Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just a little note to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This has truely been a wonderful year for us with many wonderful memories and times together.

I myself am holding both of my babies a lot tighter this Christmas and I feel so incredibly blessed to have them in my life. I tear up every time I think about what the families of those 20 little children are having to go through this year, and will continue to have to go through the rest of their lives, it breaks my heart. Make sure to tell everyone you love that you love them even if you feel you can't or don't know how, its so important.

I'm taking a selling break for the rest of the year and will start listing again in 2013! I was so happy to unload some old inventory the last 2 months; things that have been sitting around forever! I sold approximately 10+ mugs; lots of plush & toys and I even went through and auctioned off a bunch of items that didn't seem to want to sell and it worked out great! Hope your Christmas rush was beneficial as well!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Crazies!

What is it about Christmas that makes parents go out of their minds and pay insane amounts of money for toys for their kids? Not that I'm complaining or anything I guess I just don't get it!

A few weeks ago we took my oldest to the Disney Store so she could look around and see if there was anything she wanted to ask Santa for this year. She had just seen the new movie Brave the night before so naturally she gravitated toward those toys and had 3 things that she's been talking about asking Santa for ever since, one of which was an archery set just like Merida's.

Well how would I know that we should have bought it that day and snuck it home because after Thanksgiving those archery sets were hard to come by! They were sold out online and in the stores and of course, on ebay they were going for twice as much as they were worth! Me being the natural cheapskate I am, did not panic and spend more than I should have on a cheap plastic bow and arrow, nor did I cheap out and buy the $6 competition on Amazon. I was patient and calm and kept checking the site to see if they would come back into stock.

Lucky for me, last night we went to the Disney Store again and the clerk told us they were still sold out but that they may or may not be coming in the next day. Well I hoped on the interwebs last night and voila, the archery set was back in stock on the site for the $19.50 price! I bought it and used the free shipping code the store clerk gave me and its on the way, NOT for double the price!

Here's a 2nd scenario for you; one that paid for that archery set + more!

I bought the above used Woody & Jessie dolls about a month ago for $12 off my Facebook group. Had to jump on it too because there were 3 other buyers behind me! I waited til last week to list them because now is the time for Character toys; Christmas!

I checked the completeds on Woody & Jessie together and they were pretty great so I decided to auction them starting at $19.99 knowing the cheap price would attract more watchers. I immediately started getting bids and by day 3 there were over 20 watchers and the bid was at $26!

Side note: These are the Disney Store brand Woody & Jessie. In the store right now you can purchase these dolls for $20 each. At Toys R Us and other stores the Toy Story dolls cost twice that and they say and do a little more but they are pretty similar overall.

Well, I was shocked when the auction ended yesterday at SIXTY-SIX DOLLARS! I was offering free Priority shipping which wasn't too much at $7.49. I can't believe these guys sold for more than they are worth at the store brand new and these ones are used! This is why Christmas is such a great time for toys (and mugs apparently, I have sold a bunch of mugs lately too) so I'm glad I held onto these instead of listing them right away. They paid for all of my daughter's gifts from Santa this year, literally too because I paid with Paypal on the Disney site, so I'm very happy!