Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Garaging Finds!

Happy Monday Everyone! (Hahaha Yeah Right?!)

I am actually having a great Monday morning, baby let me sleep last night and we are taking advantage of the sunny warm day and heading to the zoo! I won a membership last spring and have used it a total of 1 time so I need to go and use it again just to make it worthwhile!

We decided to try and find a few good sales yesterday morning so we packed up the kiddos and headed out thinking that we probably wouldn't find anything good on a Sunday but might as well give it a shot, by Sunday people are ready to see everything gone and prices get dropped by at least 1/2! We had 4 sales on our list, two "Estate Sales" and two regular sales that advertised baby clothes.

By the end of the day we had a CARLOAD of great junk and only spent about $31 in the process!

In the above pic we have a pile of baby/kid clothes, some for Mason, some for the fall consignment sale, all together paid about $1.50 for about 15 items (cant tell the depth of the pile from the pic!) I also got a pair of Stride Rite shoes for Mason to grow into for $1, which is great because these shoes are $45 brand new!

I got a pack of Easy Ups for $2, unopened and I'll probably list them up on the Facebook selling group for $5 or $6 since they are pink and Mason is far from potty training! (Plus they are pink!) We got some Pottery Barn Kids flash cards and a Classic Pooh piggy bank for $3, both will probably end up on ebay. And the wood box is an antique letter organizer ($12) that is really neat and I'm going to research more; we are going to keep it.

Everything else in the photo was FREE! Yep free! Theres a cool boys lamp, a plush Grinch (saving til Christmas time to get more), a Bavaria gravy boat and serving dish, a GeoSafari education toy thing (not sure which one I have yet, maybe $12 up to $75; lady just handed it to me and said I could have it!) and a big 8 panel superyard. The superyard is already listed up on Craigslist for $50, we'll see if anyone bites. We actually picked this up off the side of the road after we were done with the sales, the guy just didn't want it anymore and its in perfect condition!

These two items came from the mother of all garage sales and I wish we'd of shown up 10 minutes earlier and with a truck. We got there the same time as two other ladies and they snatched up every other item I was looking at because they had a truck and I didn't. :( I'm not sure why this lady was selling all of her antiques for so cheap but man, I was kicking myself! There was a table that had been in her family since the 20's or 30's and she sold it for $20. TWENTY DOLLARS! This table was worth at least $300 or $400 gah!! Lucky ladies that picked it up... I was still happy with what I got though. An antique window with all the glass still there and no cracks and a beautiful shabby-chic type frame. $5 each. That windo would be about $40 or $50 if I picked it up at an antique store so I'm happy. Both are going to our new condo for wall decoration which we had none of yet.

All in all - GREAT yard sale weekend. I went to one on Saturday too and picked up a couple of Starbucks mugs for $.10 each and hit up one of my fav thrift stores as well as a consignment sale. Needless to say, I have a bunch of "junk" to go through this week and try to turn my $31 into $100!

Did you find anything good this past weekend?? Leave a comment!


  1. Looks like you got some amazing deals!!! I wish we had sales on Sundays. Maybe it's because I'm in the south (TN) that there are never any Sunday sales. Estate sales usually start on Thursdays and go through Saturday here. Also, garage sales are Friday and/or Saturday.

  2. LOVE that window frame!!!! I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I have two boys (6 & 3) and have always enjoyed reselling their outgrown clothes and toys on gymbofriends and ebay. I would love to go thrifting to resell but I live in a very small town with one super tiny thrift store....not much hope there.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. No garage sales on Sunday where I live either but that's the day for outdoor flea markets, unless of course, it rains. Love the frame! And getting free stuff is always good! :)