Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ups & Downs

Well I feel like after I posted last week about not having any sales for 10 days I got 6 sales in 5 days, which was great! Now all of a sudden, nothing again. My thoughts are that A: eBay's doing a lot of updates to their search engines and things are NOT working (Please fix these problems soon eBay!) and B: it's summer and people are at the beach, not their computers so I just need to stop complaining and gear up for a busy (hopefully) fall selling season.

I'm trying to find "Back to School" items and get them listed this week because now is the time, August is the back to school prep month so get that stuff up there so it can be visible and I usually leave space in my titles for "Back to School".

I have found a lot of good plush and toys lately. Last week I got the Stitch backpack and then in another thrift trip I found a Blues Clues play house, a Little Einsteins character plush and a very large Talking Mushu Dragon from Mulan which is apparently super rare and there's a completed for recently that went for $75. I gotta get that one listed soon too. We were out of town last weekend so I have to get back into listing tomorrow so I can make some money and get that inventory moving out my door!

Here's what sold last week: A couple were awesome sales and the rest were small, but small is good because it means things are out of my pile and onto their new homes!

Oneidacraft Lasting Rose Flatware Set - Paid $5 at a garage sale.
 I've sold a few loose pieces of flatware but this was my first "set" and I listed it at $89.99 OBO. I got an offer for $56 so I countered with $60 to cover shipping costs. Luckily the buyer was in CA so it was only about $8 to ship and I'm happy with my profit on this especially since it wasn't really a complete set.

My Little Pony strikes again. This time it was a vintage Pony Purse. I picked this up at a yard sale along with a purple pony & Dream Castle accessories for $2. I previously had sold the pony & accessories for $28 so when this sold at auction for $10.49 I was fine with it. There were about 20 watchers so I got my hopes up that it would go for at least $20 something but alas you can't win big all the time. It was all profit so I am good with what I got and off it went to the Netherlands today! (buyer paid $10 shipping also.)

 And KEEN strikes again as well! I got these at a fancy thrift store in the mall (a thrift store in the mall?! what?!) for $7.50. Originally I got them for myself but I like my Keen flip flops much better so I listed them and they sold for $44.99 with free shipping! They fit in a padded flat rate mailer.

Backyardigans Bobblin Big Top Circus Characters - Paid $.25 each at garage sale.
 I originally thought these might be on par with the Little Einsteins figure replacements but alas, nope. It took a couple months but these finally sold the other day for $6.99 and the buyer paid $3 extra for Priority shipping to get them to her in time for a birthday cake decoration. Luckily the postal service didn't fail me and they made it a day early and I got fantastic feedback from the buyer. She says the cake turned out super cute too!

Disney Store Mulan Lucky Cricket Beanie - Paid $.50 @ thrift store.
 My little lucky cricket must have been lucky because she sold pretty quickly for $7.99 with free shipping. Not a big profit but when I brought it home I thought it would become my daughter's because they just don't seem to be selling on eBay right now. Mine still had both tags attached though so that must have been why it sold & I'm happy with my tiny profit!

prAna is one of those REI brands to always be on the lookout for. I have consistantly sold prAna over the years for a decent profit but only if I can pick it up for cheap or new with tags. I paid $4 for these at a senior center thrift store a while back. They took a while to sell but finally did for $14.99 with free shipping. Again, not a huge profit but it's all about getting my inventory sold right now!

Wow this post ended up much longer than I thought it would, sorry! Hope everyone had a great weekend and has great sales this week, hopefully I'll get another rush of sales this week, fingers crossed!


  1. My sales have been really slow also. It's a bummer.

    I have a question for you. I picked up my first pair of Keen shoes today (boys size 1 in great condition for $2). I just checked ebay and it looks like sales for Keens are going downhill right now. I'm thinking everyone is buying school clothes/shoes not summer anymore. Do you think it is wise to hold off on listing them until next spring/summer?

    1. Hey Melissa!

      Good job on finding the Keens! If they are in really excellent condition you could always list them as a buy it now and see if they sell this month, but this is the time I start collecting for next spring. I started finding them in August and all through the fall and winter I saved them. By spring I had 12 pairs and my husband thought I was crazy but I sold all 12 within a month or two for my full asking price! This is the time you start seeing brand new pairs on sale & clearance at REI so they aren't going for much more than the used ones on eBay, people tend to just buy the new pairs. Good luck, I really love those shoes!!

  2. My sales are like that too. Days without sales then a lot at once. Kills my motivation.

    1. Totally kills mine, I can't seem to stop shopping though so my ebay room/baby's bedroom is piling up!