Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Hi All!

Whew what a month its been! We moved almost 3 weeks ago to our new home and are finally starting to feel at home in it! I even sold a couple things on eBay this week and just learned the closest post office so its all starting to get a little back to normal around here! Plus we just went pending on our old home which ended up selling for substantially more than our asking price, WAHOO!!

I celebrated 1 year selling at the little Whitehouse Antiques shop. I don't make crazy money there but its a little bit and I love doing it so win win!

I recently found a couple of holy grail type items when out sourcing, one of which included the elusive Red Baron Snoopy mug that has been known to go for anywhere from $100-400! I am going to list it this week and hopefully have a few exciting sales to share with you soon so stay tuned! I don't shop for online selling like I used to but sometimes I come across those items that I just can't pass up because I know they will sell for lots of money!

I LOVE my new house so far. I have already planted my huge garden and can't wait to start seeing the fruits of my labor this summer! Speaking of which, I need to get dressed and go plant the rest of my starts before its too late! I also have an entire garage bay now to do projects in which is awesome. I'm working on a fun little challenge for myself that I hope will turn into a great blog post very soon!

When we moved into our new house the previous owner left some things behind, a few of which I have sold for decent money recently. I'm challenging myself to see how much I can make from nothing if that makes sense. For example, I sold one of the items that was left behind (starting from $0) for $25. I then used that $25 to pay for a little vanity that I'm fixing up and hoping to sell for over $100. I then want to use the cash I get for that to buy an even bigger piece to see if I can sell it for around $500! Its a fun little challenge I'm just finding it challenging to find time to finish up the projects so hopefully that challenge post won't be a year away haha!

Hope all is well in the bloggy world, I still read all your posts and think, hey, I need to post! Hopefully you all still stop by! I'll be back again soon with fun updates I promise!


  1. I can't wait to read about your challenge! ~~Pam

  2. Congratulations on moving into your new home and also for getting MORE than you asking price on your old home. How often do you hear stories like that??? Like never! That's awesome!! Having more space to work in is so great. Our house HAD extra space, but it's all used up now as hubby's business is building. He occupies a big room, the garage and a workshop all on his own. We may have to get a shed for the overflow.
    I like your challenge idea and can't wait to see your projects. Great idea!

  3. Congratulations on your home sale and move! And I love your challenge idea.