Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's amazing the difference a year can make when you are an online seller. Trends come and go as fast as you can blink; what would've made you rich in a matter of hours a year ago can sit on your storage shelves for months and leave you wondering what the heck happened!

Last year the newest Alvin & the Chipmunks movie came out and Build a Bear Workshop came out with some limited edition chipmunks as they often do with new kids movies. Right now they have a line of My Little Ponies out that my daughter wants SO bad haha!

Last year I was lucky to come across an unwanted pair of chipmunks at Value Village for a couple of bucks a piece. I decided to sell them together as a set and they sold within 8 hours of listing them for $49.99!

Well so when I came across the same exact pair of chipmunks a year later for even cheaper at $1 a piece I was so excited I almost jumped to the cashier with my Alvin & Brittany thinking Cha Ching!

Oh the difference a year makes because Alvin & Brittany have been sitting in my storage area for a couple of months now and I kept lowering the price over and over and over. I finally decided that I might split them up to see if they'd sell separately and then voila they sold last night. Not for $50 mind you, but a measly $22 with free shipping.

Alvin & the Chipmunks is still on my BOLO, $22 is nothing to complain about by any means and I'd buy them again for that price; but maybe I'd try to list them separately next time to see if they sell faster.

The moral of this story folks is to keep an eye out for those hot trends and when they fizzle out so you aren't stuck with a pile of things that have to be re-donated or put in a yard sale!

{Anyone have any hot trendy BOLO's that are happening for you right now or alternatively, what's something trendy from last year that won't be on your BOLO list this year??}

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  1. Build a bear still sells but i don't ink for as much or as quickly as previously. I still buy them if the price is right.