Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Consignment Sale Re-Cap!

I promised you all that I would do a re-cap of how my spring consignment sales went these past couple of weeks! I am pretty happy with the results and don't have a whole lot of items left over!

Just Between Friends Sale - $236
I took 190 items to the sale and sold 83 of those items! I took mostly clothes to this sale, the things that weren't clothes did really well. I would have done even better if my clothes were in larger sizes; I had several of Mason's clothes from last summer when he was really small and some of Naomi's leftovers as well. Infant clothes just don't sell as well as 2T & higher. Of my 2T & 3T items I would say about 90% of those sold!

Jack & Jill Sale - $173.95
I only had 2 days to re-tag all my leftovers from JBF for this sale! I also managed to go through the kids things and pull out a few more items as well as a thrift store trip where I picked up some extra clothing items to re-sell as well! I took 125 items to this sale and sold 52. Everything that wasn't clothing sold and I am happy that I brought home less than 100 items!

So grand total in checks - $409.95!

This is WAY better than I would have gotten by doing a yard sale or by taking a few items a week to my local consignment store! The clothing items I do have left are going to be taken in to my favorite consignment store as they will have 6 weeks to sell; I'll only get 50% of those sales instead of 65%. Whatever doesn't sell after the 6 weeks is donated to charity. The way I see it is that if it didn't sell at either sale or in 6 weeks on a rack at a store, I probably wouldn't be able to do much better!

So there you have it! Now onto garage sale season where I can start collecting items for very cheap for the fall sale! I'm going to try and find more toys this summer, toys always do really well at those sales!

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  1. Just found ur blog today through 'my secret eBay diary' :)
    You have another follower!

    What is ur secret for pricing clothes for the consignment sale? I'll b doing my first one in August n could use any and all tips. Thanks!