Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabule$$ Sales!

I've had a few fun sales this week that I wanted to share with you guys, maybe a few items that you weren't looking out for before you can start looking out for now!

Scrabble Games! I picked up a vintage Scrabble game from 1971 at the local St. Vincents a couple of weeks ago for $.99. Actually, Hubby picked it up first and said that all credit would go to him if it sold for big money! :) When I got it home and opened it up (the store had used packing tape to keep the box shut - good bye perfect condition box!) there was a complete set of tiles and the board was in good condition but only two of the little wood rack things. I looked up just the tiles and from the completeds it looked like I'd do better just to list the tiles alone, so I did. These sold within a week for $12.99 + $3 shipping! This was also exponentially easier to ship than a board game as well. I'm going to hold onto the board and racks and maybe if I find more games I can sell those sometime down the road.

This was probably my favorite sale of the week. Last weekend I was surfing around on Craigslist and found a listing for these Wiggles beanies, all new in the original packaging, $20 for all. I didn't even offer her less, picked them up on Saturday and they sold last night for $75 + $11 shipping! After all the fees that come along with being an eBay seller I tripled my initial $20 investment; that's what I call a nice flip! Wiggles items are a hot commodity online, the show was popular back a few years ago but is still on the air and you can't find the toys for it anymore. So what happens when little Billy is a Wiggles fan and you want to make him happy? You turn to eBay where I'll gladly help you out! :)

You will find that this is the case with several shows from a few years ago: Little Einsteins, Blue's Clues, etc.

This sale hasn't come full circle just yet but I am supposed to meet up with the buyer today sometime (I hope!) I bought it for $15 at Goodwill a couple of days ago and flipped it for $45 on my local Facebook selling group. Check out your local area for Facebook shopping groups, its like Craigslist but on FB. The group I sell on is mostly other moms looking for a good deal and I feel comfortable having them come to my home because its an invitation only group. I always always always meet craigslist buyers at a public place; unless its something I can't haul. $45 for this jacket is a slammin' deal, they retail for over $120 brand new. I almost didn't get this jacket too, there was a woman in the aisle in front of me, she picked it up looked it over and I'm guessing she put it back because of the $15 price tag. I came along right behind her and scooped it up!

I also sold yet another pair of kids Keen sandals this week! That makes 8 pairs sold in 2 months for a total of $145!

A Mug update:

Oh little mug, you are going to make me crazy! I sold Custard & Pupcake overnight a couple of weeks ago for $120 - wowzah! Had to wait a few days to get paid, got paid, started to package to ship... found a crack down one side.... NOOOOOOOO!!!! Unfortunately, the buyer no longer wanted the mug since he was planning to put it in his shop. He was at least very understanding and I was so mad at myself for missing the crack in the first place. Ugh. So I decided to go the auction route this time. By the end of the auction I had 31 watchers, there is a high demand for this little mug! The final price was $73.87 - still a wowzah to me for a mug with a crack in it! Sadly, buyer still hasn't paid or emailed me at all so I am guessing that an unpaid item case is in my future tomorrow. I really want this little guy to be sold and gone already! It's cute but hey, that's $70 in my pocket to find more treasures with!  I'll let you all know how this one goes next week sometime!

Have a wonderful weekend, when the baby wakes up we are going to venture down the road to a garage sale, the weather is nice so I'm hoping I might get to hit up a few today and tomorrow; fingers crossed, maybe I'll find some more Wiggles!

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  1. just came across this post,i too brought a north face toddler girl pink and grey jacket @ my local goodwill for 3 bucks and sold it on Ebay for 51 bucks. best flip ever!!!!