Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Plush Rush

Much like my mug obsession and collecting problem, I also do the same thing with plush. Mostly I hoard characters and others that I know do well and I have done great with plush in the past but lately I felt that I was still buying but none was selling. Last month was the mug month and I guess this month has been plush month. I complained to my husband last week that I was not buying any more plush until some of the ones I had got sold; over the course of the last week I've sold 5, not bad!

I love plush because they are cheap to buy, have a great sell through rate if you get the right ones and they ship pretty cheaply because they are lightweight. However, they take up a lot of storage space! I still have a whole lotta plush to unload but I can't complain about my sales at all!

Classic Pooh items tend to do well. This one still had the tags on it but had a small stain on the bee's wing otherwise he'd have sold for more. Bought him for $.99 at Value Village, sold for $12.99 with free 1st class shipping.

This is a vintage Simon plush from the early 80's, I got him and Alvin for $.50 each at the S.A. a few weeks ago. Alvin is in a bit worse condition so I haven't gotten around to listing him yet. Sold for $11 with free 1st class shipping.

I bought this cool Dory on the same day at the S.A. for $.50 also. It was a "Manager's Out to Lunch Sale" and the whole store was 50% off for 2 hours, love happening upon those kinds of sales! Paid 50 cents, sold for $26.99 + Shipping to Canada!
Some Nemo characters do much better than others and I almost never pass up Disney Store Exclusive items because they only run for a limited time and then you can't get them anymore.

Carters Musical Giraffe - plays music and bobs head - I haven't really jumped on the baby lovey band wagon until now. This guy sold for $25 with free shipping, I'll probably look them up at the store before I buy them to make sure but any super soft "Lovie" blankets and baby stuffed animals do really well.  I was looking up my son's favorite bunny the other day just to see if I could find one incase he ever looses him - the only one listed is for $30! Not going to buy him but I'll keep an eye out for others that's for sure!
The other plush sale I had was for a Build a Bear rabbit for $15 with free shipping that I've had for about a year; he sold the 1st day! I bought him with a big lot of BABW items at a yard sale last year for $2 - that $2 has turned into about $60+ profit, this was the last item from the lot! Cha Ching! I chose now to list him because Easter is coming SOON, if you have Easter items list them NOW!
Hope some more plush items sell this week, would be nice to clean out that area a little before the $.25 yard sale plush items start to get collected this spring! Garage sale season is starting up SOON! I went to 2 last week and got a couple items but I can't wait for warmer weather so I can hit some sales!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Identity Help!

I need your help!

Does anyone out there know who this guy is???

He has a tush tag that says 1995 Ace Novelty on it but no character family. I've looked at the Anamaniacs, Hanna Barbera, Looney Tunes and I cannot for the life of me figure out who his character is!

ANY help, seriously would be so wonderful! I just need a name!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Way I Like It!

So far I've been doing pretty good on my "List Within a Week of Buying" goal. There are a couple of items that aren't posted yet but I was crazy busy with life this past week. I did get 6 new listings done yesterday.

This is how I like my resell flips to be:
Yesterday was a preschool day for my daughter which means a good time for my son and I to go thrifting. I was highly disappointed with my Value Village trip and was about to walk out of the store empty handed when one of the new housewares inventory carts got wheeled out! Those are my favorite, its like first dibs on the new loot! I always hang around the store long enough to go through one or two of these, hehe!

I happened to see the ever popular Risk Lord of the Rings edition game on the bottom of the cart under some other games. I took a quick peek inside, saw that it had "The One Ring to Rule Them All" and I quickly bought it for $4 and headed out the door!

When I got home I did a quick inventory of the cards and pieces, took pics and since it was my listing day I put it right up on eBay and thought I was pricing it high at $45 with free shipping. Well it sold within 2 hours of listing it for the full price so its another one of those, maybe I should have asked $50 but oh well moments! I was happy with my ROI on this one and I didn't have to find a place to store it until it sold.
I packaged it up right after it sold since it was still out on my kitchen table from being listed and I dropped it off at the post office this morning! Love me some quick flips!
Thanks to that free listing offer I had last week I have more listings up for sale now than I ever have, I wish more were selling but I'm pretty happy with my sales so far this month. I did a huge re-org of my ebay junk this last week and managed to get it all put away somewhere in my little corner. I'm hoping sales will be steady of these old items and I'll have a lot of storage room when garage sale season rolls back around. What would be even nicer would be another free listing week sometime soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Texas Ware Find!

I am just starting to get into mid-century vintage. Maybe I'm a little behind the boat because I think most of the thrifts caught onto the vintage craze a while ago and charge astronomical rates for anything that looks like it was made in the 50's & 60's.

I bought these vintage melmac dishes today at a little thrift that is directly across from my Value Village. I like that store but they are notorious for printing up ebay listings and taping them to the items that have any value, they do their research.

These are TexasWare and are a bright turquoise blue with cute white dandelions printed on them. I LOVE them! The shape of the cups are so cute too!

I cannot seem to find this pattern ANYWHERE online. At least not in my brief Etsy & eBay research that is! I got compliments from 3 people before I even left the store on what a great find it was so maybe I have something good.

I paid $20 for the 12 pieces: 3 dinner plates, 3 salad plates and 3 cup & saucer sets. Most Texas Ware doesn't sell for a whole lot online but I am thinking that with the popular color and the fact that this dandelion style is super popular right now that I may list them quite high and see how it goes. I am just wondering if I should list it all as one set or split it up. I probably would prefer to list it in one big lot so I don't sell one or 2 pieces and have the rest for ages, although I love the design and I'm sure I could find use for them at home!

{Have any of my vintage loving friends seen this pattern before and know it's name? Any info would be wonderful and I'll keep you all posted if it turns out to be a good find!}