Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Thrifting Adventures!

Man I don't know about all of you but I am SO ready for spring. Our house has been constantly sick with some sort of bug for the last 2 months straight! Last week my daughter had a double ear infection and my husband had the worst chest cold ever. This week its my turn with the cold and my baby's turn with the ear infection and a chest cold. I have been to the pediatricians office THREE times in the last 7 days, ugh! We need some sunshine and time outside and soon! Since we needed to get out of the house today we went out to a few thrift stores to find some cool junk.

I also am really ready for garage season to start up again. I live in Seattle where pretty much no one would ever dream of having a garage sale in the middle of February! It's cold and rainy and with the exception of an indoor estate sale here and there there's nada. So alas, I've been thrifting non stop for the last few months anxiously awaiting April when things start to pick up again! That's not too bad since I have a few places I go that are reasonably priced and I can find some great items, other places (ahem... Goodwill) have prices so high it's borderline ridiculous. I mean $13 for an ok looking serving tray that originally came from JcPenny? No thanks, I'll pass.

Here is what I did manage to find this weekend: Naomi wanted to be in the shot, she is channeling 1985 and Rainbow Brite today as you can see.

The only thing I did find at Goodwill today were 3 mugs. 2 Starbucks and 1 Chaleur and they were, get ready for it, THREE dollars a piece, I mean come on! If I wasn't reasonably certain I'll turn my $9 into almost $40 I'd have gladly left them behind.

I found a 2 quart glass Pyrex measuring cup for $4, I'm not sure if I'll keep it yet or not but if I decide to sell it I'll make a profit. I'd probably list it as a BIN for $19.99. I also found an adorable vintage frame with a great pattern for $2. I am thinking I might take the glass out and make it a mini chalkboard.

The end table is my new project. I am going to do a before and after post about it when I finally finish it but I'm excited! I am going to sand it down, stain the top and then paint the bottom either black or cream and distress it. Hopefully will look something like this when its finished! My favorite little thrift was having a sale today, 50% off all furniture! They were asking $14.99 for the table so I got it for only $7.50; for that little I am excited to do the project and turn it into a table someone would pay $50 for!

Here is my favorite find of the day, week, probably month!

These chairs were at the Thrift that was having the 1/2 off furniture sale. There was a $79.99 price tag on each chair ($160 for both). I would have never shelled out that kind of money for two used chairs even if 100% of the money does go to charity, but at 2 for the price of one I was intrigued. Now sometimes this place is negotiable on their prices also, I was sure they wouldn't budge on these because they were so nice but sure enough my Dear Husband was able to knock the price down to $60 per chair! That means with the 1/2 off sale we got both of these FABULE$$ chairs for only $60!

They are solid and don't budge when you sit down, the padding is very comfy and the colors are great. I want to find a couple of very small yellow accent pillows to compiment the base of the chair. The pictures only show one of the chairs but we got two of these beauties and I'm so excited! They are headed to our new place over in Leavenworth, one for our bedroom and one for the living room!

I wish I could find the brand but alas all I got was the store they were purchased at: Gabbert's Fine Furniture. They came a long way from the mid-west to Seattle! My guess is these babies were at least $100+ a piece brand new. Score!

I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl's Thrift Share Monday!

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