Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Almost Didn't Go!

I can't believe I almost didn't go garage saling on Saturday! We were over in Leavenworth and Friday was a total rain out so I figured there wouldn't be much on Saturday... I was wrong and I'm so glad my cousin took me with her that morning!

This isn't even everything I got!
 I think we went to 9 sales in all and then she ended up taking my husband back to 2 others for things I wasn't sure on! I spent $24 in total and the above isn't even everything we picked up! I also scored a pair of like new men's Chaco sandals for $9 that should hopefully sell for $50 and 2 dining room chairs for our condo plus a 25 cent hula hoop for Naomi!

The first sale we hit up was a church sale and it was "by donation" except it was kind of hilarious. In my opinion, "by donation" means that they will take pretty much what you offer for the items as this has been my experience in the past. These ladies thought their junk was super special because they were trying to haggle the offers! They told the lady in front of me that a $2 offer for 2 2lb. weights wasn't a fair offer and she should pay $3. She told them she didn't really need them so if they didn't take 2 she'd leave them. They took the 2.

I paid $7 for my junk which included:

2 American Girl Doll Outfits - Hoping for $20-25 per outfit! 

2 Build a Bear rabbits + 2 extra Outfits - Will list the outfits separately and then probably donate the rabbits.

A Bone China Starbucks mug from 2008 - will ask $30 for this!
Now mind you I originally offered $5 for everything, and they haggled with me up to $7. If you want certain prices for things, don't say its by donation! I should be able to turn my $7 into at least $60-$80 so I'm completely fine but geez! My cousin also scored a couple of beautiful quilts and pillows plus a Scentsy warmer and a few other things for $20 - that was a great sale!

**Update** I listed the mug this morning for $39.99 OBO with free shipping and it sold 2 hours later for my full asking price! Love me a quick sale! It should only cost a few bucks to ship too so that is a great profit, my money from the entire day yard saling back and I haven't even listed everything else from the day yet! Whoop!

At the other sales I picked up some Thomas plush, more clothes for the fall consignment sale, some silver plated flatware, a Revere ware mini tea kettle, some pyrex, a pair of roller skates for Naomi, a DVD and a new cutting board for the condo as well. Like I said before, I can't believe I amost didn't go!

Sales last week were pretty good:

Starbucks Ceramic Travel Mug - New condition - Sold for $31 with free shipping. I think I paid $1 for this at a garage sale.

Prana Capri Pants - Wore these for about 2 months and they were too big so I sold them for $16 with free shipping. I originally paid $8 for them for myself.

The best sale I had were the above 3 mugs. Remember the Custard & Pupcake mug score from a couple months back? Well these are all from the same series, just not as rare as the puppy mug. I actually got the Strawberry Shortcake one a long time ago for $1 and Naomi was using it as her hot chocolate mug all winter since it wasn't worth much on its own on eBay.

I went to my local thrift to find a dress for my friends wedding a few weeks ago and couldn't resist checking out the other goodies and happend upon Apple Dumplin and Huckleberry Pie. There was also a Raspberry Tart but I left her behind because she was cracked. It wasn't til I got home that I realized I had paid $5 per mug, ouch! That is way more than I usually spend on a mug but they ended up selling a few days after being listed for $44.99 + $8 shipping!

I will always buy these little mugs when I see them, even Strawberry because I can save her til I have a set to sell.

I'm holding another garage sale this weekend, this time at my sister's house, since she's moving and has a ton to sell. I'm not hoping for a huge profit but hopefully I can unload some old inventory and be good and done with it all! I'll let you know how it goes.

Any big yard sale scores this past weekend?


  1. I just sold that AG tennis outfit last week for $23.99. I didn't have the racket, balls, or sunglasses though.

    I also sold the leopard print BABW outfit (plus shoes and a purse) recently for $16.99.

    I love the black Starbucks mug! And it looks like you found some great stuff last weekend. I haven't had a chance to get out to any yard sales for a couple weeks now, and I'll be out of town the next 2 weekends too :(

    1. Good to know on the two outfits!! I am excited to get them listed thats exactly the pricing I was thinking on them too! You have really made a killing on your American Girl listings, I would love to find a doll some time. Mostly because I don't want to have to spend the money on one for my daughter when it comes time! She's only 4 now, I told her she has to be of age to care for a doll like that to have one, I'm thinking like 6 or 7!

      The starbucks mug was lucky and I almost put it back because I have too many mugs right now, super glad I didn't!!

      I'm not going to get to go out this weekend at all which is a bummer but I have so much stuff right now anyway so its probably a good thing!

    2. Jessica - my American Girl tennis outfit sold this week for $29.99, the day after I listed it! I <3 American Girl items!

  2. I just found your blog and love it. I spent $24 this week yardsailing too. I found some good stuff but I've yet to find a Starbucks mug try as I might. Your post is reminding me to keep looking.

    1. Oh thank you! I actually have read your blog for a while too!

      I tend to buy every starbucks mug I come across, which is quite a few here in Seattle! But I also now have a collection of my own started because not all of them are worth very much! They do hold the perfect amount of coffee in the morning though!