Friday, June 8, 2012

Where oh Where have my Sales Gone?!

Oh Where, Oh Where could they be?! I know everyone's online sales are slow right now but I feel like I have been finding all kinds of awesome stuff, how come its not selling??!! Here's hoping that either it picks up soon or I have an amazing fall sales season this year!

I had a whopping 3 sales this week, which is better than last week so I can't complain. I ran a couple of auctions this week and they didn't do too bad.

 I bought a few random grab bags of silverware at the thrift store a few weeks ago, there was one of these in each baggie. How come they can't match the set up? They want you to have to buy more to get what you want; its stupid in my opinion but whatever. I paid $10.00 for 5 baggies; this is the 1st lot out of the bags that has sold (4 pc National Dynasty Flatware) and it went for $10.50 + shipping. I also sold a bunch of the no name crap pieces in our garage sale a couple of weeks ago for $3 so I have already got my money back; everything else that sells will just be profit so I can't complain!

My daughter R.E.A.L.L.Y. wanted a Talking Jessie Doll a month or so back. My dad was in town and wanted to buy her a belated birthday gift so we went to Toys R Us and I cringed as I watched him pay FORTY DOLLARS for one for her. She adores her so its all worth it but as it always happens... Jessie turned up at Value Village exactly 2 weeks later and for $1.99. Ain't that the way?!

She sold this week at auction for $14.50 + 6.00 shipping. If she'd have had her hat I probably would have set a Buy It Now price of $25.00 but I'm happy with the end result of this auction! The buyer says they are paying tomorrow... fingers crossed!

These are large Alvin and the Chipmunks from Build a Bear. I thought they looked pretty cool when I picked them up for $1.99 each at Value Village a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't surprised to see that they go pretty well online. They sold for $40 overnight with free shipping. They were large so I was sure it was going to be expensive to ship them but luckily plush is lightweight and they shipped for only $8.65 so I am very happy with that profit margin!

I also had 3 great sales on Facebook and Craigslist this week making me another $60 in profit so all in all it was a great week but I have inventory coming out of my ears and I need it to get moving so I can make room for more, this is garage sale season after all!


  1. Those chipmunks are great! I bought 2 Britneys at a yard sale for $4.00 and sold each right away for $17.99 - I think I priced them too low!

    1. I thought for sure they'd sit for a while so I was shocked when they went overnight! I had them up for $45.99 with best offer and I took the $40 offer which I was totally happy with!

  2. That's exactly how I feel - I need to move out what I have, so I can bring more in! Gotta love yard sale season. :-)

  3. So jealous that your VV has plush at 1.99. My Savers ( East Coast VV) prices at no less than $3.99. I pretty much just pick up large or hard to find plush at that price. Thank goodness for yardsales. Things are slow for me too now on line. My basement is starting to look like a hoarders episode. Oh well it will be cha ching very soon. Keep up the good work.