Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Little Walking Around Money...

Well auctions and Facebook seem to be the only way I'm making any sales these days. We are leaving on a little mini-vacation today (which I am VERY excited about!) and I made a couple of good sales to give me some money for sourcing this weekend while we are on our trip!

We are headed to Idaho in the morning to visit my dad and extended family for a couple of days. My daughter is super excited to see Grandpa and his chickens that he raises at his house. My husband and I are really excited to try out our new metal detector at my dad's property. Have any of you watched that show, American Digger, on Spike? Those guys find some way cool stuff! I don't plan on finding a pile of gold or anything but digging up old stuff thats in the dirt? Sounds fun to me! I'm a true treasure hunter now! And I officially have a neon arrow above my head flashing "NERD" over and over!

Ok onto my 3 sales:

Flatware may be my new favorite thing! I bought another baggie the other day of all silver plated forks and spoons for $2.99. This one was in the bag and I guess its a rare pattern; its by Gorham and its sterling. It sold at auction for $21.27 + $2.50 shipping. Flatware is easy to store, easy to list (other than researching patterns) easy to ship and sells for quite a good profit! The other pieces in that bag won't go for as much as this fork but even if they go for a couple of bucks a piece its all profit!

This is a Pottery Barn Kids shelf that I found at Value Village for $5 last week. It was pretty beat up with lots of scratches and dings, obviously from a kids room and I had visions of refinishing it and painting it black but I got unmotivated so before it ended up sitting in my garage for months I listed it up on my FB group and sold it for $15. It had a price tag for $49 on the back of the shelf. I always buy anything I find from Pottery Barn or PBKids; it is high quality and it re-sells very well.

I also had a last minute $25 sale on FB last night for another pair of designer jeans; these were 7 For All Mankind. I bought 4 pairs for $2 each at a garage sale a couple of weekends ago. I am saving one pair for myself with the hopes that I'll be able to wear them by this fall and I have already sold all 3 other pairs for a total of $65. Not bad for my $8 investment!

So I have $40 in my pocket for garage sales and thrift stores this weekend in Idaho. Wonder what we'll find in small town Idaho... the possibilities are endless!

I'll do a post on Monday or Tuesday with what we end up finding this weekend! The only thing I'm worried about is the baby being stuck in his carseat for several hours tomorrow...

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