Friday, June 1, 2012

A Mish Mash

Well it has been a little while since I posted anything; sorry about that as usual! Sales are pretty slow online which is discouraging but I have heard that is the general consensus with a lot of sellers right now. I've been doing ok getting rid of old inventory on Craigslist & Facebook and we had a garage sale last weekend that did ok. I sold quite a few things that I'd picked up for free plus some old inventory that didn't eBay well so I re-sold it for what I paid for it or a little more. You know those big bags of crap you find at the thrifts that are like $1.99 for a bunch of junk but have 1 or 2 things in them you actually want? Well I usually pick out the good stuff to eBay and then throw the rest in a junk box for our yearly garage sale and at least make back the money I spent on the bag then whatever I eBay is pure profit.

I have been finding a lot of what I hope to be good inventory lately though; my problem is finding time to clean the junk and get it listed! My darling little boy is so cute but takes up the majority of my day so having time to take pictures for listings is near impossible right now!


I had 2 sales this week, both items are going to Germany and both items were bought at a garage sale for a total of $2.00. Vintage My Little Pony items are golden.

 Merry Go Round pony from the 1st generation of My Little Pony - Sold for $23.00 + Int. Shipping!
My Little Pony Dream Castle Replacement parts - Sold for $5.99, combined shipping since both items sold to the same person.

I paid $2.00 for these two things and a cool vintage MLP purse that has 1/2 a pony on it. There's nothing like it on eBay right now so I am hoping that I can get like $30 for it! Turning $2.00 at a garage sale into $60 would be nice!! I also picked up another pony from there for $.50 that I need to get listed too. Any ponies from the 90's or earlier always grab - collectors are MLP crazy - how do you know the year you ask? The date is printed on the bottom of their hooves! Easy Peasy!


Went garage saling this morning with the kids, it was raining so I only was able to find 2; maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck but I did pick up a couple good things and we went to Value Village afterwards and scored a couple goodies too. Do you all notice that Fridays are good days to hit the thrifts? I think they save the good stuff for the weekend shoppers!

Bumbo + Tray for $5 at Garage Sale #2!
Going to list the Bumbo today for $30 on Craigslist - the last 2 I've sold have been within 1 day!
Sorry for the crappy pic, I'm feeling lazy today!
The above pic is a mish mash of stuff I got today; clothes for the fall consignment sales, 2 pairs of shoes, a mug and a couple of shabby chic hooks for a girls room that I snatched out of a free box!

We also scored the ultimate Disney Store figure jackpot at Value Village. This was 2 of those grab bag things; spent a total of $3 for all of the above. There are figures/cake toppers from Peter Pan, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Lion King, Toy Story 3, Cars,, Nemo, Incredibles, Tangled, Princess & The Frog, Winnie the Pooh & Handy Manny and a few others!

Unfortunately I don't think theres a complete set in there anywhere but I should do well with these on eBay even if I sell them all individually (yikes, no thanks!) - Naomi is having fun with them for now; she LOVES those Disney movie playsets!

Have a Fabule$$ Weekend!!


  1. OMG...I just pulled out my MLP's from storage recently for the kiddos to play with. Looks like I could get a pretty penny for them. Hmmm...let them play with them or sell? :)

    1. Adalyn will love them though! Keep them and let her play with them and when she's done then sell them; you saved them all these years already and you have the nostalgia factor! I have things that Naomi plays with that I know I could get a good amount for but since I played with them as a kid I just can't sell them! Now finding the same thing at a garage sale and having zero attachment to it? SELL!! haha!

  2. how do you know if MLP is vintage or not just by looking at them? I used to play with them as a child too, but not sure if I would still recognize them (of course, my mom already gave all mine away to cousins!)

    1. I always look at the date stamped on the hoof. The newer ones have a pink MLP heart on one foot also the older ones don't and have a date with Patent Pending and Hasbro printed as well. The newer ones also look different and are differently shaped than the older ones! In my opinion the new ones are a little creepy looking and don't even look like ponies!

      Happy Hunting!