Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Tale of the Antique Buffet

I am still working on my challenge project, its coming along just waiting on the next piece to sell before I can buy the 3rd and final piece for the challenge! But in the meantime, heres a fun little before and after story for you all!

I found this antique buffet or side board at Goodwill a little over a week ago. There was no price on it so I figured it would be astronomical because anything older than the 90's at Goodwill usually is priced so high its not worth it. This piece also had a small break in the trim on the top and a missing handle though so something told me to ask. Luckily husband was with me that day so I could guard the piece while he searched someone out. In the meantime while I was waiting I met this dude who really obviously wanted it at any price because he kept circling me and my buffet like a vulture waiting to attack as soon as I took my hand off it!

About 10 min later after talking to the guy in awkward conversation for what seemed like forever the furniture pricer came out and slapped a $60 price tag on the buffet. I almost yelled SOLD but contained myself and politely took the slip of paper to the register to pay for it! The bottom drawer was going to be removed, a hole drilled in the back and it was going to be my new TV/Entertainment stand!

We agonized over color and stain for a couple days but finally decided on Sweet Pickins Milk paint on the body because I wanted that chippy/shabby chic/worn look and we decided in the color Ocean with a walnut stain on top.

 I Painted.

 I agonized over waiting for it to dry and naturally chip away...

 I stained the top...

And then when it was all dry I took a very fine finishing sandpaper and carefully ran over the entire piece to make it butter smooth and distressed looking. Then I went over the entire piece with 2 coats of satin Gel top coat by General Finishes. This because I wanted to really bring out the wood under the paint that chipped away and give it a nice protective finish sure to withstand years of my kids running into it!

The finished product is nothing short of stunning. I can't stop looking at it and am so happy that we waited with our hands literally on this piece at Goodwill that day!

Of course I had to take it into the studio for proper staging and its very own photo shoot before we moved it into the living room...

Not as great as the staged shot but I love sitting on my couch watching TV with it on this beautiful piece of furniture that we will cherish for years to come!

Best part of all of this?! I purchased this piece of furniture for $60 at the GW. Paint Cost about $22 and I had the stain already from other projects as well as the top coat. So with taxes just over $85 for this gorgeous antique piece. WOW in itself. BUT it gets better!

I cleaned up my old IKEA tv stand that has been WELL used for 10+ years. Staged it and threw it online. It sold within 2 hours for $80. Yep. $80. Thats what I call an awesome flip folks!


  1. What a lovely piece of furniture and such a brilliant idea to remove the bottom drawer and use it for a TV stand. I would never have thought of that. Your staged photo is fantastic! I hate our TV stand. It's metal and glass and attracts dust like crazy. I'd love to have something like this instead. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much Lorraine! It was fun to do and worked out really well for taking the bottom drawer out we didn't have to create a bottom or anything since it was already enclosed so it worked well! You should try it out I've seen lots on Pintrest from old dressers being made into entertainment stands too!

  2. You do lovely work! And great flip on the Ikea TV stand

  3. I love it! You did a great job!