Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye July!

I cannot believe that today is the last day of July! Summer seems to be going by so quick this year and I'm sad we only have a month to go. It's been so nice actually having decent weather this year too. Last year summer only lasted about 2 weeks in total weather-wise but this year so far has been wonderful!

Sales this last week of July weren't too shabby, they were consisant and only had 2 or 3 days without a sale. I also had a couple of small sales on Facebook, everything helps!

Finally one of my Stitch plush sold! Too bad it wasn't the backpack. I did get a low offer on the backpack but I'm holding out for more, after 30 days we'll see if we lower it. This guy cost me $2 at a yard sale and he sold for $11 (eh...) plus $18 shipping to Australia!

 I accepted a lower offer of $29.99 on this Toyko Starbucks mug and the buyer was from Austria so he paid for the extra shipping too. Hope it makes it there safely, I always get nervous shipping breakables overseas.

I've had this Tommy Bahama shirt for a while but never got around to listing it. Glad I finally did as it sold for $24! Note about Tommy Bahama, watch for fakes, TB is faked a lot. The quality in the sewing on these shirts is wonderful (hence the high retail prices) and you'll notice with genuine TB shirts that the design matches up with the button line. Other knockoffs will have mismatched seams on the front so if you see a Tommy Bahama at the Goodwill, hold it up, if the flower or leaves in the design are not matched up on the button line, put it back!

I bought little miss Hello Kitty on an impulse for $2 because she was "Tan" - if she'd have been the Build a Bear version she'd have fetched me $40, but $14.99 isn't too shabby for a small plush!

And finally, back to school shopping is in full swing right now! If you have any backpacks or new with tag kids fall clothes, get them listed this week! Make sure you add "Back to School" in your description too, it will help! I bought this Jansport on Thursday for $6 and sold it on Sunday for $23!

Unless I make any more sales tonight (not likely since I never sell more than one thing a day it seems!) that's it for July. Not a bad month profit-wise but I'm hoping for a stellar fall this year!

I want so badly to get some more things listed but we are leaving on a vacation/road trip next week for 12 days so I'm going to resist, with the exception of maybe the Little Einsteins backpack I found yesterday since its a backpack! August is a busy month for us and we are going to soak up every bit of summer we can get!

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