERE!

Basically, one of my favorite ways to earn a little extra cash is to participate in kids consignment sales in the spring and fall around my area. There are usually at least 4-5 sales that happen between March and April and they are a great place to find anything you need for your children at an excellent price. Think: Clothes for the upcoming season, toys, shoes, baby gear, books, puzzles, cribs, bedding, the list goes on and on!
The sellers are not businesses, they are other mom's who are selling their own kids gently worn and used items. I also collect gently used children's items for very cheap throughout the year at thrifts and garage sales and for free and then combine it with my own children's gently used items and sell them at the sale. Most things you will find at the sale are name brand and are all in excellent condition with no holes or stains as each item is examined before being placed on the sales rack! Each seller prices and tags their own items and then they get to keep 65% of whatever their item sells for that weekend. You can also work a volunteer shift at the sale to bump your commission to 70% and then at the end of the sale you can pick up your unsold items or choose to have them donated to charity.

Every season I always set out to start tagging my items as early as possible. If you are selling for your first time there are some items you will need to purchase to participate in the sale:

All tags must be printed on White Cardstock and tags must be attached to your items with either safety pins or you can use a tagging gun so you will need one or the other. After my first sale I spent a lot of extra money on hangers and safety pins so I decided it was worth it to invest in a tagging gun. I bought mine off ebay for $6 and it came with 1000 barbs - so worth every penny!

You will also need hangers -- LOTS of them. Every clothing item needs to be on a hanger so I collect the child size hangers throughout the year whenever possible as well. When I had Mason this past summer we got a lot of clothes for him as gifts so I saved all the hangers from them, I found a big set of them at a yard sale for $1 also and then I found out that there was a Pumpkin Patch store up in Lynnwood that was closing and giving away their hangers. I went up there and LOADED a bag up with kids size shirt and pants hangers. Sometimes stores will give them away, some wont but you can buy them pretty cheap at Target and I ALWAYS see them at the thrift stores as well - Value Village sells them in packs of 10-15 for $1-$2.

Here is about 1/2 of the clothes I have to start tagging!

These are most of my girl items. I have another full bin outside to bring in still and my son is growing like a weed and I pretty much have to clean out his dresser of things that don't fit him at least once per week!

I can't believe I'm about to show you a photo of my insane garage mess! Eek!

This is the stuff I haven't brought in to organize and tag yet. I better get started soon! Lots of baby gear and toys, plus of course, more clothes!

My dining room will look like a disaster the next few weeks with all the tagging and organizing but in the end I am hoping to drop off at least 2-300 items at this sale and make about $300-$400!

The JBF Seattle East Spring/Summer Sale is coming up in just two short weeks! It will be held at the Pickering Barn out in Issaquah, Washington from March 23rd-25th. Go HERE to check out the details of the event, sign up to be a consignor or join their mailing list as well!

Once you check out their website, come back to this post and leave a comment at the bottom letting us know what you will be looking for at this sale and you will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to spend on whatever you need or want from the event out in Issaquah!

Giveaway is open to anyone in Washington state that is planning on shopping this event and can pick up their certificate at the sale. TWO winners will be selected at random on Saturday, March 17th at 5pm. Must comment to enter and please only enter once.

Good Luck and I'll see you at the sale!

Disclosure: JBF Seattle East is generously sponsoring this giveaway. The owner of the sale is also providing me with a gift certificate to shop the sale as well, however, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Treats: For the Love of Oreos!

Happy Tuesday!

So I didn't make any treats today but only because I've been so addicted to Pintrest lately that I don't have time to get off my booty and go bake anything because I keep pinning a ton of things I want to make! I guess that's probably a good thing since I have finally decided that I want to try and get my baby weight off and I don't necessarily need to be making delicious Oreo goodies!

At any rate, below are three different recipes that I am dying to try that involve Oreos! The reason I'm focusing on Oreos is because Fred Meyer's coupon of the day for their cartbuster event is $1.50 of any 1 package of Oreo cookies!

Click HERE to load the coupon to your shoppers card and it will be automatically deducted from your total at checkout, no coupon needed! Only catch is you have to load it today because there will be a new coupon tomorrow!

Oreo Cookies, $2.99 per package
- $1.50 off 1 e-coupon (expires 3/16)
Final Price: $1.49!

Now for some Yummy Food Goodness!

Photo & Recipe from Chef in Training

Oreo Truffles - No Bake and look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Can't wait to try them!

Cookies & Cream Oreo Cupcakes from Annies Eats
These look creamy and delicious, want to try them for a potluck or birthday party.

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Cupcakes from Handle the Heat
Cheesecake and Oreos together in one cup of heaven, yes please! Gotta try these soon too!

I found all 3 of these recipes on Pintrest, if you are a "Pinner" follow my pins, just follow the red button to the right of my page! I pin loads of yummy recipes and craft/DIY project ideas. If you want to join and need an invite, send me an email and I'll send you an invite!

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