Thursday, December 5, 2013

Merry & Bright

Hello! Sorry its been so long since my last post. I have been insanely busy with photography and general life that I haven't had a chance to post much, but the good news is that even with no time to list things have been selling!

Last month they did a promo with 5,000 free listings, no way I could ever meet that limit, so I just went through and hit relist for every item in my old unsold list and much to my surprise quite a few things sold so goodbye old inventory and hello Christmas fund! I'm finally caught up a little on my editing that I'm taking today off from photography and concentrating on listing all my unlisted stuff. I have slowed down on buying a LOT since I simply haven't had the time to shop but I do still have some Christmas items to list and a few toys and things.

Since that's all I really have to talk about I'll leave you with some BOLO's and sales from the last month! Best wishes to all of you this holiday season, hopefully I'll post more now that things are slowing a bit but if not then MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!

I picked up this mug at our local flea market in September, I knew it was something rare and the guy did too, he was firm on his $12 price tag. It sat for a couple of months but finally sold for $54.95! I always pick up older Starbucks mugs especially things like this since it combines not only Starbucks but travel and airplanes as well.

These are Rose glazed Heath Ceramics teacups and saucers, I sold these along with 2 dinner plates & a square platter for $90 on Etsy. This is the 3rd lot of these dishes I've sold from a bunch I picked up at a yard sale for only $8 this past summer. I think I bought 20 pieces and am down to 4 pcs left with a huge profit already. Gotta love everything Heath!

I have really slowed down on buying Build a Bear plush, I always look them up before I buy them now since I have had several that never sold. For example Rudolph and Frosty that I bought over the summer and saved & now they have reissued them so I couldn't give them away! This cutie still had ear tags and was a limited edition so I grabbed it for a buck at a yard sale and it sold Internationally within a week of listing for $25.

Ok here is my TOP SECRET Bolo tip! When you travel - doesn't matter where you go - go to the local Starbucks and buy their city or country mug. You can get one for yourself to keep if you wish but buy an extra too. When we went to Cancun in October I didn't go to Starbucks the whole time, which I'm now kicking myself over because if I had gone to the one nearby I could've looked them up at the hotel with the wifi. Instead I found some mugs at the airport on our way home and we couldn't get online to look up completeds. There was Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Merida -- I should've bought all of them but didn't because with the kiddos I didn't want to risk anything breaking in our carry ons and such. So I just got the one above and was going to keep it for myself - until I got home and got service again and almost cried when I saw that the Merida one goes for almost $200!

You can only buy these mugs in the cities where the Starbucks are located that is the deal. So what if you are a collector and aren't planning a trip to Mexico anytime soon? Where do you turn for additions to your precious collection? Yep that's right - Ebay.

I paid a whole lot of pesos ($15 USD) for the Cancun mug and was a little sad to see my souvenir go away but for $75 I can buy another one next year when we go again! I always pick up city mugs - always!!