Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bit the Bullet

I did it, I bit the bullet and agreed to move to a much much much bigger space at the Antique Store... The rent is going from $60/month to a whopping $230/month! Its insane, I know. But the space is about 10'x10' and the amount of junk I'm going to be able to shove in there is going to be incredible!

What I love about this shop is that its not just antiques and vintage that; its more of a "lifestyle" store so its a mix of old and new. Those cool things you see on Pintrest that you want to make or do? You can find those kinds of things or the things to make the things at the Whitehouse so I'm hoping that my new sales goal of $400/month isn't going to be too ambitious.

Right now my goal is $150 minimum and I've surpassed the goal every month except one and I've never not made rent. The lady in the space now needs to downsize so we are switching and she says last month she pulled in $600 -- my fingers are crossed and hoping I'll be able to sell more furniture in this space now as well so I can sell more of my project pieces like this chair...

This is another item that I picked up off the side of the road for free. I didn't even sand it just wiped it down, painted with an awesome mint chalk paint, distressed and waxed it; then recovered the seat with a cool coral and navy print. Mint and Coral is super in right now so I'm hoping it will do ok and sell quickly!

Speaking of selling quickly, that cute dresser I refinished from my last post sold within a week for my full $100 asking price on craigslist!

In other news, consignment sale season is finally a wrap and it was my best season yet! Between 2 sales I'm bringing home over $700 just by selling my own kids outgrown clothing and yard sale finds! I probably invested only around $50-60 in the items I bought to resell. I probably should keep better track of what I do spend but its so little that most of the time I only pay about 25 cents - a dollar per item. Now to start collecting for the spring sales! I also dropped off all of my leftover fall clothes at the consignment store today so I should be able to pull out even a little more before its all said and done!

Sorry I don't really have any exciting sales to show you from the online world lately. I have sold a few things, mostly bread and butter stuff you've all seen before but I have been getting consistent sales and I'm almost totally caught up on all the old inventory!

I'll leave you with a BOLO today; this was a pretty good find! I originally purchased it to rob it of its tiles so when I looked it up I was pleasantly surprised!

Be On the Lookout for these big guys! There are 6 games in 1 cool wood box and it is HEAVY! I paid $8 for it, luckily it was new and never used other than the box being all bunged up and it sold within less than a month (Once I finally listed it, its been sitting in my kitchen for months!) for $100 with free shipping! It was heavy though as I mentioned so the shipping was a big one at $35, after fees and shipping my profit was $42 though so totally worth the hassle of shipping! I probably could have held out for more money but I was happy to see it go it took up a lot of space!

Happy Almost Halloween!


  1. That chair looks great Samantha! What brand of chalk paint do you use? I know someone who paints furniture for a living and she makes her own chalk paint with a recipe of latex paint and plaster of paris? She said it's much cheaper.

    1. I have heard of making your own and my neighbor actually suggested I could do that and package it cutely to sell in my space when times get slow so I have been pinning chalk paint recipes! I need to try it out first but it sounds like a great idea! For this one I used a Chalk Finish paint that I got at a Ben Franklin and it was only $8 for a pint and I have about 1/2 the jar left it doesn't take much at all and it feels like a very professional finish! I also waxed it with some left over Annie Sloan clear wax that I had from a dresser.

  2. Good luck with your antique booth. My wife and I rented a small booth in March, then expanded to a second, larger booth in August. Our first month, we owned $.30, but have never not made rent since that time.

    1. Thanks Scott! I'm nervous about not making rent through the winter so Ive been trying to come up with some fun new ideas to bring in after Christmas to get me through the winter slump. I am thinking I need to market more toward wedding décor, people seem to be going with the vintage theme at weddings a lot more and shopping at places like mine for items for décor so I'm going to see if that maybe can get people to my space! Fingers crossed!

    2. I'm sure you'll do fine, especially with the brides looking forward to their spring weddings.