Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm Top Rated!

FINALLY! After years of selling online I am finally a "Top Rated Seller" on eBay! Hoorah! Now I just have to keep that status up, I really don't like offering a return policy on my items but it hasn't come to bite me in the booty yet so knock on wood that things continue to sail smoothly and my sales get a bump because of the new rating.

On another note, dare I say that the slow sales streak may be over? I had 3 other sales this week on eBay besides my quick Starbucks mug sale on Monday. And I have sold 5 things on Facebook & Craigslist this week for a good profit as well. All in all this is turning out to be my best monthly profits in a year or so.

Needless to say, that makes me happy. We have a couple of vacations coming up this year and are hoping to cheaply redecorate our living room at some point. I am thinking couch here, lamps there, etc. After several years of the same furniture and decor, I need a change! So some good profit months would significantly help us out on that level.

Here is what sold on eBay:

EnFocus Studio Dress - Sold for $16.99 - shipping
Dresses are definitely hot online right now, this sold within a couple of hours of being listed. I bought this dress last fall before our Dominican Republic trip for $3.99 at Value Village. I wore it once or twice while on our trip and then again when we went to Las Vegas 2 weeks later. It was a cute dress but I was happy to sell it because it is now too big for me, yay!

3D Toucan Mug - Sold for $22.99 - shipping
 This mug was a slow sale, I bought it I think 3 months or so ago. I love it and it was made in Seattle in the 80's. 3D mugs are on my BOLO list and I bought it for $3 at one of my favorite little thrifts. It finally sold yesterday morning for $22.99 with free shipping. Sadly it didn't go to someone local like I'd hoped it would but its on its way to N.Y. lets hope it makes it there safely!

Evil Emporer Zurg Room Guard - Sold for $19.99 + 8.99 Shipping
My daughter was sad to see Evil Emporer Zurg go to his new home yesterday but I was not! I paid $2.99 for him a couple of months ago and so wish he'd have been in better condition, he was in TERRIBLE condition and took a little while to sell but his cool factor makes him worth money. He is a "Room Guard" toy and has a motion sensor you can set him to protect your room and he'll "shoot" at you if you pass in front of him. Funny stuff. As you can see he is missing one of his horns, had a bunch of marks and scratches all over him and obviously had a child that loved him dearly. If he'd have been in better condition he would have sold for a LOT more; check out some of the other completed listings for him HERE. New in box he'd have been worth over $100!

I hope my sales slump is over, there are a few things listed up right now that I would LOVE to sell and be gone, but don't we all?! Here's hoping we all have a good sales weekend and that my sister and I don't get totally rained out while having our garage sale tomorrow! At least we have a garage to put the junk in so maybe we'll still have some success! I'll update you on Monday; Have a Fabule$$ weekend!

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