Friday, March 22, 2013


Well I know it's been a couple of weeks since I last posted but there really haven't been many post-worthy things happening! I feel like I'm in an eBay slump big time. Whats funny is that I have more listings up than I have ever had but NO ONE wants my stuff! I'm not hardly even getting views!

Here's a little of what we've been up to lately!

We spent a week at the beach for an early spring break! The timing was right so we decided on a last minute-week long treck to Seaside, Oregon. LOVE it there, we've been almost every year for a few days here and there but never spent a whole week so we had lots of fun! The weather was typical pacific northwest rain for most of those days but we still enjoyed the pool, the little aquarium, day trips and yes, lots of antiquing and thrifting!

While out for the day in Tillamook we stopped at the cheese factory for some "squeeky cheese" delicious-ness and on our way back we stopped at a little vintage shop so I could run in and check it out "real quick". Here was the one thing I bought at that shop:

 It's a brand new Pendleton stadium blanket! Has the original tag attached and everything, the only thing this baby is missing is the stadium pad for your booty. I listed it high in my Etsy shop with the hopes that someone will be looking for just this and scoop it up. I paid $28 (tax free Oregon!) for the blanket which is high since it was an antique shop but worth it and I will be able to more than double my money on it... hopefully...

When we got home last weekend there was a JBF sale happening! I usually sell at this particular sale but I just wasn't prepared this spring so I'm only signed up for one sale later next month. I still had to hit up the 1/2 price tag day at last weekend's sale and I'm really glad I did!

We ended up with an entire garbage bag full of loot for $53! I got at least 8 outfits and swim suits for both kids and then 9+ items to re-sell.

One of those items has already sold and made me 1/2 my investment back!

Kipper the dog has always been on my BOLO list but I've never found one; he's pretty rare. This guy was one of the small ones (the large ones, wow, to the bank!) at about 12 inches tall and he is SUPER soft. He doesn't do anything except it says Kipper on his tush tag. Just a plush... I paid an expensive $5 for him but I knew right away that he would sell for more than that.

He sold less than 30 min after listing him for $39.99 - shipping! This was definitely a "Doh!" moment because I proably could have gotten $50 for him... oh well... still happy with this sale because everything else has been SLOW this month.

I also picked up a few other great items recently, I'm hoping they sell quickly and I will blog about 'em! Today I took a big risk at Value Village on someone's entire collection of vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls and pets. I ended up with about 16 dolls in all plus accessories and I'm hoping to make a good chunk of change on them... then again my re-sell radar has been pretty off lately so who knows what will happen! I'll be sure to keep you all posted. Have a great weekend!