Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sell Sell Sell!

Sorry its been a while! I have been busy doing a LOT of buying, wish that meant more selling but hey I can't complain too much. I may have to go on a thrift fast soon until I sell some stuff, but I've had quite a few sales so far this month, and I seem to have gone to garage sale heaven almost every week. There are several items I have listed right now that I am anxious to see if they'll sell and I have a TON more to list but not until next week since I'll be gone and don't want to sell anything while I'm out of town and unable to ship it right away!

Here are a few of my recent sales that are noteworthy!

 Talking/Singing Quincy Doll from Little Einsteins. Paid $1.99 in a baggie lot at Value Village, sold the next day for $24.99 - shipping.

 Pottery Barn Kids Alphabet Flash Cards - Paid $1.50 at a yard sale, sold for $14.99 + shipping.

 New with Tags Grumpy Bear Care Bear - Paid $.50, sold for $18.99 - shipping.

Lilo & Stitch play set from Disney Store - paid $5 off Craigslist, sold for $25.99 - shipping, went to Hawaii!

I also sold some more vintage Scrabble tiles to Australia and 3 more pairs of Keens although one of the pairs got returned for "uneven wear on the soles" - used shoes people, used shoes! Always include a photo of the soles in your shoe listings, actually include every angle. Of the 12 pairs I have sold this season, only 1 came back and I am completely confident that they will turn around and sell again right away.

I have also had a couple of good sales on my Facebook group, I bought a pair of Paige jeans for $10 and sold them the next day for $30! Sizing & price is everything with jeans, that's a whole other post for another time but reselling jeans is how I got my start on eBay!

How have you done lately??