Monday, June 4, 2012

Quick Flips!

Remember that $5 Bumbo & tray I scored at a garage sale on Friday morning? Well I listed it this morning (Monday) and just got home from selling it this afternoon for my full asking price of $25! I'll take an easy $20 bill anytime!


  1. That's great!! Where I'm at the bumbos only go for $15 on craigslist because there are always sooooo many of them on there. Great to see you got much more for it!

  2. Great flip!!!! I live in such a rural area in Oregon that CL is not worth my time. I love looking at CL though and dreaming about how if I lived in a big city I could get some great deals or sell some stuff for.a food profit.

    1. Melissa - We live in Central WA part of the time which is where I am from originally and CL is the same there. I have found some good deals though and if you ever travel to Portland for any reason or a more dense city, start scanning CL the week before you leave and set up a few meet ups for when you are there! I scored those Wiggles plush a while back for only $20 and she said they'd been listed forever so she was fine waiting a week til I got to town!