Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Backpack, Backpack

If you have little ones you'll understand why the title of this post is driving me insane right now all I keep singing in my head is "Backpack, Backpack" (Dora the Explorer, oi!) Hopefully it doesn't drive you nuts the rest of the day as it has now done me.

I sold 2 backpacks this week and not the typical back to school kind but the kind that is A) good for daycare & preschool & B) made me lots of money!

If you sell on eBay you probably know by now that Little Einsteins are GOLD, anything LE mostly! This was a Pat Pat Rocket backpack by the Disney Store that I grabbed at my local consignment store for $4. It sold this week for $20.99 - not an insane-o great profit but still nice!

Remember back in July my "Craigslist Rocks" post? (See it HERE) Well Mr. Disneyland Stitch sold yesterday for $64.99 with free shipping! Not as high as my original $75 hopes but I was super happy to see him sell and it shipped very cheap so I made a decent profit after my initial $5 investment + fees! What's funny is that I got an email a few hours after he sold from a different buyer that said she was hoping he didn't actually sell because she was very interested in him. Well sorry, I guess you should have pulled that trigger a little sooner because he's bought and paid for!

Thats all for now, I have to go check on my 4 year old who has been "playing" in the bathroom for the entire time I've been writing this post. Not sure I want to know what she's doing in there but I hear a lot of banging and faucet on/offing. Again, Oi! Have a great day!


  1. haha...yes, now I have backpack, backpack stuck in my head. thanks. :) and yes, we also have a love of bathroom sinks in our house. What fun they are until there is water all over the whole bathroom.

  2. Great job on the backpacks. I found one of the smaller Pat Pat Rockets toys and got it listed as soon as I got home. Those puppies are money in the bank.