Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It Pays to Register - Literally!

As you know, our little family is growing by one come this July! While this is our 2nd baby and we don't need much in the way of "supplies" and aren't having a shower, I still decided to go ahead and do a couple registries because of the freebies and coupons you get when you register for a baby. Little did I know, you get so much more for registering these days!

Above is what I got for registering at Babies R Us:

Not a whole lot in the way of samples, but there was a cute Pampers diaper pouch with a diaper and a travel pack of wipes. I also got 2 free magazines and a whole stack of coupons both manuf. & store. I will also get a "registry completion" coupon within 6 weeks of the baby's due date for 10% off anything on my registry.

The best part about this registry? I had a coupon for a free $10 gift card when you create a new registry! Hence the title of this post - I literally was paid $10 by the store to go around and let Naomi have fun using the "beep gun" on the few things we did add to the registry.

Target's "Welcome Kit" is much better sample and coupon-wise. No free Target gift card but here is what I did get just for registering:

Cute re-useable shopping tote
Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion sample
Huggies diaper & travel wipes pack + manuf. coupons
2 Lansinoh disposable breast pads
2 Lansinoh breast milk storage bags
A coupon for a free 6 pack of Enfamil Ready-to-Feed bottles ($9 value)
A huge stack of Target store coupons - which are great because I can stack them with manuf. coupons to get deals on diapers, wipes, formula (if I need it), lotions, baby clothes, maternity clothes and a bunch of other stuff!

Best Part? A $20 gift code to! I got another one for signing up for the Similac Moms program so I have $40 to use on birth announcements in July! Woot!

I also got a coupon for $1 off any cafe purchase so Naomi and I enjoyed munching on some popcorn while using the "beep gun" in the baby section!

If you are pregnant, even if this is your 4th baby, it's totally worth it to go and do a registry just because of the store benefits and possible savings on all those expensive baby supplies!

I didn't register for the traditional baby shower items, especially not for things I already have; only the few things we actually are going to need like bottles, brushes, nursing pads, and diapers! Since we aren't having a shower, what I am hoping for is those registry completion coupons to save us some $$ when the time comes! My Target registry only has 11 items on it, lol!


  1. hi! i want to know you did ths target and Babies R Us registry online or in store.


  2. In store! You can sign up on line, but stop by in person to get your goodies.