Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Trip to Idaho + A Few Finds

We had a really fun time on our trip to ID last weekend! There was a lot of time in the car but both kids did really well and the places we stayed were really nice compared to other times we've gone there.

I thought I'd share a few of my finds from the weekend with you all. I have to be honest, I was dissappointed in the stuff but I should be able to do ok with most of it so that will make me happy as long as it all sells!

We went to 1 thrift store in Bonners Ferry in North ID, a Goodwill in Cour d'Alene and then I took the kids to Goodwill in Wenatchee when we got back. The tiny thrift in Bonners Ferry yielded the Willow lunchbox. Not as great as I thought it would be. I also got my first set of rollers in Cour d'Alene along with the blue house thing which I thought was a great Backyardigans find but its broken so I'm going to see if I can piece it out as replacement parts.

In Wenatchee I found the Precious Moments ornament and the Lenox American Bear. I don't think either of those will make much money. Since they are "New In Box" they might do a little better than others as long as my pictures are perfect and I am going to save them til October to list in hopes that Christmas traffic may make a little more money. I also got a cute Aloha Girl series plate from Pottery Barn. I'm either going to keep this because I like it or sell it, we'll see...

We also headed out to one of my favorite antique shops when we were there. I very rarely find re-sellable items at antique shops since most things are already priced at retail. Most of the time I'm shopping for myself and this time I found something I LOVED! 

Vintage scales are really popular decor items right now and I've been looking for one for my kitchen for a while. Over here in Seattle everytime I find one I like its $40-$50 and me being the "Fabule$$ly Frugal Mom" I haven't ever bit the bullet and bought one. Well, the cute little scale above cost me only $18 last weekend and I LOVE it! I think it may have been painted or refurbished a while back but I love the numbers and the dial and the color works great; I'm happy with my antique shop find! Naomi also likes to go for about 5 min until she gets bored when she realizes she can't touch anything!

The rest of the trip was just lots of family fun with a hike to Copper Falls and an overnight stay at Silver Mountain in Kellogg, ID. Its a beautiful resort with an awesome indoor waterpark (that we went to 3 times in 24 hours!) and the World's Longest Gondola up to their ski resort. Dad's rode free on Father's Day and the lady gave Naomi a free ticket up as well so we all went up the mountain (including my dad) for just the cost of Mommy! 

How was your weekend? Find anything good?

I have to say that since I've changed the tone of the blog from deals to more of my reselling finds and sales, I am enjoying writing it so much more and I'm actually getting comments and traffic! I think there are just too many deal sites out there for a couponing blog to be super successful without working at it full time; plus I just don't coupon all that much anymore (shame I know). I hope you all are enjoying reading and keep coming back!

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