Friday, April 27, 2012

This Week's Sales!

I had another great week this week sales-wise, mostly on Facebook and Craigslist!

Remember my awesome Sunday finds from my last post? Well I have already sold a couple of items from the pile!

The pack of Easy-Ups went the next day for $7 (paid $2) and I have several other items from the stack listed as well!

The Superyard that we picked up at the end of the day for free at the end of this guy's driveway sold on Craigslist two days later for $50! That's what I call a nice profit! It would've made a nice outdoor containment unit for the summer but Mason doesn't particularly like being in the one we already have so I took that $50 and re-invested it in some diapers and wipes!

 I also sold a couple of kids swim suits, a puzzle, some toys and a few other things on the Facebook group and Craigslist this week. Made a profit of almost $70 from that side this week!

I only had 3 sales on ebay but they were good sales so I am happy!

Custard and Pupcake FINALLY left my home this week! I paid $2 for the mug that I later discovered a small crack in and had to cancel the sale, then sold a second time and had to open an unpaid item case and now it's finally gone to its new home! Hopefully it makes it there safely and I can be done with this mug! It sold via Buy It  Now for $72.99 with free shipping - not too shabby for a $2 investment!

 Isn't this lunch box funny?! Beef Cakes... Anyway, Saved by The Bell is still on TV today in reruns and is still popular I guess! I paid $3 for this lunchbox back in February and it sold this week for $20 + Shipping!

Now is the time to list graduation items! I actually got this little Eeyore for free, he's from the Disney Store originally and he sold for $9.99 with free shipping!

How did you do this week??


  1. Congrats on the good sales! Nice profit on the Superyard!

    I picked up an Evenflo excersaucer at a rummage sale today for $7.50. I'm going to part it out on ebay. I paid about $55 for our exersaucer for my first son back in 2006 and two years ago I tried to sell it on Craigslist for $15 with no bites. So I parted it out - selling the snap on toys, seat cushion, springs, ect on ebay and made over $50!

    This one isn't in as good as shape but I'm still hoping to make at least $20-$30 profit.

    I need to get my auctions up!

    1. Some things are worth more in parts than they are in whole. Good call Melissa!
      And what a nice score on the Superyard! My husband put his weight bench at the end of our driveway this morning with a big FREE sign on it. No takers as of yet. It's prob worth something in scrap metal. We just want it gone.

    2. I have heard to look out for the cheap switcheroo excersaucers before, I haven't seen any out garaging yet this year but maybe I'll get lucky!

      Great job!!

    3. @we are clamco - I totally understand that, we are big fans of the free section on craigslist! Its always fun to watch people come and haul off the things you dont want to have to pay to take to the dump! Several years ago we paid the junk guys to take away our old hot tub, if only I'd known about it then it would have saved us TWO HUNDRED dollars to have someone else haul it away!