Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Savings Through E-Coupons

Are you bad about forgetting your coupons on the kitchen counter when you go to the store? I do this all the time and it is SO frustrating!!
E-Coupons are kind of new in the coupon world, but they are a great new resource for savings. You can log-on, register your store savings cards and then load coupons onto them. Those coupons are stored on your card and then when you buy the item the coupon comes right off the total, no paper coupon needed!

E-Coupons for your Safeway card:

The best part about this? You are able to use a paper coupon and the e-coupon on the same item! I am not sure why this is because they are both manufacturer coupons but for the time being the registers allow the paper coupons to be used along with the e-coupons.

Save Money for College (more e-coupons)!


Save money for college for you or your child or anyone you choose with Upromise! This is a GREAT company to sign up for because it is totally free. Basically you earn money on your purchases when shopping online, eating at restaurants, buying gas, travel, real estate and groceries. Its awesome! You can also load e-coupons onto almost all of your grocery savings cards and the money you save with the e-coupon is deposited into your Upromise account. I have only been a member since May and have already saved over $70 for Naomi's college fund! Go to and sign up today.

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