Friday, November 8, 2013

Buenos Dias!

Well we are back from our Mexican vacation! (Actually we have been back for a week now but I have had zero motivation!)

It was overall a great trip with the exception of only a couple of things: Mason fell out of bed the 1st morning face first onto the marble flooring and bunged up his face pretty good and then 2 days before we were supposed to leave I popped a tendon in my foot that made it super painful to walk and was limping around the last two days. Other than that - wonderful trip!

We went on a snorkeling trip that also included a trip in a submarine! That is from the silly picture above it was really neat to get to see the ocean floor from that angle and the guides taught Naomi how to snorkel and she LOVED it! We also swam with the dolphins (Bucket List Item for me!) relaxed at the pool, had some fun spa time and day trips and James even got to race an Audi R8 around a track! While wonderful, traveling with small children is also exhausting and my kiddos decided to make it a particularly rough trip on us so I have spent this last week trying to recuperate and get back into a normal routine!

I still had 4 photo sessions to get edited when I got home which took priority over online selling this week. I have finally finished up all the sessions and now have 5 more this weekend! I am hoping tonight I can get some of my holiday items listed for sale so that next week while I'm an editing fool again I can move some inventory as well.

I ended all my listings and put my Etsy shop on vacation while we were gone so I didn't have to worry or bother with anything while we were away so when we got home last weekend the first thing I did was relist a bunch of items and luckily had 3 sales that day but since then - nothing! Ebay is SO weird sometimes.

I have already had some Christmas sales this year, since I don't have much else to report on I'll show you those items and wish you all luck with the upcoming holiday season; may you all have good sales and great memories with your families!

I always pick up vintage knee hugger elves when I see them with the popularity of "Elf on the Shelf" growing people are looking to remember their pasts. I remember my grandma having these cuties out at Christmas! I picked this one up for a quarter at a yard sale and sold him for $10 + shipping in my Etsy shop within just a couple of days. *Remember* if you have one of these and list it to sell, do not use the Elf on the Shelf unless it is one of the trademarked elves because it is copyright infringement. Knee-Hugger Elf or Pixie is the best thing to call it!

Remember our trip to Seaside last March? I got several great inventory items on that trip including a Pendleton blanket and a vintage Federal Post Office mug. This is my last item from that trip and I was hanging onto it for the holiday season. I got him for $.50 and he sold for $24.99 - shipping on eBay in my big re-listing group on Sunday last week!
Now is the time for holiday items, it gets earlier every year and people are already looking!

This isn't a holiday item but I also sold another lovey that day. I think I grabbed him for $1 at Value Village and he sold for $17 with free shipping. Easy to Store, Easy to List, Easy and Cheap to Ship - Loveys are a Win Win Win!

Happy Selling!