Monday, August 4, 2014

Relief Grief and Summer Adventures

Good 'ol Wall-E made it safely to Israel and I finally received positive feedback on the transaction! I was just a little freaked out about that sale going south so I'm relieved that it is over and I can move on to the next!

I also recently was looking back at my posts and realized that I forgot to post when we lost Max at the end of June. It was right after school let out, the day after to be exact and life has been very busy the past month or so mostly because I don't like sitting around at home with him not here. He bounced back when we got him on the meds but took a huge downhill turn 1/2 way through June and basically told us he was done, it was the hardest thing I have EVER had to do in my life and would not wish that pain and suffering on anyone. Its also something you can't prepare yourself for even if people tell you over and over how hard it will be to let go of your pet.

I miss his nails walking on the floor and greeting us at the door when we come home so I have purposefully been scheduling things away from home all summer to avoid missing him so much. We've gone camping twice, taken a trip to Idaho to see my dad, a road trip to Canada, rafting in Oregon, spent a couple weeks in Leavenworth and now next week we are taking off on a 2 week trip around the southwest. Most of these are things we couldn't have really done with Max so I end up missing him so much more when we get back home and I realize that he's really not here. I have a feeling once school starts and we are home again and back on schedule that it may really sink in; hopefully its not a bad winter. We all miss him terribly.

On a brighter note, we have had an amazing summer of adventures so far, hence the absence of postings as well. I can't wait for our trip to the Southwest next week and wish we weren't flying so I could turn it into a sourcing trip, maybe a couple flat rate boxes will have to find their way home if anything amazing turns up! I am also pleased to say that I met my sales goal plus some for the month of July at the shop! I said in my last post that I'd love to see a $200 month and I think I ended up with around $205 in sales so I'm a happy camper!

Taking another little haul down to the store later today which will include this chair re-do I just finished last week; I love refinishing old furniture and was so excited to refinish this old chair and trying out upholstery for the first time! I had the paint and batting already, got the chair for free and paid about $3.99 for the cute chevron fabric!

What do you all think?!