Thursday, June 30, 2011

Staples: Cheap Charmin TP!

If you are running low on TP then here is a pretty good deal for you! Staples has these 16 Double Roll packs of Charmin Basic on markdown for $4.99. You can pair that with THIS COUPON and get an additional $.75 off to make it only $4.24 + tax!

This works out to be about $.11/roll or $.26/double roll which is just slightly above my go crazy and stock up price but still lots lower than Costco! Since the baby is going to be here any day now and we'll have a lot of guests I decided to grab a pack since I was near my store and that will be one less thing to worry about when baby arrives!

When I got to my store they had it marked at $7.99, which is not a good deal, so I grabbed one and took it up to the register just to see what it rang up at and it was the $4.99 price! The only place it's advertised is

Thanks for the tip Coupon Connections!

Facebook: Free Downy Unstoppables Sample

This has been the week for free samples! Head over HERE and like Downy on Facebook, then head over HERE and request your free sample of Downy Unstoppables! Sample should arrive in 4-6 weeks and hopefully with a nice coupon to go along with it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Free Sample: Honey Nut Cheerios!

Hurry over HERE and sign up for a free sample of Honey Nut Cheerios! Hopefully it will come with a coupon too! Samples like this go quickly so don't wait to sign up!

Thanks Coupon Connections!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Family is on a "Trash Diet"

Yep, you read correctly, a "Trash Diet", although not the kind of trash you would think. We are not going to be eating more junk food as a family but seeing how we can reduce the amount of waste that comes out of our home and into the landfill.

The city of Seattle has made a goal to divert 60 percent of its waste to recycling and composting by the year 2012; so we as a family have signed up to be part of the "Waste Less" blogger challenge and have partnered up with King County and GLAD products to learn more about where our trash goes and do our best to send less to the landfill and more to the recycling and yard waste/compost services!

Glad Products company sent our family a great new garbage can that is motion sensored and divided so we can separate our trash vs. recycling more easily as well as a new compost/food scraps bin and a TON of various Glad products including trash bags, recycling bags and compostable bags to make our transition and goals much easier!

Check out our old garbage system below:

Just a can and a box or paper bag next to the can for our recyclables.

Now check out our new system!

I am so excited to start collecting our kitchen scraps into our little compost collector! This is always something I wanted to try out and now with our new bin it will be easy and not too stinky!

This program couldn't be coming at a better time actually. Where we live has just been incorporated into the City of Kirkland and our garbage service is changing over to Waste Management. We are very excited about this because not only is it substantially cheaper than our previous provider, they also will be collecting our yard waste and recycling on a weekly basis vs. a bi-weekly basis!

We also had a home visit from Tom Watson, who is a representative of the City of Seattle, the writer for the Eco-Consumer column for the Seattle Times and a green living expert on local TV stations!

Tom's visit was great. He took a look at our trash collecting set up and we talked for about 45 minutes on ways that we can reduce our waste as a family including: collecting our food/kitchen scraps for composting, what can and cannot be recycled, where our recycling and yard waste goes when it leaves our cans, where we can recycle our batteries and ways we can save money as a family by living green.

As I said before, I am excited to start collecting our kitchen and food waste for composting. Since I'm due with our 2nd baby any day now I am not ready to start my own compost pile just yet, but with our garbage service all we have to do is collect the scraps and put them in our yard waste bin, bag and all thanks to the compostable bags Glad provided me with! I was excited to learn that our yard waste actually goes to a company in Everett that does the composting for us!

Something I didn't know before was that we can actually put more than just fruit peels and egg shells into our collector. We can put meat scraps, bones, paper towels, napkins, paper plates and even compostable take out boxes into our yard waste.

I also learned that I can put my Starbucks paper and plastic cups into the recycling and that I can now take clean & dry Ziploc bags & any other plastic bags to my grocery bag recycling station at the grocery store.

Stay tuned over the next month as I post about how our families "diet" is going. The first time I emptied our new can our bags of trash and recycling were about equal size.

Over the next month I want to see if we can make the bag of trash about 1/2 the size as the recycling! I am also going to be doing some posts about how you can actually save money by living the green life!

Disclosure: The Glad Products Company has provided me with the products you have seen above and the home visit from the City of Seattle to help with this program. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are 100% my own.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabule$$ Free Samples: Crest Pro-Health + Coupons!

Hurry over to now and request your free Crest Pro-Health Samples! Looks like you will get 3 samples (toothpaste, rinse & floss) plus 4 coupons. These sample size oral care products are great for traveling!

This sample will go extremely fast so hurry and go now! Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pampers Gifts To Grow: New Codes!

There have been several new Gifts to Grow codes out lately so I thought I would post a list of them so you can get the points added to your accounts!

New to
Pampers Gifts to Grow?
If you are a mom that uses disposable diapers or wipes at all then this is a free rewards program that is a MUST to be a part of. Gifts to Grow allows you to enter codes from the packages of Pampers products that you buy (and sometimes other codes as well!) and earn points; then use your points to get rewards!

I recently traded in my points for a $10 Starbucks gift card! It's great to be rewarded for the things I am already buying! With our new little one almost here I have been stockpiling diapers and wipes for the past 9 months when they are on sale or I can get them for almost free so this points rewards system makes those cheap diapers and wipes that much better!

HERE to sign up for an account (you get 100 free points just for signing up!) and then once your account is set up make sure you go and enter the codes below to get some extra points!

Available GTG Codes:

TWITTERBOTLEPAC (5 pts) - expires 6/24!

WELCOMEGTGPTS10 - 10 points
2BEGINEARNING50 - 50 points
GTGWELCOME10PTS - 10 points
PAMPERSGTG10PTS - 10 points
10PTSFREECODE4U - 10 points
PUNTOSPARAMI123 - 10 points
GETSTARTEDNOW10 - 10 points

Make sure you follow Pampers on Twitter and Facebook so you can get a heads up on new codes available as well!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the updated list of codes!

Tippr: 1/2 off at Neighborhood Grill Locations!

Tippr Seattle is offering a pretty good deal today for 4 Neighborhood Grill locations around the area!

$25 gets you a $50 gift certificate to use at one of 4 locations (Crossroads, Eastlake, Lake City and Green Lake). You do have to choose which location you are going to eat at when you purchase the certificate.

Plus if you are new to Tippr you will get a $5 credit just for signing up so you'll get this deal for only $20! Go
HERE now to sign up and have a great dinner out this summer!

Disclosure: This post contains referral links, when you use them you support this site, thanks!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Favorite Companies + Social Media = Love Story!

Those of you who have been reading this blog and following me on Twitter for the last couple of years know that I LOVE Qdoba Mexican Grill. My husband and I have been eating lunch there with one of my best friends, Rebecca, every week (sometimes more!) for the past FIVE+ years!

One of the reasons I love Qdoba so much is because they have a wonderful customer loyalty program. You get random coupons throughout the year and you get a free entree for every 10 that you buy! I swear that between the 3 of us we have had over 100 free burritos over the past 5 years! You can check out their website HERE and next time you head to a Qdoba I would grab a card and register, you get a free order of chips and salsa just for signing up!

When Twitter got so huge a couple of years ago I started tweeting and following interesting people as well as other bloggers and companies I love. Of course Rebecca and I had to find out if Qdoba had a Twitter account and sure enough, they did! There are many local Qdoba Twitter and Facebook accounts actually, but we have followed @QdobaMexGrill since the beginning! (They sometimes do trivia for free entrees!) We started tweeting about our weekly lunch dates and posting pictures of our cute kids eating Qdoba and a unique relationship developed! One time they emailed us and asked for our loyalty cards so they could buy our weekly lunch this week just for being great customers! We were so excited that we lit up our Twitter accounts with how happy we were to be Qdoba addicts.

A few weeks ago we noticed some awesome t-shirts that the Qdoba folks had for a special event in Denver (the birthplace of Qdoba) and we all mentioned to them on Twitter how cool it would be to have one of those t-shirts for our weekly lunch. Sure enough, a short time later we each got a fun package in our mailboxes!

Lauren with Qdoba in Denver had contacted us for t-shirt sizes and addresses and we each got an I Heart Qdoba shirt along with a sweet hand written card thanking us for our patronage and a coupon for a free entree! We were happy just to have the shirts so getting lunch as well was a huge bonus! Our only requirement? A photo of the 3 of us at our weekly lunch wearing our Qdoba t-shirts!

We wore them proudly today and all the staff in the menu line LOVED it! I think the other customers in the restaurant were super jealous too! :) Our free lunch was delish and I was excited that my t-shirt actually fit over my huge 9 month preggo belly!

The point of this article is not to brag about getting something for free from the company, but really to talk about the benefits that social media can have for saving money. I follow many restaurants, stores and local companies on Facebook and Twitter. I can't tell you how many free products I've gotten from signing up for freebies on Facebook or printable coupons that have come up along the way! (Another favorite of mine is the $1 off coupons that Red Mango puts out when they have a new product!)

Yes, if you let Facebook and Twitter suck you in they can be a huge waste of time, but there are benefits to be had as well! Just don't let it take over your life!

Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Lauren and the Qdoba team for sending us the t-shirts and free entree cards. We love Qdoba and will continue to eat there at least once a week forever!

My Fred Meyer Trip Today!

My trip to Fred Meyer was pretty good today so I thought I'd share some of the deals I found! Mostly I wanted to tell you all about the Pantene deal that's going on this week. All three of those products in my photo (Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling Gel) were only $.99 for all 3 - yes $.99!

Pantene Products - on sale 3 for $10 with in-ad coupon

- used $3 off 2 coupon from 6/19 SS coupon insert

- used $3.00 off 1 Catalina coupon found in my store's coupon exchange bin!

Paid $4.00 OOP - received a $3.00 Catalina good for my next purchase!

You only need to buy 2 products to get the $3.00 Catalina. Ideally, if your store has a Coupon Exchange, and you get lucky and find 2 coupons for $3.00 off 1 in there, then you could actually get paid to buy 2 bottles! Use the in-ad coupon and your 2 coupons, pay $.66 OOP and get a $3.00 CAT! Fabule$$!!

My other purchases:

Clearance Meat - I have been stocking up on good cuts of meat when I see them in the clearance bin. I pop it straight in the freezer when I get home and this way I have plenty of meat on hand for dinners once our little one arrives! Today I got some chicken breasts and a nice looking beef roast!

Clearance Organic Yogurt - I found some Oikos on clearance for $1.09 each, used my $1.00/2 coupon from the 6/19 SS insert and only paid $.59 each! I also got a couple of Yo-Toddler 4 packs for $1.29 each. You can get some great Stoneyfield yogurt coupons HERE! If I had thought about it beforehand I would have printed a couple of $.50 off coupons to make the 4 packs even cheaper!

Challenge Butter - 2 for $6

- used $1.00 off Printable - sorry NLA

Final Price: $2.00/lb - great price for this time of year!

Tillamook Butter - 2 for $5 with in-ad coupon

- wish I'd have had a coupon but my husband loves this butter for air popcorn!

La Victoria Taco Sauce - $2.69 each

- used my 2 $2.00 off Printables - sorry NLA

Paid only $.69 each!

Goldfish Crackers - $1.00 each

- used $.75 off 2 printable that's NLA (but you can use THIS $.55/2 printable)

Got 2 bags for $1.25!

Naturally Preferred Organic Eggs - $3.49

- used $.40 off coupon from a Best Customer booklet that was mailed to me!

Final Price: $3.09

Plus my thrifty little daughter was happy to get a free coloring book after her free hour of daycare at the Fred Meyer Playland today! I am telling you, this is the best thing since sliced bread! She gets to go play with other kids and have fun for an hour and I get to shop in peace! GENIUS!! I go to Fred Meyer way more now that my store opened a Playland!

Frugal Chic Living has compiled a complete list of all of this week's Fred Meyer deals HERE - go check it out!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Rite Aid Trip: Free Toothpaste & Zantac!

Wanted to share a quick post with you this morning about what I got at Rite Aid this week! It's been a bit slow there the last few weeks with deals but this week I actually got paid to buy toothpaste and Zantac so I thought it might be worth sharing!

Transaction #1:

1 Colgate Max White Toothpaste, 6 oz. $2.99

1 24 ct. Zantac (Remember, insane pregnancy heartburn!) $7.99

Subtotal: $10.98

-used $5.00 off 1 Zantac Printable

- used $1.00 off Colgate from July All You Magazine

- used $2.00 off Zantac coupon from Rite Aid Video Values (Must watch commercial to get coupon)

- used additional $1.00 off purchase from watching Rite Aid videos

Final Price OOP: $1.98 + tax and $4.99 worth of +Up Rewards printed at the register!

+Up rewards are just like Catalinas but can only be used at Rite Aid; just as good as cash on your next purchase! You must have a Rite Aid rewards card to get this deal, but it's quick and free to sign up for at the store.

Transaction #2:

2 Boxes of Ziploc Freezer bags - 2/$5, recieve $1 +Up reward wyb 2

- used $1.00/2 Ziploc products Printable

- used $2.99 +Up reward from my previous transaction

Paid: $1.01 OOP and Received $1.00 +Up reward back

So, all in all I spent about $3.00 + tax OOP and have an additional $3.00 to use on my purchase at Rite Aid next week! Ideally, next week there will be some great deals where I can "roll" my +Up rewards and not spend anything out of pocket!

If you would like to see all of the deals at Rite Aid this week, go to Frugal Living NW's post HERE!

Bounce Dryer Bar Giveaway on Facebook

Bounce is doing a giveaway/sweepstakes on their Facebook page! Just go HERE to like them and fill out the form; then they say to keep an eye on your mailbox to see if you have won one of their 3000 free dryer bars!

The dryer bar is one of those items that I would have probably never bought but because I got one for free once I have since gotten addicted to them and luckily find them pretty cheap or even free with coupons!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Flashback Friday: 5 Years!

Five years ago today I married the love of my life on Annini Beach in Kauai. I couldn't have imagined being happier on that day and now 5 years later even with the rollercoaster of life that we've been riding, I couldn't imagine being happier. I love you James!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fabule$$ Deal on Huggies Wipes at QFC!

Wahoo!! I love it when unadvertised deals come up like this one! Here is a perfect chance to stock up on baby wipes if you have the coupons.

The Huggies 72 ct. tubs of wipes are part of their Buy 5, Save $5 promo this week. Here is a scenario to get you 5 tubs for $5! This makes them only $.013/wipe which is way cheaper than Costco's price per wipe of $.02!

Buy 5 tubs of 72 ct. wipes* at $2.49 each - $12.45
- Save $5 instantly when you scan your Advantage Card ($7.45)
- use (5) $.50/1 wipes coupons from the 6/12 SS insert
Final Price OOP: $5.00 + tax for 5 tubs!

*Make sure you get the 72 count variety, there are some tubs with only 64 ct. like the sensitive ones!

I understand that most of you probably do not buy 5 Sunday papers. I don't either. Lets say you just have (1) $.50 off coupon from Sunday - your cost would be $6.95 + tax for 5 tubs which is still a better deal than Costco's price!

I wish there were some printables available right now but sadly there are not. Since I am on the Huggies mailing list I actually had a couple of other coupons to use.

I had (3) of the coupons from this week's paper, 1 coupon for $1.00 off wipes from my Babies 'R Us registry and then an additional $.35 off 1 coupon from my recent home mailer that comes with coupons. This is a great example of holding onto coupons and waiting for a perfect deal to come up! I just wish I had had 5 of those $1 off coupons because then all I would have had to pay was tax!

This deal should last through Tuesday, 6/21/11 so you have a little time to go but do realize that with such a great deal, the shelves will probably be cleared. If your store does not have any in stock when you go, make sure you get a rain check that reflects the $5 instant savings (rain check would say something like $1.50 per tub, must buy 5) so you can go back later and get them!

Thanks Coupon Connections for tipping me off to this great deal today!

Yoplait Kids Snack Chat + Giveaway!

Hey All! Remember the review and giveaway I did a couple months ago with Yoplait Kids yogurt? You can check it out HERE and see who the winner was HERE!

Below is a brief webisode called the Yoplait Kids Snack Chat series where Christine, from the blog
Mamas Boy and her pre-schooler J.D. practice good snacking habits, as she discusses topics like overcoming pickiness and setting a good example at snack time.

This is a series of eight webisodes and you can find the rest of them HERE on YouTube!

You can also still get a coupon for $.50 off your next purchase of Yoplait Kids yogurt

Do you remember when I picked the winner of the giveaway that there was a surpise bonus giveaway of 20 VIP coupons for FREE yogurt? Well I have been informed that there are still a few of these coupons available! Just enter your mailing nformation below and a coupon for a free 4-pack of yogurt will come to your door! I had a friend sign up for one of the coupons and her's came within a few weeks so get yours now while you can!

Disclosure: Yoplait through MyBlogSpark has sponsored these posts and giveaways. I will be receiving an additional 10 VIP coupons for Yoplait Kids yogurt for this post courtesy of Yoplait through MyBlogSpark. I will most likely use a couple for my daughter and give some to my other mommy friends so they can try out the yogurt too! Thank you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Magnum Ice Cream Bars: Only $.79 at Target!

If you are a Seattle Times subscriber then you got a sheet of coupons from Fred Meyer in last Sunday's paper! (6/12) There were several manufacturer coupons on the flyer including a coupon for $1.50 off Magnum ice cream bars!

Magnum 3pk Ice Cream Bars - $3.29

- use $1.50 off 1 coupon from 6/12 flyer

- stack with $1.00 off 1 Target Printable

Final Price $.79!

For more Target deals this week check out Coupon Connections list of coupon matchups HERE!

Safeway: Crazy Kellogg's Cereal Deal!

There is a crazy deal on Kellogg's cereal going on at Safeway through 6/21/11. Actually the Safeway part of it isn't that crazy but you get to double dip for a couple of different rebates once you get home!

Safeway Promo: Buy any 5 participating Kellogg's cereals (Rasin Bran or Rice Krispies; $2.49 each) and get a free movie ticket (up to $12 value). Limit 1 movie ticket per transaction.

Cars 2 Promo: Buy boxes with the Cars 2 codes inside (Looks like the Rice Krispies are the only ones with these codes.) and you can mail in 4 codes + reciepts to get a $5 prepaid gift card!

Kellogg's Cereal Rebate: Mail in 10 UPC's along with form and receive a $10 prepaid gift card; no reciept needed and you can submit up to 5 times per household!

Coupons available to match with the promo:
$1.00 off any 3 Kellogg's Cereals from 5/28 and 6/12 SS inserts
$1.00 off 2 Rice Krispies Printables
$.70 off 1 Rasin Bran Printables
(Can print 2 times per computer)
Look for peelies on other Kellogg's cereals for $1.00 off fresh fruit wyb 2 cereals you can combine these for a better deal!

What I did:
I separated my purchase into 2 separate transactions.

Transaction #1:
3 Boxes of Rice Krispies with Cars 2 codes
2 Boxes of Rasin Bran
1 9.9 oz. bag of Pretzel M&M's
Sub-Total: $15.45
- used $1.00 off 3 Kellogg's cereals coupon
- used $1.00 off 2 Rasin Bran coupon
- used FREE M&M's wyb 2 boxes of Rice Krispies coupon from a while back.

Final Price OOP: $10.45 - received 1 free movie ticket worth $12!

Transaction #2: Exactly the same as #1 and received my 2nd movie ticket! We plan to take Naomi out to see Cars 2 when it comes out next week so it will now be a fun and FREE outing for our family!

Now I am going to use my reciepts and Cars 2 promo codes to mail in for my free $5 gift card and then I am going to send in all 10 UPC's from the boxes to get an additional $10 gift card! If I had purchased 8 boxes of Rice Krispies then I would have qualified for 2 of the $5 Cars 2 gift cards but my coupons didn't work out for buying 8 Rice Krispies. I can still collect codes from other products though and get another one!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Albertsons Run Today {6/14/11}

I meant to get to Albertsons yesterday and then post my doubler deals last night but unfortunately I just didn't have the energy to make a grocery run last night! If you haven't used your doublers from Sunday's paper yet, they are good through the end of today!

There is an awesome scenario for Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat that I wanted to make sure I got. Basically 5 tubs of lunchmeat for $1.39 each - regularly $5.69 each!

Buy 5 Deli Fresh tubs - $3.99 each, Sub-total: $19.95
- Buy 5, Save $5 promo (-$5)
- use (2) $1.00/2 coupons - I had some printables that are NLA but there is a new coupon booklet available at Albertsons that has a $1/2 coupon for OM lunch meat inside, these are free for the taking so pick up 2 and use both coupons. It's a yellow book, ask customer service where to find them in your store!
- use (2) "Twice the Value" Doublers (-$2)
Pay $10.95 OOP, Receive a Catalina for $4 OYNO!

Since Catalinas are as good as cash at your next transaction you basically pay $6.95 for all 4 tubs!

The catalina deal runs through 7/10 but this particular sale ends tonight. (6/14)

My other items:
1 Weber Marinade Packet - $1
1 6 Pack Danino Kids Yogurt - $2.49
1 9.5 oz can of Seattle's Best Mocha coffee drink - $1.39
Sub Total: $4.88
- used $1.00/1 Weber coupon from the 5/22 SS insert
- used $1.00/1 Danino Yogurt from the 6/5 SS insert
- used Get One Free Seattle's Best Coffee coupon from previous insert (sorry can't remember the date!)
- used my 3rd Doubler (-$1)
Final Price OOP: $.49!

I also got 2 game pieces for the summer sweepstakes game they have going on! I am super close to winning a $10 gift card!

Coupon Connections has an extensive doublers match up list HERE if you need more ideas!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cascade 24 Hour Challenge {GIVEAWAY!}

A few days ago, P&G through My Blog Spark sent me a gift pack complete with a new casserole dish and sample 3 pack of Cascade's Complete Action Pacs to try out their 24 Hour Challenge!

My instructions:
1. Bake a cobbler and enjoy it.
2. Leave the empty/unrinsed dish out for 24 hours.
3. Without rinsing, put the dish in the dishwasher with Cascade Complete.

I used my recipe for Blackberry Peach Cobbler from last summer. I got a pack of organic berries for only $2 last week and then used a bag of frozen peaches as well. It was delicious!!

I had to keep my empty dish in the oven overnight and throughout the next day so I didn't have to look at it because it drives me crazy to not clean or at least soak a dish that's sitting out! This is what my new baking dish looked like 24 hours later.

Popped it in the dishwasher with one of these babies! I hate running a whole load for just one dish so I had a full washer as well I might add.

Voila! My pretty white baking dish came out pretty and white with no residue! The 24 Hour Challenge was a sucess!

You can get a 3 pack of Cascade Complete Action Pacs at Walmart right now for only $.97. I actually had a coupon from P&G for $1.00 off any Cascade product with me so I ended up making $.03 for buying a pack last week! The June P&G coupon insert has a coupon for $.25 off Cascade which would make them only $.72 to try out.



This giveaway is now CLOSED! Winners have been selected and notified via email. Thank you for entering and check back soon for more Fabule$$ giveaways!!

FIVE lucky Fabule$$ly Frugal Mom readers are going to win a sample pack of Cascade Complete Actionpacs to try the 24 hour challenge yourself and ONE even luckier reader will win a $15 Walmart gift card to buy some Cascade along with anything else you may need or want!


Entering this giveaway is super easy, just leave a comment on this post letting us know what you would cook for your 24 Hour Challenge! Make sure to also leave your email address in the comment so that I have a way to contact you if you win! Example: fabulesslyfrugalmom (at) hotmail (dot) com

Extra Entries:

Earn up to 3 more entries to the giveaway! Please leave a separate comment for each entry along with your email address.

1. Subscribe to my Fabule$$ blog through your favorite reader! Leave a comment saying you are a current or new subscriber!

2. Follow me on Twitter and "tweet" about this giveaway to your followers! Make sure you include @FabFrugalMom in your tweet!

3. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog and leave a comment with a link back to your post so I can see it!

The giveaway begins today (6/13/2011) and ends at 9:00 PM PDT on Friday, June 24th, 2010. Winners will randomly be selected and notified via email. The winners will have 24 hours to respond with their mailing address before another winner will be selected.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: P&G through MyBlogSpark provided me with the Cascade Complete All-in-1 ActionPac 24 Hour Challenge kit, 5 trial packs, and the $15 Walmart gift card to giveaway to my readers. All photographs and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own; I have received no other compensation for this post.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fred Meyer: PUR Water Pitcher only $.49!!

If you are in the market for a new PUR water filter pitcher then Fred Meyer is the place to get it this week!

PUR Pitcher with Bonus Filter, $14.99 (sign said $17.99 but rang up at $14.99!)
- used 10% of Home Coupon from the weekly ad
- used $3.00 off PUR coupon from the 6/5 P&G coupon insert
- used coupon next to pitchers for a free $10.00 Fred Meyer gift card wyb a pitcher
Final Price OOP after coupons & gift card: $.49!!

Please note: you cannot use the $10 gift card on your purchase, you will have to save it for another transaction.

Not sure how long the sale lasts but my store had about 8 pitchers left today when I picked mine up! Also not sure if the price will be changed back to $17.99 soon either but this is a slammin' deal if you are in the market for a filter system!

Thanks for the heads up on this deal Frugal Chic Living!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hurry! $2 off La Victoria Salsa

Head over to the La Victoria Facebook page and "Like" them to print off a coupon for $2 off! This could mean free salsa if you hang onto it for a good sale, the coupons don't expire until 7/8! Make sure to push the "back" button on your computer to print the coupon twice!

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fabule$$ Free Sample: Pull Ups Flushable Moist Wipes has a couple of free sample offers available now.

Sign up
HERE for a sample of Pull Ups Flushable Moist Wipes - Hurry on this one!

HERE to sign up for samples of Revitalens Solution & Carefree Actifresh Liners!

Thanks Coupon Connections!

Fred Meyer: Cheap Vitamins & More!

Hi Everyone! Sorry it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks around here so I haven't had much time for couponing or blogging. We are in the home stretch of the pregnancy and now that I am passed 34 weeks I can't travel anymore so we are going to slow down and try to enjoy this last few weeks as a family of 3!

I started the week off with a trip to Fred Meyer; Naomi got to go spend her free hour in the Playland and I got a few great deals!

Here are a few highlights:

Organic Berries (Raspberries & Blackberries) - 2 for $5

Paid $2 each, not an excellent price but I needed fresh berries for a blogging assignment I have coming up this week! Stay tuned, there's a new giveaway involved!!

Marcal Small Steps TP - 12 Double Rolls - on sale $3.99

- used $1.00 off 1 coupon from the 5/22 RP insert

Final Price: $2.99 - never tried this brand before but for so cheap (under $.25/double roll) we'll see how we like it. I like that it's made of recycled materials.

Deal of the Day: 2 Bottles of NatureMade Vitamin D (90 ct.) - $5.29 each

- used (2) $5.00 off 1 coupons found next to the vitamins!

Final Price: $.29 each! This is a HOT deal since you don't have to find the coupons, they are in the aisle next to the product! There were several varieties available for under $6!

Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries - $3.69

- used coupon for a free bag product from previous FB offer, sorry NLA

Final Price: Free!!

Pampers Diapers Jumbo Pack - $8.99

- used $5.00 off catalina from a previous Albertsons promo (Love that I can use Catalinas from other stores at Fred Meyer with no problems!!)

Final Price: $3.99 - stocking up on diapers when we can for the new baby!!

Frigo String Cheese - $3.99

- used $1 off 1 Catalina found in coupon exchange bin

Final Price: $2.99 - not great but craving string cheese this week!

Couple of clearance finds: $.99 can of Artichoke hearts, $4.19 for pre-marinated turkey tenderloin.

Organic Grapes - $2.98/lb - wasn't the best deal since I forgot to weigh the bag before buying them and it ended up being over $7 for grapes! Eek!

Bananas - on sale for $.64/lb.

For a list of other great coupon match ups at Freddies this week check out Frugal Chic Living's list HERE!

Friday, June 3, 2011

And the Winner is... {JBF Giveaway}

Just a quick post to announce the winner of the Just Between Friends Lynnwood consignment event giveaway!

Congratulations to EverettMom who said, "I am so excited for this sale! I am looking for 4t boys & 12-18 month girl clothes. Hmmm and a tricycle or small bike."

She has already been contacted and responded with her address and is excited for the sale next weekend!

Just a reminder the JBF sale opens to the public on Friday & Saturday, June 9th & 10th at 9am! The 1/2 price tag sale is on Sunday from 10am to 3pm and I hope all of you will have a chance to shop this awesome event!

Thanks again to Heidi with JBF for providing the winner with the $25 gift certificate and 2 pre-sale passes!