Sunday, February 26, 2012

I {HEART} Keen's!

If you haven't jumped on the Keen Shoe bandwagon yet, well here is your chance!

Keen shoes retail brand new at REI and other outdoor stores from $40 for toddlers up to over $100 for adults and they are worth it. These shoes are so comfortable and versatile; people love them! Since they retail for so much in the store, it makes them worth quite a bit on the used market as well.

Throughout the year, especially in the fall I can find Keen's from anywhere between $2-$10 at the local thrifts and garage sales. I actually haven't sold any adult pairs yet, all of mine have been kids pairs. When I get them home I clean them up, take photos of EVERY angle and any defects and list them as BIN for anywhere between $20-$30 per pair. You have to have a clean pair of shoes and lots of photos for people to look at.

However, theres a catch. In the late fall and winter, the sandals don't go for anything. You can easily pick up a cute pair of like new toddler Keen's for $10 or less on ebay in the winter. Starting about now (late Feb - the summer) these skyrocket and go for two to three times that amount!

Last fall I hit the Keen jackpot it seemed. I found them just about every time I went shopping and I am currently hoarding about 10 pairs of Keen's that I am just now bringing out of winter storage and starting to list. I had 12 pairs but two have sold already for $22.99 each! For some of my really nice, like new pairs, I'll still wait about another month to list them to get the best $$ out of them. The two pairs I've already sold I only paid $2.99 each for so I netted a great profit on them!

I am hoping I can find some excellent condition adult pairs this year too. I have never really sold adult shoes before but the completeds on these show them going for between $25-$45 used.

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