Welcome to Fabule$$ly Frugal Mom!

My name is Samantha and I am the proud mama to my beautiful 5 year old daughter, Naomi Grace and my handsome 2 year old boy, Mason James. My husband, James, and I live in Washington State near Seattle and I am always watching out for amazing bargains, fun projects and ways to earn a little extra money! I am also a part time photographer and love capturing life's special moments for not only myself but other families as well!

I'm a Mama, Photographer, Thrifter/Treasure Hunter, Couponer and I am always looking out for the next great thing!

I have always been a bargain shopper but my couponing obsession started in April of 2009 when I watched a mom on the news pay $5 out of pocket for $100 worth of groceries! Back then I was a new SAHM and had a lot of time on my hands to learn the ropes and get my feet wet. I found some deal blogs, did a lot of reading and started collecting coupons.

I remember a time when I thought that you couldn't even use a coupon in conjunction with a sale! Oh boy was I wrong! I learned that not only can you use coupons with sales, often times you can stack them with other coupons too and get items for FREE! The first time I walked out of Safeway with a cart full of groceries that I saved 85% on, my husband looked at me as we left the store and said, "I feel like we just stole something!" I told him, "Nope! But it feels good right?!" The money we now save on our weekly groceries has paid for little trips and extra goodies that we might not normally have gotten before. I can't tell you how good it feels to walk out of a store and actually have MADE money! Yes, it's possible!

I also started discovering ways to make money online by reselling items I come across and other various outlets like searching the internet and getting money back in my pocket for shopping online!

I started this blog in August 2009 to share amazing deals, freebies, projects and fun stuff with friends, family and anyone looking to save big! So look around, feel free to ask questions and leave comments, I LOVE comments!

Happy Saving!