Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free is Always Fun!

**Upadate** Wow! I just noticed that this was my 600th post! Awesome-sauce!

I love finding items for free off the side of the road! I love it even more when I can turn that free item into a few bucks!

We were out of town last weekend but one of the residents on our street had a garage sale I guess and when we got back there was a box marked FREE out at the end of her driveway. I wonder if she saw me digging through the box and thought I was nuts. I mean, kind of strange to be going through your neighbor's free pile when you've never even said more than "Hi" to each other in 8 years, right? I have no shame. :)

Here is what I picked out of the box!
(Please excuse the phone pic & the fact that my Dear Daughter is in the background, she was being defiant. Isn't 4 a great age?! HA!)

I picked up 3 mugs, 2 red plastic vintage-y cups & 2 kids cups that aren't pictured. There is a Sandra Boynton mug on the right, its in ok condition but I'm going to clean it up and see if it sells. Doesn't look like this one will make me more than a couple bucks if I'm lucky. I just learned about Boynton mugs a few weeks ago. We love her kids books in our house!

The mug on the far left is a Fitz & Floyd "Coq du Village" cup. It's a litte scratched on the inside but the design on the front is wonderful so I will probably list it for about $15-$17. Not bad for FREE though!

The mug in the middle is a bit of a mystery I'm hoping someone out there might know about. It's a pottery mug with glaze so it could have just been someone's home project, but the flower is really beautiful so I am not sure it could be good but I can't seem to find anything about it. The signature on the bottom is hard to make out, I think it says, "Cullan" or "Collan" or something like that! Any one who has seen this before, please comment!!

Its going to be another warm day so we'll probably hit up Value Village when the baby wakes up from his nap for some A/C! I have a 30% off my whole purchase coupon so watch out, things could get crazy!


  1. I have a 30% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket too, so we are heading to our Value Village this afternoon after swimming lessons. :-) I made the mistake of telling the 4 year-old that we were stopping there today, and all I've been hearing is "When are we going to go to the yard sale store?!"

    1. Too bad I didn't find much today, just a Jansport backpack and a Thomas Train toy. Ugh what a waste of a good coupon!

      My daughter loves the "Toy Store" lol.

  2. It's funny that you posted this as I was just telling my hubby that I thought I saw my neighbor haul out three large trash bags to the side of the house. They are kind of see through and they look to be full of plushes to me. Hubby said that he had no doubt that even in the rain I would be "rehoming those bags" if they hit the curb. My neighbor is bipolar and you just never know what your gonna get or I would ask him about the bags. I'm checking the curb tonight as its trash day tomorrow. I hope his barking dogs miss me for once. I have no shame either .

    1. Haha that's awesome! Good to know I'm not the only one! The neighbors are having another sale this weekend and their free pile grew substantially today, I'm excited to wake up bright and early and walk down to check out what they've got. I see a lot of vintage Christmas so I'm excited!