Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whole Foods: Organic Strawberries $1.99 lb!

Every once in a while Whole Foods comes out with a deal that can't be missed! Tomorrow (4/29/11) is one of those deals! They will have 1 lb packages of organic strawberries for only $1.99 each! This is cheaper than most stores have non-organic strawberries priced right now!

Strawberries are on the dirty dozen list of foods that you should buy organically or not at all because of pesticide contamination, so this is a perfect time to stock up and freeze some! Frozen strawberries are great for desserts and smoothies! I also plan to get a couple packages to keep in the fridge since Naomi is OBSESSED with strawberries these days!

Check out the details HERE and go get your strawberry on tomorrow!

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