Monday, April 29, 2013


Thank God for craigslist and Facebook this month because my sales have been the slowest in 4 months on ebay; hence the crickets title - its quiet out there! I have seen around the blogosphere that most people are pretty slow right now so I guess I won't complain too much!

I have sold quite a few items on craigslist & FB this month, my chair trend continued with a couple of bar stools that I picked up at a church rummage sale 2 Fridays ago for $10 each. I spent $30 total at that sale including the $20 bar stools, some clothes, a backpack, couple mugs and a few toys; oh and a cookie! I flipped the bar stools less than a week later for 80 big ones so everything else that gets sold from that sale will be icing on that beautiful cake!

There have been 2 really great weekends for garage sales already and I was giddy going out on Friday morning! I got to go to a few on Friday this week and a bunch on Saturday at a great annual neighborhood sale but it was kind of cold and windy so I bet it could've been even better if the weather had been nicer. This past weekend I found a few great mid century modern items at an estate sale, a bunch of clothes & toys for the fall consignment sale, some vintage Breyer horses, a Little Einsteins figure that already sold that the lady gave me for free, a few clothing items for myself and a super nice Lululemon jacket.

Here are some of my recent sales just so I have some pics to show you!

Disney Store Jock from Lady & The Tramp - Sold to AUS for $30 + Shipping!

Disney Store Exclusive Giant Lady Plush
I was really hoping Lady would sell for more, the completeds showed that she'd sold for around $75 before but she was so big that after a couple of months on the market I finally sold her for a disappointing $35 + Shipping. I paid about $15 for her originally and my daughter fell in serious love with her so the amount of tears for the small profit weren't hardly worth it. I just don't have the desire to keep around such a large stuffed animal so away she went and my girl gave her a big hug before she left us.

I found this little Copper dog on my recent road trip to Idaho at an animal shelter thrift for 50 cents. He sold within the 1st month for $15.99 with free shipping.

I am totally on the Lovie band wagon now, every one of the security blankets that I've listed have sold pretty quickly. I got this Carters one at the last consignment sale for under $1 on the 1/2 price day and he sold for $15 with free shipping! Some lovies can go for a whole lot more so I've been picking them up whenever I find them since they are small and cheap to ship.

I've also sold a couple mugs and 2 more vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls so not bad overall but way slower than usual!


  1. I've had really good success with the lovey blankets too. I've been sold out for months, so I was happy to find two when yard saling last weekend. Randomly, they were identical (but picked up at different sales).

    Hope your sales pick up soon. I hadn't had any in almost two days, and then I just sold 4 things in the last 3 hours! Gotta love eBay.

  2. My garage sales have been a bust lately. But my eBay sales in the past couple weeks have picked up. I love selling loveys. Easy to store and ship. I'm always amazed how much some sell for. Hopefully your sales will pick up soon.

  3. Ok is there some secret to the lovey sales that I'm missing? Is it certain types or brands? I just can't believe how much people pay for them!

    1. Its funny I find that the Walmart type brands sell for the most but I also can never go wrong with Carter's and First Impressions, oh and Bunnies by the Bay. They are the spendy brands but people will pay ANYTHING if their kid loses or breaks their lovey because that means sleepless nights ahead of them! My son has a bunny that he loves and if we lost Bunny we'd be in so much trouble so I've been hunting for a replacement "Just In Case" bunny to hide somewhere. The only other one on ebay right now for that one is $28.99 and it came from WALMART. Its insane but what would you pay for the sanity in knowing that your child won't go through that separation from their precious lovies... :)