Thursday, April 18, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake

Anyone remember the Strawberry Shortcake dolls & pets from the 80's that smelled like strawberries? I was a little girl of the 80's and had a lot of these dolls, I wish I'd have saved them but over the years they probably go garage saled away and they are worth a pretty penny these days!

I almost passed up this "risk" at Value Village a few weeks back. I happened upon some one's entire Strawberry Shortcake doll collection that was about to be put out on the toy shelves one Friday morning. I actually walked away from them thinking, nah, no good, but I went back and grabbed them anyway. Without much research I shelled out over $50 on the dolls that were individually bagged at $3 each and then a few misc bags had all the pets and some accessories. I was nervous about this venture and didn't even want to tell my husband how much I spent. $50 is a big investment for me especially on a whim but I was feeling nostalgic.

By the time I had a chance to get home and start researching the names of the dolls and which pet went with which I started getting excited! It looked like at least one of my dolls would make my investment back plus some so the nerves went out the window and in came the excitement!

Most of them sold within a week. I listed them as auctions with high BIN prices and all but 1 sold at the BIN price! I still have 4 or 5 dolls left to sell plus a misc lot and I'm right now sitting at $220 profit after fees and investment! Like I said, I am SO glad I was feeling nostalgic that day! Just smelling those dolls brings back many childhood memories and I have had a fun few weeks selling them all!

I wish I'd taken a big group shot of all of them but I forgot to before I started listing so here are a bunch of photos of the various dolls & pets!

Ironically there was not one Strawberry Shortcake herself in the bunch! These were all sold with free shipping, some sold internationally but most were within the US but only cost about $2-3 to ship because they are small & lightweight!

Huckleberry Pie - Sold for $15.99

Plum Puddin - Sold for $55 at auction after 7 bids!

Cafe Ole & her pet donkey Burrito! Sold for $15.99 + International Shipping

Crepe Suzette & Eclair the poodle - Sold for $29.99!

Peach Blush sold within a few hours for $65!

Lemon Meringue & her pet frog sold for $25 + International Shipping!

The Villains Sour Grapes & the Purple Pie Maker sold for $20.99!

Mint Tulip & her pet Duck - Sold for $15

Cherry Cuddler & her goose sold for $13.99

Apple Dumplin sold at auction for $10.49

Raspberry Tart sold for $15.99
Twin babies Lem N Ada & their puppy sold for $29.99 + International Shipping!

Lime Chiffon - Sold for $15.99
Too bad I didn't find a Banana Twirl in the bunch, she is worth $200-$300 on her own! I will always pick up these dolls if I see them in the future that's for sure!


  1. Wow! I will have to BOLO for these little gems. You did fantastic!

  2. What a fun find!

    My cousin had one of those Strawberry Shortcake dolls when we were kids, and I loved it.

    I once happened upon a huge lot of NWT Care Bears at VV just as they were being taken out to the floor. Sure wish that happened more often!

  3. Those are so beautiful! I can see why people will pay so much for them. They definitely bring back memories of my childhood in the '80's!! Thanks for the BOLO.

  4. thats actually kinda funny timing for me last week i picked up two vintage strawberry shortcake mugs from 1980. i also walked by them but ended up buying them on a whim for 1.00 total (if i couldnt sell them in a few years mmy duaghter would love them). well these mugs go upwards of 160.00 each!!!! my husband and i were both completely blown away. im going to try to get 49.99 + shipping for them so still a good day :D

    1. Wow that's great! I have had a couple of those mugs in the past also! The Custard & Pupcake mug sold overnight for me for $120 - try listing higher with a best offer, you might be surprised what they will sell for! Good luck and congrats!

    2. awesome! thanks for the tips :) i got strawberry shortcake and huckleberry pie which seem to be the 2 least i cant go through a thrift store or yard sale without looking at mugs (something i typically ignore) heres to aiming high!

  5. What an awesome find! I had some of those dolls when I was a kid. Sure wish I would have held on to them.

  6. GREAT FIND! THanks for sharing!