Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Over the past weekend my family suffered a huge loss. My grandpa was a wonderful man and he will be very sorely missed. I pretty much grew up in my grandparents home and will never forget my childhood memories of going to the river every day in the summer and hiking up to the ditch with my grandpa! The photo above is him holding my 9 day old daughter two years ago, it was one of the happiest memories I have along with countless more.

Please understand that I probably won't be posting much, if at all, the rest of this week as we will be preparing and having the memorial service. As a result, I am also extending the Aloette giveaway to next Tuesday, July 27th at 5:00 PM PST. The entries for that giveaway are very very low and there will be 3 winners selected so please go enter, you have a great chance of winning! Please note: It is open to all of WA state and there is no obligation to buy anything or have a show.

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  1. i loved your Grandpa - he was always such a kind man. My thoughts are with you and your entire family, Sam.