Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Is Here!

Well I think Fall has definitely arrived here in the Pac NW! Its been raining non stop for about 2 days straight now but the nice thing about it is that since I'm stuck inside I can get to all that work I've been putting off. I changed the Scentsy out to a fun fall scent, spaghetti sauce in the crock pot and I've been "Gettin' it done" all day which includes listing away with all that inventory I've been saving up.

I tagged 210 items for the Fall consignment sale and I'm taking literally a car load full to the convention center tomorrow morning! I am excited for this sale I have a lot of items, most are outfits and nice name brands so I'm hoping this will be a great paycheck for me. I plan on taking all my leftovers to another sale at the end of next month as well. Yard sale season was very good for clothing items this summer!

Last week I did a bunch of listing of old items and I was beyond happy to see some of them leave to new homes! I have a couple of fun items to share with you guys today!

This took me a little while to figure out but it is a French butter keeper by Emile Henry. I guess it stores butter inside the lid and doesn't need refrigeration. When I found it I had no clue what it was but I know Emile Henry can be semi-valuable so I grabbed it. This was at my favorite sale of the year at a small fire station in Central Washington. It is INSANE at this sale, I'm talking hundreds of people there at opening and people literally running to grab items they've spotted. I ran for a cute table but it got picked up and I got almost knocked over trying to get to it! The reason the sale is so popular is that it is by donation - meaning you pay what you think is fair. I picked up a boat load of items at that sale including this little guy, a bunch of vintage smalls, a mid-century ottoman, lots of toys, a pair of Keens and Chacos and much more! I paid $20 for what I purchased and then I've already sold the ottoman at my shop for $25 and now this little gem sold for $25 with free shipping! I should be able to sell the 2 pairs of sandals in the spring for at least $50 each as well.

Little Einsteins ALWAYS sells! I bought this costume last year and it sold almost overnight. Only problem - yeah it got returned for fit -- grrrr. But by the time I got it back there wasn't enough time to sell it again before Halloween. I kept it listed through Christmas with no activity or offers so I packed it away and stored it all year, which in my small house it took up good storage real estate, this guy is big! I was very happy that it sold the day I relisted it this year. I listed at $75 and it sold with a best offer of $60 plush shipping to California. It cost $15 to ship 2 states away, I told ya it was big! So glad its finally gone to a new home and its also the reason I say no returns on costumes now. 

This is one of the things I forgot I had purchased earlier this summer! We bought it for a whopping 30 cents when we were in Idaho visiting my dad and when I got home I just stowed it away. Well I'm glad I did, it sold within a day and a half for $49.95 plus international shipping! After all the fees and stuff I made just over $36, I'll take that any day! Now lets just hope I don't get a message saying it broke on its way to Costa Rica, fingers crossed!

Hope fall sales are in full swing for all my fellow resellers out there!


  1. Nice flips! Isn't it fun to find good Starbucks mugs. I found one about a year ago at a GS that I paid a $1 and sold for $350. That was my best flip. I'm always on the lookout for them! And I love that hankie you sold and talked about in your previous post. I would have definitely paid $5 for it. Lovely!

    1. Wow $350! I'm still waiting for a sale like that! My husband and I talk about it all the time. I usually find $100+ items once or twice a year but I've never made anything over $250, I know one day it will happen just have to be patient and follow my gut! I loved that little hankie, if I ever find another one I might just have to keep it, would have been super cute in a frame! Thanks for commenting!