Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I am finally getting back into the swing of things now that school is in session and I'm home enough to be able to get things done! I even got some stuff listed and sold last week; which after 2 months of almost no online sales it was nice to package things again and take them to the post office!

My goal this week has been to get all the items for my upcoming fall consignment sale next week organized and tagged. I accomplished that goal today and have 1 week to go through the kids rooms and my storage areas one more time before the sale! So far I have almost 200 items going with a value of over $1,000. Granted I would only get 65% of that if 100% sold at full price but still, that would be so awesome.

Sales in the shop have been slow and steady. I have not had a month yet that I didn't make rent but I've decided I need a bigger space because my area has so much in it that I think buyers don't look much because its crowded and overwhelming. I'm working on sourcing more expensive items and things I know will be sure to sell. This week I brought in all of my fall and Halloween/Thanksgiving items and even sold a couple within the first few days. I have made rent already for September so all is well on that front!

I took time today and went through my ebay storage area, aka my sons closet! I had so much that I've just been shoving in there and waiting to list that I had forgotten about! I photographed every item I came across and now I'm going to spend the rest of the day listing listing listing! I finally feel like I have that time and motivation back so lets hope for good sales from all this awesome stuff I forgot I had!

Here's some of my sales from the last two weeks! Enjoy and happy selling!

Vintage Pendleton Blanket - Bought for $6 at Value Village - I stored without listing for a few months; finally listed it and it sold within 3 days on Etsy for $60 + Shipping to Alaska! The review said it was perfect for cold Alaska weather!

This sweet vintage hankie caught my eye at a yard sale over Labor Day weekend. I himmed and hawed over it for a while as the lady was very firm on her $5 price tag and said it was very rare. I finally caved and shelled out the $5 thinking I loved it whether I sold it or not, the graphics are just so cute! After a little research I found out it was a promotional hankie for lipstick from the 50's and was quite rare! Having never sold a handkerchief before I figured I would list it high and take a best offer. Much to my surprise it sold within a week for my full asking price of $49.95 to a buyer in CA. Proof that you should always go with your gut feelings!

Clancy Bear from Pottery Barn Kids - he sat and sat for a long time on ebay but finally sold to a buyer in FL for $35. Not a big profit but I was glad to see him head to a new home since he took up a lot of storage space!


Better get to listing, I hope I have a nice long list of sales to show you all next week!


  1. It's funny how when school starts, life falls back into a routine and we get things done. Great sale on the hankie. Glad you followed your gut instinct on that one. :-)

  2. I wish I got more gut instincts about things like that!