Friday, March 30, 2012

Fabule$$ Finds Friday!


First of all I got to go to a garage sale today, hallelujah! I wasn't even planning on it either, my dad and I were driving my daughter to a play date and we randomly drove past it on the way and I happened to be 10 min early so we stopped! I am glad I did too!

Two pairs of toddler Keen sandals for $5 a pair and a Melissa & Doug Puzzle for $2! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Always, always buy Keens!" I have sold 7 pairs already this spring for between $22-$28 each pair, my goal next week is to get all 7 other pairs I have listed, that's like money sitting on my table, literally!

While my daughter was at her play date, my dad and I took the baby with us and hit the two thrifts nearby. I lucked out seriously today. I had a full stamp card which meant I got 30% off my whole purchase! Buzz Lightyear was only $2, I'll probably sell him for $10-$15. The Groovy Girls were $1 each but with the 30% off I think it was under $3 for all 4 and I'll probably sell them as a whole lot for $25. We also got 2 unicorn Build A Bears. Naomi gets to pick which one she wants to keep and the other I'll probably list up. You know the movie, Despicable Me? "It's so FLUFFY!!"

And for the finale.... I almost didn't pick up this little mug because I bought a Strawberry Shortcake in the same series a while back that isn't worth anything, maybe $6. I paid under $2 for this mug...

Oh Custard & Pupcake.... I LOVE You! Look at the completeds on this mug!! I will probably list it for $125 with free shipping, not sure yet because I want it to sell but I also want to get the most out of it with all the fees I'll have to pay on a $100 sale. I'll update you when and if it sells! There are currently no other of this mug for sale right now so I'm listing it tonight!

I hope you all have a fab weekend. We are so going to hit up a couple garage sales tomorrow too if we can find some! Oh and we are all much happier around here now that the 9 month old is contained safely in his hexagon! Thanks to a friend we didn't have to spend the $90 that these cost and were able to borrow it! He likes it most of the time!

Oh! I almost forgot! We also dropped off 125 items at the Jack & Jill consignment sale today too! I made out really well last weekend at the JBF sale and I'm hoping to do just as well this weekend. I love selling things over the weekend with little to no effort! I'm planning a post on Monday to go over just how I did with both sales.

Happy Friday! (Like I said above, I'm Giddy!)


  1. That's awesome! We've been addicted to American Pickers recently, and your mug find reminds me of that. What a sweet deal!