Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheap Halloween Candy! $1 off 1 Nestle Candy Coupon!

Go HERE now to print off:

$1 off 1 Nestle Candy (11.5 oz. +)

$1 off 1 Wonka Candy (11.5 oz. +)

You should be able to print 2 of each coupon and get a good discount on some Halloween candy!
Save these coupons to use on clearance priced candy AFTER Halloween and maybe even get it for free!

Monday, September 28, 2009

$1 Off Coupon for Peet's

GO HERE to print off your coupon for $1.00 the purchase of a beverage and a baked good at Peet's Coffee. Coupon is only valid Tuesday and Wednesday of this week so head out and treat yourself to a warm fall beverage!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Albertsons 3-Day Sale! Doubler Ideas

Happy Friday!

Albertsons is running a 3-Day Sale this weekend starting today (Friday 9/25) and lasting through Sunday. (9/27)

Dannon Light & Fit $.39
Avocados $.79 each
Albertsons Brand Canned Veggies or Tomatoes $.49 each (limit 8)

Here are a couple of scenarios for your doubler coupons that were in this week's ad:
(Note: most stores have extra ads up by the registers. You can only use 3 doublers per transaction but some cashiers will let you do multiple transactions at once, or do what I do and take your husband shopping with you to do a 2nd transaction! Just make sure he doesn't add a bunch of random things to your cart to up your bill!)

Campbell's Soup at Hand - 10 for $10.00
Use $.50/1 from the 8/30 Smart Source insert
Use 1 doubler ($.50)
Final Price: FREE!!

Bagel Bites $1.99
Use $1.00/1 HERE
Use 1 Doubler ($1.00)
Final Price: FREE!

There is also a big Kellogg's promotion going on this week where if you buy 10 you save $10 instantly. The Krazy Coupon Lady has some great coupon match-ups for this promo HERE where you can get some very cheap cereal and/or bars! Plus, most of these items qualify for the Kellogg's Fuel for School promotion (buy 10 in a single transaction, receive a $10 rebate by mail.) Go HERE for details on this promo.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hello Everyone! First off let me apologize for my long delay in posting, I got a nasty cold during vacation and have not been feeling up to anything the past 2 days! Our vacation to Las Vegas was WONDERFUL!! We did a ton and for pretty cheap too! We are not big on gambling because we hate losing our hard earned money just like that but we actually came home with more in our wallet then when we left thanks to a few high paying slot machines!! We didn't eat out at fancy restaurants and only saw one show that we got pretty cheap tickets for. Ok, back the deals!! Rite Aid this week has a Huggies deal that you cannot pass up if you have a kid in diapers! It takes quite a few coupons, and a good deal of effort but trust me, for diapers that are $2.33 per pack it is worth it!

Buy 3 Packs of Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers = $11.00 each
Subtotal: $33.00
Use the following coupons in this order:
- $5 off $25 coupon HERE
- (1) $2.00 off coupon from Rite Aid HERE (have to sign up & watch a video ad first to get the coupon)
- (3) $3.00 off coupons from SmartSource HERE (you will need access to 2 computers to print 3)
Total Out of Pocket: $17.00
Keep your receipt and go online to Rite Aid's rebate site HERE and register for their program. Enter your receipt information and submit for rebate #4 ($10.00) You will receive a Rite Aid check in the mail for the $10.00 good on your next purchase at any Rite Aid.
TOTAL: $7.00 for 3 packs of diapers!!

My daughter wears a size 4, there are 23 diapers per pack which works out to be $0.10/diaper! I consider it a hot deal when I can get Huggies or Pampers for under $0.20/diaper.

**If you have access to 2 more computers you could print 2 more of the $2 video coupons for an additional $4 off if your store allows you to use all 3. It says on the coupon limit one per customer, but I have heard some people had success using all 3 though so it might be worth a shot. Quite a bit of extra time to watch the videos and register 3 email addresses, but it would make the diapers only $1.00 per pack!

Thanks to Frugal Chic Living!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Posts This Weekend - Traveling!

I just wanted to post and let you know that I probably won't be posting this weekend. My husband and I are taking a "just the two of us" trip to Las Vegas starting today! We'll be back on Sunday night and if I do have internet access at the hotel then I might do some posting if a great deal comes my way, but until then, have a lovely weekend!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Safeway, Albertsons and Target Deals: Week of 9/16-9/22

There are quite a few great deals at the grocery stores this week and Target has a whole bunch of freebies as well. Rather than re-typing and posting the same things, here are a few links to the coupon match-ups for my favorite stores.

-Target Deals and Freebies from Stretching A Buck: Click HERE

-Safeway Deals from The Good Deal Gal: Click HERE

-Albertsons Deals from The Krazy Coupon Lady: Click HERE

Need to stock up on Tomato or Chicken Noodle soup? Campbell's is running a great unadvertised Catalina deal where you can get 30 cans of soup for about $.20 each! Check out the low-down on this deal HERE. Even if you don't have enough of the $.40/4 coupons from the paper last weekend that they talk about in the post, it is still a great deal! Thanks Frugal Living NW!

HOT!! $3/1 Sara Lee Deli Meat!!

CLICK HERE to print your 2 copies of this high value coupon! This probably won't last long so hurry! Save these coupons for a sale to get some free or very cheap deli-meat!

Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WALGREENS This Week: Free 4x6 Film Developing Wed 9/16!

Got a roll of 4x6 film laying around needing to be developed? I know I do! Head to your nearest Walgreens tomorrow (9/16) and get it developed for free!! Limit 1 roll per household.

Walgreens also has a bunch of "FREE" or almost-free items this week too, such as: Free Vitamins, Nail Polish, Listerine, Etc!! Head HERE to check out some postings from Deal Seeking Mom's blog of the great deals this week at Walgreens!

HURRY!! HOT $5 off 1 LUV's Coupon!!

UPDATE: I guess this is a coupon that will be mailed to you, not a printable coupon.
GO HERE NOW! Supplies limited and coupons like these do not last long so get yours now! This will make for some VERY cheap diapers! I haven't personally tried Luv's yet, but I think now might be a good time to buy a pack!

Thanks Money Saving Mom!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 Ways to Save Big Money

With times being tough and all, saving money wherever possible (whether its a few cents or $100) is worth it. Here are my top 10 suggestions for saving money. These are probably things you all have heard of before and may or may not already do, but think about trying just one or two more of them and watch the savings start to add up.

1. Cut the Starbucks Addiction - I too was once a Starbucks junkie, and while those lattes are oh so tasty and comforting, they are also oh-so-expensive! It was hard to cut it out but when I realized how much we were actually saving each week by not going it was astonishing! I am not asking you to quit drinking coffee all together, you can make your own coffee at home for a fraction of the cost. We buy flavored coffee creamer to add to our home brewed coffee and I have actually come to prefer this over Starbucks in the mornings.

It really does add up: 1 grande Starbucks mocha = $4.16 with tax. Multiply that x 5 (mon-fri) = $20.80/week. Multiply that x 4 (weeks per month) - $83.22. Multiply that x 12 (months per year) = $998.40! Ok now, if you and your spouse have the same addiction (just like we did) multiply that x 2 = $1996.80/year just on 32 oz of milk, coffee and flavoring 5 times a week! YIKES!! Plus we usually went on the weekends too! We do still go out for coffee every now and then but it isn't every day anymore and we have seen a huge savings from this.

2. Drink Water & Bottle Your Own - Here in Washington we are lucky enough to have some of the cleanest tap water in the nation. Cut out buying bottles of water and just fill a re-usable one every day. Not only is this environmentally sound, it's wallet-friendly too.
Also, try and drink water instead of juice or soda. Juice is loaded with sugar and even diet soda is loaded with salt, so your health will likely benefit as well.

3. Go to the Library - Instead of rushing out to the bookstore to buy that newly released book for $25, rush to your local library instead. The library probably got a couple of copies too and you can borrow theirs for free. You can also borrow DVD's from the library for free and you get to keep them for a week, so you can stop heading to the video rental store too!

4. Rent Videos Online or from Redbox - If you are a family that likes to watch movies a lot, like us, it isn't very practical to spend $3/night for one movie at Blockbuster. You can head to any Redbox location and rent movies for $1/night. Netflix is a great option as well. It has a monthly fee but if you watch enough movies it is totally worth it and they have a lot of movies you can watch online as well.

5. Invest in an Entertainment Book - These books are worth the investment if you live in a city or suburb. The cost totally pays for itself over and over with the coupons inside. Our family eats out a lot and this was a way for us to eat out at 1/2 the cost plus try out new restaurants we wouldn't have normally tried before. There are also great coupons for discount movie tickets, retail stores and grocery store coupons! I bought my 2009 book pretty late in the spring so it was 1/2 off the normal cost + free shipping. With all the coupons we have used we have saved well over $100!!

I also trade coupons with other book holders via craigslist. There are several coupons in the book for places we probably would not go to so I put up an ad on craigslist to trade coupons for ones we would use!

6. Get Rid of the Land Line - Do you use your cell phone more than you use your land line? Ditch the land-line and use your cell as your primary phone line. This can save you quite a bit of money per month. Or if you can't do that, call your cable provider and ask what kind of packages they can offer that bundle your cable, internet and phone for one bill per month. Our provider actually gives us the land-line for free as part of our package. Since this is only on a special for 1 year we will call them and cancel the line as soon as the special ends so we don't have to pay the monthly fee.
Another option is to cut the cable all together and watch your favorite shows online. Most networks have their primetime shows loaded onto their websites and you can watch them for free. This is not something we will do in our household unless times were to get really tough, but it is always an option.

7. Brown Bag Your Lunches - Eating lunch out costs anywhere from $5-$10 each day. If you bring a sandwich or dinner leftovers from home for lunch just 2-3 days per week you will see a substantial amount of savings over the course of a year.

8. Walk instead of Drive - With gas prices skyrocketing it will save you money to walk or take the bus whenever possible. I am fortunate enough to live pretty close to the grocery store so when I don't have a lot to buy I will pack my daughter into the stroller and walk there. I can load the groceries into the stroller and then walk home loaded to the brim! There is a very large hill on the way home but I just see it as a way to get in a good workout. This way I don't need to pay for a gym membership either, which also saves over $30/month.

9. Dye Your Thumb Green! - Having a small garden is an excellent way to cut money on produce year round. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables and freeze what you can't use for the winter months. Don't have room for a garden? I would love to have a larger area in my yard for a garden, but alas, I don't, so I have a couple of planters on our patio where I grow tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, basil and garlic. It isn't much, but remember, every little bit helps! Buying a tomato start at the home store for $1.99 is better than spending $2.99/lb at the grocery store.

10. Price Check and Avoid Impulse Buying - When you have a large purchase to make, do some online research before running to your nearest department store to buy it. Find out where you can buy the same product for the cheapest price. A lot of the time you can find online coupon codes and sales that make big purchases cheaper to buy online, even with shipping costs. One of my favorite websites is it searches the internet for you and tells you where you can find the best price online. Also, have you considered possibly buying the item used? My husband and I are big fans of craigslist. I think the best purchase we have made from there is our couch. We found this couch at Costco and loved it but didn't know if we could afford it. We happened to check craigslist and got really lucky. A guy had bought the same couch at Costco, brought it home but it didn't fit in his living room. I am not sure why he didn't just take the couch back to Costco but we bought it from him for $60 cheaper and didn't have to pay sales tax either.

Alternatively, ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" or "I need this, but do I really need it today?" Maybe you can hold off on buying it for one week or one month, or maybe even one year. With all the money you are saving, you probably will be able to afford it in a few months or you may decide after living without it that it actually isn't something you really do need.

Was this post helpful to you? What are some of your money saving tips? Leave a comment!

Get Your Sunday Paper! 5 Coupon Inserts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow would be a great day for you to build up your coupon collection! There will be up to 5 coupon inserts in the paper this week!

Head over to The Krazy Coupon Lady's post HERE to see a list of all the coupons! I better get my coupon stack in order today to gear up for clipping tomorrow!

Thursday, September 10, 2009 e-Newsletter

Another great e-newsletter you can sign up for is They very often have awesome sales on magazines and send out coupon codes in their e-newsletters as well.

PLUS, every few months they send you a $5 gift card good on any subscription OR you can redeem it for cash! Yep, just follow their instructions in the fine print and you will receive a check in the mail! I signed up a couple of months ago and just this afternoon got my first $5 gift card email. I filled out the little form and will await my $5 check, only because I really don't need any more magazines at the moment!

Go sign up HERE now and get in on the next gift card deal! (The email sign up is in a box on the bottom left corner.)

Printable Coupon Round-Up

Don't forget to push your browser's back button to print the coupons twice!

- BOGO Free Coupon for Boost Kid Essentials Drinks. Print HERE. Pair these with a Target coupon and get them very cheap!

- $1 off 1 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies. Print HERE. Pair with a sale and get them free or almost free!

- $1 off 1 Betty Crocker Potatoes. Print HERE. Same as above, free or almost free with sales!

- Plus, don't forget about the $2 off Healthy Choice Entrees coupon HERE. These are on sale at Safeway this week for $1.99 each when you buy 5. Print 2 of each coupon and then use a separate computer to print another one and get 5 meals for FREE!! Even if you don't have a 2nd computer to print coupons on $2 for 5 meals is still an excellent deal!

Frugal Chic Living
confirmed that there will be 3 Doubler's in this Sunday's paper for Albertsons!! (Thanks!)

- Coffee-Mate Creamer
($1.00 off 1) HERE
On sale for $2.50 each - use this coupon + doubler to get a 32 oz. bottle for $0.50!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Savings Through E-Coupons

Are you bad about forgetting your coupons on the kitchen counter when you go to the store? I do this all the time and it is SO frustrating!!
E-Coupons are kind of new in the coupon world, but they are a great new resource for savings. You can log-on, register your store savings cards and then load coupons onto them. Those coupons are stored on your card and then when you buy the item the coupon comes right off the total, no paper coupon needed!

E-Coupons for your Safeway card:

The best part about this? You are able to use a paper coupon and the e-coupon on the same item! I am not sure why this is because they are both manufacturer coupons but for the time being the registers allow the paper coupons to be used along with the e-coupons.

Save Money for College (more e-coupons)!


Save money for college for you or your child or anyone you choose with Upromise! This is a GREAT company to sign up for because it is totally free. Basically you earn money on your purchases when shopping online, eating at restaurants, buying gas, travel, real estate and groceries. Its awesome! You can also load e-coupons onto almost all of your grocery savings cards and the money you save with the e-coupon is deposited into your Upromise account. I have only been a member since May and have already saved over $70 for Naomi's college fund! Go to and sign up today.

Safeway & Albertsons Deals of the Week

The Good Deal Gal has done a FABULE$$ jobe of putting together a list of sales and coupon match-ups for both Safeway and Albertsons on her blog this week!

From the looks of it I will be hitting up Albertsons for some Old El Paso enchilada sauce today so I can make my yummy tortilla soup recipe and then Safeway has some pretty good prices on the rest of my groceries for the week. I do recommend menu planning for life on a budget. It helps to take away some of the excess spending with last minute trips to the grocery store and just throwing in the towel and getting take out! (We have struggled lots with this in the past!)

**Oh and I got my free Fiber One samples and coupons in the mail yesterday, just in time for the Target sale going on this week! I went last night and scored 1 box of bars, 1 box of pancake mix, 1 box of muffin mix and 1 box of toaster pastries for only $0.51 per box after the $5 gift card I got for buying 5! That is a steal for Fiber One products!!

Thanks so much to The Good Deal Gal for posting the great deals this week! 90% Off Sale!!! is a great resource for finding savings when going out to eat! You type in your zip code and then it comes up with participating restaurants in your area. You can usually purchase $25 gift certificates for $10, but from now until 9/13 you can get these $25 gift certificates for just $1!!

Note that most of these certificates do require a minimum $35 purchase prior to using the gift certificate but this is still an excellent deal! My husband and I will be traveling to Las Vegas in just over a week so I think I will go find a couple of restaurants down there and order a couple of certificates for them! Its a great way to save money when on vacation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Budget Update: What I Spent Last Week

The first week of a new plan or project is always a little trying! This past week I decided to start using the envelope system for my family's grocery budget and it went "ok". By ok, I mean that I did only spend about $40 on our groceries for the week, but we also ended up eating out a lot last week.

Here is what I spent:
Whole Foods - $23.80 (Produce, Earth's Best kid food, Pirate Booty!)
Safeway - $2.96 (Kashi Cereal & a Bounce Dryer Bar)
Albertsons - $3.49 (basic grocery needs)
First Fruits, Wenatchee - $11.00 (Peaches for Naomi and 2 Fresh Peach Shakes!)

Total: $41.25 ($1.25 Overbudget) Plus, we ate out a few times and went to the state fair, which means it was kind of a bank busting kind of week.

For a family that has NEVER used a budget for groceries before it went pretty well, but I am still trying to figure out a way for us to both eat out less and spend less on eating in and out! I am going to keep the envelope system going and see if I can hammer it out somehow. I have also challenged my husband and I to eat in for the entire week. I'll update you next week to let you know how it went!

Feel free to comment with how you did this past week!

Monday, September 7, 2009

HURRY!! $2 off any Healthy Choice Entree!

GO HERE NOW! These coupons went really fast last month. Target has a few of their Healthy Choice frozen entrees priced at $2.14! I also noticed they were on sale at Albertsons a few weeks ago for under $2.50 each. Definitely print this coupon! *Also, make sure you press your browser's back button to print the coupon twice.

HOT Fiber One Deals @ Target This Week!

Target has a great promotion happening this week! Buy 5 Fiber One products and receive a $5 Target gift card! The promotion includes their cereal, chewy bars, muffin mix and toaster pastries!

There were quite a few coupons for Fiber One products a few weeks back in the Sunday paper and there are a lot of printable options out right now too. Head on over to The Krazy Coupon Lady's blog HERE and check out her complete list of printable coupons + a bunch of possible scenarios for you to get these things for very cheap, free or even make some money on them!!

**Also a quick note, if you are going to take part in this promotion, the best way to get your money's worth out of the gift card deal is to break your purchase up into two transactions. Buy your Fiber One products first to get the $5 gift card and then do a separate transaction for your other purchases and use the gift card to pay for them. Yes, you are allowed to do this! I usually take my husband with me when I am getting a deal like this and just have him do the 2nd transaction, then I just hand him the gift card I received.

Hurry!! FREE 2010 Wildlife Calendar!

GO HERE by September 15th to sign up for a free 2010 Wildlife Forever calendar! Don't need one for yourself? Maybe this would be a great Christmas gift! If you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, now is a great time to start! Buying things you will give as gifts when they are on sale early is a great way to get around breaking your bank in November and December!

Thanks for the link Money Saving Mom!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Celebrating the End of Summer!

Hello All!

Just a quick post to let you all know that we will be out of town this weekend to celebrate the end of summer with our family in Leavenworth. I will have access to the internet but please forgive me if I am not as quick with posting! I do still plan to give you all a budget update on Sunday as well!

I hope you all enjoy this last long weekend before fall!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Printable Coupons

On the 1st of every month updates with new coupons. Remember the print limit on these coupons is two times.

Here are the best ones I can see: (Coupons vary by region, sometimes they are not available everywhere.)

$1.50 off ANY package of Huggies Diapers

$1.00/1 Kellogg's Cinnabon Bars - Available for under $2.00/box at most Wal-Marts and Targets! SO yummy!

$.80/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt (Freeze these to make them into a yogurt popsicle!)

$1.00/1 Starbucks Ice Cream Pint

$10.00/1 Leapster 2 Learning System

$5.00/1 Leapster Learning Game

Free Sample of Fiber One + Coupons!

GO HERE to sign up for your FREE Fiber One cereal sample and a FREE full size Oats & Chocolate Bar! Plus, you will also receive $5 worth of Fiber One coupons!

Personally, I LOVE anything that is Fiber One! Their products actually do taste delicious and not super grainy like other fiber products I've tried in the past. Here is a perfect opportunity to try it if you you haven't before!

New To Couponing? How To: Part 2

So now that we have learned where to find coupons, lets learn how to use them to maximize our grocery savings!

Step 1: Know the Rules
You are able to use ONE manufacturer coupon per item. Read the coupon thoroughly before using it and know the requirements of it (size of box, quantity). For example, I have gone through a store and gathered a bunch of items for a sale and have my coupons at the ready only to get to the register and realize that one of my coupons was for $1.00 off TWO of that item, not one! Whoops! So read the coupon's rules and go through your coupons every week or so to discard the expired ones.

Step 2: Stacking Coupons
Most stores have a coupon policy that will allow you to "stack" coupons. This means that you can use your manufacturer coupon and use a store coupon for each item. For example, at they have several coupons that are good only at their stores so if you see Target has a coupon for $1.00 off a product and you have a manufacturer coupon for $.50 off that same item, you can use both coupons and get $1.50 off. This can get even better if you hold on to those two coupons for a while (unless they expire soon) and wait to see if a sale for the same item comes up. *Helpful Hint* It is a good idea to print off a copy of your store's coupon policy and take it to the store with you. You will inevitably get a cashier that does not know the policy and will tell you you can't use both coupons.

Step 3: Know where to Shop
The best advice I can give is to go to multiple stores for your groceries each week. Prices vary by store and a lot of the time if you buy a $2.00 item with a .50 off coupon at one store you may end up getting it for $1.50, but maybe that item is .50 cheaper at a different store and you could have gotten it for $1.00. And maybe that store has a store coupon or doubler available which would make the item only .50! Make a mental (or literal) note of the items you buy most often and how much they cost at different stores, that way when there is a sale or you have a great coupon you can maximize those savings!

However, it is also important to maximize your time. If a store has a great sale going and it is a 30 min. drive away think about the value of that sale. What will you be buying? How much will you be saving? Is it really worth it? If you are going to be buying a bunch of things you use a lot at a super discounted rate then the sale is probably worth the drive. However, if you are only going to save a little (for example, a few cans of free soup) then is it really worth the 1 hour of driving and time spent away from your family for a little free soup? Probably not.

Step 5: Build up a Stockpile
One of the best money-saving strategies is stockpiling. If you come across a great sale on basic necessities, stock up on it! For example, if a cereal your family loves ends up being free or $.50/box, buy 5! That way when you need it you don't end up running to the store and paying full price for it. The things I stock up on are cereal, condiments, soups, and anything I go through a lot of.

Alternatively, when I find a great deal on items that are free but I don't use a lot of, I share the bounty. I recently was able to get 10 free bottles of BBQ sauce at Albertsons. Since our family does not use a lot of BBQ sauce, I kept 3 for us, then gave the rest away to my neighbors. You can also donate items to shelters and help out others in need by not breaking your own bank. Shelters and donation centers are always in need of food for the needy and this is a wonderful way to give back. If you find a deal on free pet food but don't have any pets of your own, go "buy" it and donate it to an animal shelter.

Stay Tuned! In Part 3 of this series, I am going to go over how to play the drugstore game and teach you how to pay little to nothing on your basic toiletry necessities!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's Talk About Swagbucks!

Search & Win

Have you heard of Swagbucks yet? Basically it pays you to search the internet! Yes - you get paid in gifts and prizes for doing something you already do!

Swagbucks is powered by and and every time you do a search through Swagbucks you have the chance of winning "Swag Bucks". Set it as your homepage and use it for your searches. As you accumulate Swagbucks you can earn different rewards and prizes, for example: 45 Swagbucks will earn you a $5 e-gift card!

But it gets even better! You can also earn swagbucks through friend referrals, shopping, and bonus codes!

Swagbucks just released their new toolbar today that works with IE, Firefox and Safari! Through this toolbar Swagbucks is going to be sending out 1 code per day through the month of September! That means a minimum of 30 Swagbucks this month for you! PLUS, when you sign up you get 3 SB just for signing up, and its always totally FREE!

Just as an example, since I joined in May of this year I have earned over 300 Swag Bucks and have redeemed them for a $10 Starbucks gift card, a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card and $25 in gift cards!

GO HERE to sign up today and start earning free gifts!

FREE Bottle of Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce

Go Here to request your free bottle of Country Bob's All-Purpose Sauce! I haven't personally tried this sauce before but when is a better time other than when its free?!